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Title Siamese Cat
Author Roswitha Berger
Publisher Roswitha Berger
Category Cats Nature
Released Date 2022-05-23
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 118
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Strong beauties - Nutrition, character, training and much more about the Siamese cat


A Siamese cat alone is an unhappy cat, because she needs intensive contact with other cats, which have a similar character. Despite cat companionship, Siamese also close up to humans. They want to cuddle and play. The temperament bundles are real chatterboxes and have a considerable vocal ability. Siamese cats occupy the owner similar to dogs. Lovers appreciate this so much about the cat breed.


The book gives you valuable tips on caring for cats and deep insights into the psyche, so you can get involved with the special character of the "moon diamonds", as Thai people call the cats:

What to consider when keeping them indoors?

What care do the coat, claws and teeth of the Siamese need?

With what do I feed the cat?

Which vaccinations are important?

How do I educate Siamese cats?


In the book you will also learn how to train Siamese cats in a species-appropriate way and why clicker training is useful.


The contents of th...


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