Face Maskculinity PDF

Title Face Maskculinity
Author Paul-Wesley Bailey Jr
Publisher Xlibris US
Category Fantasy
Released Date 2020-07-13
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 410
Total Downloads 3
Total Views 32
0/5 (0 ratings)


Beta-male customer service clerk Robert Smith struggles with manhood, but life takes a swing when he meets an attractive customer, Destiny Williams. Robert and Destiny become everyday friends, and then they become lovers. After intimacy with Destiny, Robert becomes violently ill, near to death. In time, not only does the illness pass, but Robert recovers with omnipotent and unnatural abilities.

Robert's infatuation for Destiny crashes into reality as he uncovers her mysterious past, leading to an encounter with former congressman and Eye for an Eye cult leader Eric Webb a.k.a. Jinteen. It truly tests Robert's manhood. Satanic cult Eye for an Eye expands throughout the world, demonically possessing millions of people, including in Robert's home and the White House. Robert unlocks his new gifts as he adjusts to his new reality. Ultimately, Robert teams with his unlikely sidekick to fight back against Jinteen and his demonic takeover of the world....


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