The First-Date Dilemma PDF

Title The First-Date Dilemma
Author Sumin Cho Jane B. Mason
Publisher Capstone Young Readers
Category Children's Comics & Graphic Novels Children's Social Themes
Released Date 2019-04-30
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 63
Total Downloads 11
Total Views 167
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All the sixth graders at Memorial Middle School are talking about one thing: their first boy-girl party. Lucia's had enough talk about what to wear and who's going with who. If her best friend hadn't insisted, she wouldn't even go to the dumb party. But after she gets to know Adesh, she starts to thinking maybe this boy-girl party won't be so bad. Too bad he's interested in another girl. Supported with a glossary and reader response questions, this Junior High Drama story is an entertaining pick for readers and a safe choice for libraries....


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