Juvenile Adults PDF

Title Juvenile Adults
Author Gopala Gopala
Publisher One Point Six Technologies Pvt Ltd
Category Fantasy
Released Date 2022-02-01
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 273
Total Downloads 36
Total Views 26
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Samson leaves his illustrious, high-profile career in Bangalore to mentor and lead a family-owned business in the middle east. Samson, his wife Stella, and their eldest son Kenneth, all thrive in the new environment. Oman turns out to be a hidden jewel with many wonderful places to visit especially in Muscat. They truly enjoy the company of Omani people who are very friendly and hospitable.

But suddenly everything falls apart. Samson’s professional life becomes a rubble by some dramatic happenings. Everything happening around him seems surreal. Along with his family, he is compelled to leave the country and the onslaught on the Covid pandemic makes their life a more complicated.

The family then lands in Canada. How did they navigate the adversity with dignity while staying together? What brings closure to the nightmare?

Welcome to Juvenile Adults, it’s not just an oxymoron, it’s the surreal story of Samson’s life. This volatile and endearing tale will take you through some of the most beautiful places in Oman and Canada while narrating Samson’s take on gamification theories, lessons on family business management, and even Mahabharata. You a...


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