Persuading Lady Penelope: Lost Lords, #4 PDF

Title Persuading Lady Penelope: Lost Lords, #4
Author Cassandra Dean
Publisher SeaDub Publications
Category Royalty Romance
Released Date 2022-07-08
Language English
Format EPUB / PDF
Pages 75
Total Downloads 38
Total Views 179
0/5 (0 ratings)


From Award Winning Author Cassandra Dean comes a short novella set in her Lost Lords world where a never-serious lord falls fast and hard for a sceptical lady and must persuade her his love is true...

After years out of Society, Lady Penelope Masterton is eager to enjoy her friend's house party. Ever the wallflower, she never expects to attract any attention, especially not the attention of the Earl Wainwright. Everyone says he's an inconstant flirt, that no lady has ever held his regard for longer than a season, so why, then, does the roguishly handsome earl claim he wants her for his wife?

Alastair, Earl Wainwright, thought he would never find his person, the one he would love and cherish above all others, and he certainly never expected to find her at Lady Stayne's house party. His first sight of Lady Penelope takes his breath and then his heart, but a reputation for inconstancy makes it she doesn't believe his suit is true.

Now, Wainwright is desperate to do everything he can to convince Penelope he is worth taking a chance…and that a never-serious rogue can be deadly serious about persuading his lady....


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