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January 19, 2019Many thanks to those how have read my books. The feedback has been more than I could have wished for when I began this new journey. Here are my responses to a few questions I receive often.“Where do I begin reading your books?”The Summitate Trilogy is the starting point and is the genesis of the primary characters.“What genre are your stories?”Heavily sprinkled with humor, pop culture reference, and social commentary, I classify the Summitate Trilogy as Science Fiction / Fantasy. The Carina Series is pure Space Opera. Building on the outcomes of the Summitate Trilogy, the Carina Series science fiction set in interstellar travel. The short ties that make up Max and the Dream are a collection targeted at the “Young Adult” reader.“What gives you inspiration to write?”That is a simple question with no clear response. I write because I like the process of artistic creation. Researching this specific question, because I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity, I came upon an...
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