Cat Cookbook PDF

Title Cat Cookbook
Author Roswitha Berger
Publisher Roswitha Berger
Category Cats
Released Date 2022-05-23
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 144
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Total Views 148
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Now I make the cat food myself! The comprehensive guide to cat nutrition with many delicious recipes.


More than 90% of cats get ready-made food from the can or the bag. This does not have to be. Give your cats a treat and cook the food yourself. 

The book deals comprehensively with the demands on the diet of cats and also takes into account the psychological aspects associated with food intake. Some cats strictly refuse to touch anything that is unknown to them. Other cats even become little bullies. They "force" their humans to give them the food they like. In the book you will learn how to cope with these problems and what to consider when feeding the little tigers.


The topics in the book are extensive:

- Ancestral eating habits and how they changed over time.

- What cats need to eat and what harms them.

- Explanations to the topics raw, defrosted or cooked as well as vegetarian or vegan nutrition.

- Tips for changing the food

- Feeding methods: Raw, Franken-Prey and Prey-Model-RAW

- Ingredients and preservation of the food


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