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Title Doctor Rat
Author William Kotzwinkle
Publisher Open Road Media
Released Date 2014-04-01
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 249
Total Downloads 39,341
Total Views 39,393
3/5 (32 ratings)


This World Fantasy Award winner in the vein of Animal Farm delves into a lab worthy of a mad Nazi scientist—but run by a brilliantly sadistic rodent.

In the annals of American literature, there has never been a character quite like Doctor Rat, PhD. From one of the most indispensable storytellers in speculative fiction, this biting satire introduces a narrator of learned charm and humor, and a twisted logic that is absolutely chilling.


Doctor Rat is a credit to his species. A survivor of the most refined scientific experiments, now removed from the maze, he has become a valued and productive member of the academic community. When he must administer a lethal dose, he comforts his fellow rats with his compassionate slogan: “Death is freedom.”


But everything changes when animals worldwide begin to rebel, refusing to accept their proper places in the natural order of things: as test subjects, pets, or food. And only Doctor Rat has the courage to defend mankind from the ungrateful animal kingdom.


Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “dazzlingly original” and “occasionally quite beautiful...

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User reviews (7)


Once again, here's a book that I might have enjoyed more if I'd read it when I first came across it years ago. Picking it up now, I found it off-putting. In part that's the point of the book, the main character being a rat in a lab that conducts seemingly pointless, always fatal experiments on its subjects. The other narrative thread in the book seems to point toward some kind of animal revolution or spiritual liberation. I found it difficult to enjoy the dark humor, because the cruelty of what was happening was too heavy for that, the result being that what was intended as ironic humor only made the early scenes more horrific. A drier telling of the lab's practices would have been less immediately alienating, although I realize that may in part have been the point. In any event, I'm reporting on my impressions of the book's early chapters. I opted not to complete my experience with this book and left it on the bus for someone else to discover. Maybe it will resonate more with them than it did with me.


Very clever & funny - includes a bit of wisdom, too. Recommended for fans of Vivian Vande Velde and maybe Sharon Shinn.


This was quite different than other stories I have read. The overall book was predictable and somewhat anti-climatic. I gave it three stars for the originality of Doctor Rat's narrative and frequent quips.