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Title Holocaust Public Memory in Postcommunist Romania
Publisher Open Road Integrated Media
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Released Date 2018-01-24
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“An excellent analysis of the slow, but steady, evolution of Romania from heavy Holocaust denial . . . toward a fair confrontation of its tragic past.” —Radu Ioanid, author of The Holocaust in Romania

How is the Holocaust remembered in Romania since the fall of communism? Alexandru Florian and an international group of contributors unveil how and why Romania, a place where large segments of the Jewish and Roma populations perished, still fails to address its recent past. These essays focus on the roles of government and public actors that choose to promote, construct, defend, or contest the memory of the Holocaust, as well as the tools—the press, the media, monuments, and commemorations—that create public memory. Coming from a variety of perspectives, these essays provide a compelling view of what memories exist, how they are sustained, how they can be distorted, and how public remembrance of the Holocaust can be encouraged in Romanian society today.

“While positive changes have taken place, a large gap exists between the historical facts and public knowledge about Romania and the Holocaust. This volume offers a fresh and nuanced understanding of the conte...


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