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Title Sphynx Cat
Author Roswitha Berger
Publisher Roswitha Berger
Category Cats Nature
Released Date 2022-05-23
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 141
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Lovable freak of nature - Nutrition, character, training and much more about the Sphynx cat


There is hardly a cat breed about which there are more prejudices than about naked cats. For many people they are unfortunate creatures of a misguided breeder's ambition. In reality, nature produces naked cats again and again, which can even hold their own as outdoor cats. Also, there are several breeds called Sphynx cats that have nothing in common genetically. In this book, learn not only everything about keeping and caring for cats, but also about the origin of the breeds and the absolutely adorable character that is innate in all naked cats.


Get answers to the questions:

What to consider when keeping them?

How do you have to care for the skin, claws and teeth of Sphynx cats?

How can you recognize good cat food?

Which vaccinations are important?

Why is training useful for Sphynx cats?

Of course, the book also briefly introduces the different breeds, which originated independently in Canada, Russia and in Hawaii.


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