Doctor Rat

Chapter 59: The exercise wheel is slowing down…



   The exercise wheel is slowing down, the picture is getting weaker. I’ve got to get back on the wheel again and generate some more intuitive kilopower.

   Enemy patrol coming this way! Quick, Rat, go into disguise. . . .

   Taking my tail in my mouth, I start to chase it, round and round, exhibiting all the activity of a rat caught in a compulsive syndrome. There are many such rats in the lab, all of whom were driven into this tail-chasing psychosis by the Learned Professor. I look just like one of them, going faster and faster.

   The enemy patrol is slowing down, coming closer.

   “Hello, in there! Can we help you?”

   I spin madly on, eyes closed, whirling round and round.

   “He’s too far gone . . . a hopeless case. . . .”

   A masterful subterfuge. The rebels are marching away. And this spinning round and round is producing a very strong intuitive field. Yes, here comes a strong signal now, straight from Washington. Hurrah, boys! Let’s deal with these revolutionaries in the one sure way of effecting a just and lasting peace!