Carter\'s Bar (Books 1-5): Carter\'s Bar PDF

Title Carter\'s Bar (Books 1-5): Carter\'s Bar
Author Lara Norman
Publisher LPN Publishing
Category Contemporary Romance Military Romance
Released Date 2021-06-18
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 577
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Total Views 26
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Come for the first steamy night, stay for the HEA! 


This can't-miss series is full of strong women, swoon-worthy men, and a small town that feels like home. Each book delivers on the romance factor, where the men are bestowed nicknames based on their favorite liquor and the women use pseudonyms until they're ready to admit they're in love. Welcome to Carter's Bar, where you'll instantly fall in love, just like the couples. 


Follow along with the couples who meet at Carter's Bar!


Included in this set:


Jack And Crush

Johnnie And June

Jose And Honey

Jim And Peaches

Jameson And Shorty...


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