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Title Artificial Intelligence-Based Brain-Computer Interface
Publisher Academic Press
Category Science & Mathematics Technology & Engineering
Released Date 2022-02-04
Language English
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Pages 714
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Brain Computer Interface provides concepts of AI for the modeling of non-invasive modalities of medical signals such as EEG, MRI and FMRI. These modalities and their AI-based analysis are employed in BCI and related applications. The book emphasizes the real challenges in non-invasive input due to the complex nature of the human brain and for a variety of applications for analysis, classification and identification of different mental states. Each chapter starts with a description of a non-invasive input example and the need and motivation of the associated AI methods, along with discussions to connect the technology through BCI.

Major topics include different AI methods/techniques such as Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning algorithms for different non-invasive modalities such as EEG, MRI, FMRI for improving the diagnosis and prognosis of numerous disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and various organs of the body. The book also covers applications of AI in the management of chronic conditions, databases, and in the delivery of health services.

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