Cane Corso PDF

Title Cane Corso
Author Roland Berger
Publisher Roland Berger
Category Dogs
Released Date 2022-05-21
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 99
Total Downloads 44
Total Views 17
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The unique character of the Cane Corso makes him a dream dog. In this book you will read how to turn your Cane Corso puppy into a loyal companion for life. Completely without violence and without senseless submission, but with love and consistency.


Many questions are answered:

- What is the character of the Cane Corso?

- Is puppy training of the Italian Mastiff really so complicated?

- Housetraining with the Cane Corso - how do I get my dog clean?

- Which dog games suit my Cane Corso?

- Is raising a young dog really that nerve-wracking?

- How to control my Cane Corso?


This much is revealed: The Cane Corso is brave, loyal and eager to move. If you prefer to sit on the couch and have little time, you are not the right person for this dog with a strong character. However, if you are willing to spend time with your Cane Corso and get involved with his outstanding character traits, you and your Cane Corso will make an unbeatable team!



- Are you the right person for a Cane Corso?

- The pu...


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