Nightmares & Dreamscapes PDF

Title Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Author Stephen King
Publisher Pocket Books
Released Date 2009-06-30
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 1,002
Total Downloads 28,870
Total Views 115,487
4/5 (82 ratings)


Written byZLIBS Editors

Dead rockstar zombies. Evil toys seeking murderous revenge. A demonic finger sticking out of a bathroom drain. Short stories, an essay, a television script, and a poem make up this imaginative collection of horror stories from the master of thrills, chills, and suspense: Stephen King. These twenty stories hold all of the eclecticism and excitement today's readers have come to expect from King during his incredible career.

Author of more than sixty books, all of them best sellers, King offers an array of unique and chilling plots in Nightmares & Dreamscapes. With eerie overtones and moments of heartbreak and wonder, he draws readers through a maze of emotionally charged scenes, characters, and plots that will leave you peeking around the corner and glancing twice at shadows.

Crack open this anthology from one of our most precious writers and discover a trove of stories that will crawl inside your mind for decades to come....


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I love short stories and I grew up with Stephen King's shorts. I still remember the "Quantum Leap" episode based on King. King has the ability to bring me that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. His prose somehow seems antiquated, as if you were being taken back to the rural past (of perhaps 40 years ago) where lonesomeness takes on an evil life of it's own. Here are 23 of King's short stories. The most memorable for me are "The Night Flier", which the vampire afficianados will suck up, and "The Moving Finger". "The Moving Finger" could be the King story that has subconsciously affected me the most. I cannot wash my hands in a bathroom or kitchen sink without thinking of this story and that damned daemonic finger. That's why I'm always sure to have on my person a sharp pocket knife. *Laughs hysterically*


A real box of SK gems, with a couple of duds just to keep you going.


There's a variety in this collection in addition to short stories, including an essay, a poem and a reimagined Hindu parable.Some of my favorite stories are "The Night Flier," "The Moving Finger," "Umney's Last Case" and "The Ten O'clock People."