Pestilence\'s Cure: Club Apocalypse, #2 PDF

Title Pestilence\'s Cure: Club Apocalypse, #2
Author Raisa Greywood
Publisher Raisa Greywood
Category Contemporary Romance
Released Date 2022-07-08
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 253
Total Downloads 16
Total Views 13
0/5 (0 ratings)


A broken woman. An old-fashioned man. The love of a lifetime — if he isn't too stubborn to accept it.


Discovering a bruised and battered cult refugee in the lobby of his club isn't exactly how Ryan Wood expects to find the woman of his dreams. 


Carrie is everything Ryan has always wanted — sweet, submissive, eager to please. She's also way too young for him, and even though the stories from her childhood make his skin crawl, she's still far too sheltered and innocent for a man like him. A man who demands complete obedience and who won't hesitate to mete out discipline as he sees fit.


But there's a spine of steel hidden beneath Carrie's wounds, and she isn't backing down from what she wants without a fight. When she makes a shocking public claim, Ryan's refusal to bend doesn't just threaten their happily ever after… it threatens the very existence of Club Apocalypse itself....


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