Purity Before Existence PDF

Title Purity Before Existence
Author Random Man 1337
Publisher Xlibris AU
Category Fantasy
Released Date 2021-06-07
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 952
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Total Views 72
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In their eternal struggle against all of that which they perceive to be evil, the heavens bestow a supernatural power, known as "the Energy of the Gods," upon the Sacred Nyrheimian Kingdom. The people of the Sacred Nyrheimian Kingdom are ordered to use the Energy of the Gods to convert the rest of the world to their own religion, Jafnaorism – a religion that is centred around a set of ethical principles according to which a person possesses human rights only insofar as that he or she is a fully morally good person. The Nyrheimians are given a time period of three years to master the Energy of the Gods, and after that, they are to declare war on every country that refuses to convert to Jafnaorism. While the Nyrheimians prepare for their upcoming crusade, two seemingly ordinary schoolgirls from a faraway country also experience their own personal battles against evil in their day-to-day lives. However, by some unknown processes, they, too, develop the Energy of the Gods at the height of their conflicts with their enemies. Guided by this mysterious power, as well as their own sense of justice, Shirosakura Hakutenshi and Arumariya Angeletta continue their fights against evil, which ver...

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