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Title Exile
Author Shannon Messenger
Publisher Aladdin
Category Children's Interest-Fantasy & Magic Children's Interest-Action & Adventure Children's Interest-Social Themes
Released Date 2013-10-01
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 512
Total Downloads 68,589
Total Views 274,484
5/5 (158 ratings)


A New York Times bestselling series

A USA TODAY bestselling series

A California Young Reader Medal–winning series

Sophie befriends the mythical Alicorn and puts her mysterious powers to the test in this enchanting second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Sophie is settling in nicely to her new home and her new life in the world of the lost cities. And it helps that living at Havenfield means getting to spend time with rare, precious species—including the first female Alicorn, who shows herself to Sophie and trusts no one but her.

Sophie is tasked with helping to train the magical creature so that the Alicorn can be revealed to the people of the lost cities as a sign of hope, and Sophie wants to believe that the recent drama and anguish is gone for good.

But the secrets buried deep in Sophie’s memories remain, and before long before she’s back in incredible danger, risking everything to find the answers to questions that could save not only her life, but the life of someone close to her…...

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User reviews (12)


That it had so much excitement and adventure I really liked how keefe was funny and sophie was a telepath and fitz also and dex was a technopath so they found what they were looking for because something happened and foster was brave i really liked the book


It’s an amazing sequel to Keeper of the Lost Cities. Can’t wait to read book three!


This book is a wonderful tale of elfin adventures. Shannon Messenger's "Keeper of the Lost Cities" series is an urgent must read