Face Maskculinity

Chapter 10: Chapter 4 Mine Forever



   There was nothing left to live for in this life. It was the summer of 2007, just days after Eric was forced to resign from his seat in the United States House of Representatives. He was alone at his new house in Glen Cove, Long Island. Alone in the world as well, having no one to turn to for support.

   A year after the scandal that forced Eric’s resignation, Destiny finally filed for a divorce. Losing her crushed his world, giving him no purpose, but he understood why she could not stay married to him.

   Mom was just as disappointed as Destiny was, if not more. There was no reason to live. His reputation was permanently damaged. Next year November he would be forced to watch the 2008 presidential election, knowing that he could have been elected. No one would ever support him for a political office again. His aspirations of running for president of the United States were shot out of the sky, crash landing. He had nothing to offer to this world anymore.

   Sue Young, a California congresswoman, was pregnant with his child, and the only reason she was keeping it was to sacrifice it to Satan.

   Eric held a gun to his head, ready to end it all. Then disbelief struck him as flames began to spread throughout the room, on the walls and ceiling. Appalled, he stood upon the bed and saw flames scatter throughout the floor. Then a tall flame appeared horizontally in front of him.

   “Put down the gun. Join me,” the baleful tone said.

   Eric’s mind had to be playing tricks on him, or perhaps this was something that happened as one attempted to commit suicide. The image was frightening and unreal.

   “What are you?” Eric asked.

   The heat from the flames trickled sweat on Eric’s face. He wanted to run, but flames were scattered throughout the entire room. One step and it would not be the death that he wanted. He preferred it to be quick and painless.

   “I am Satan. I am the ruler of raging fires that surround you. Put down the gun. Join me,” the flame said again.

   Along with being pregnant, Sue admitted to being a Satanist, and now Satan appeared to Eric in the form of a flame. His mind was running laps at full speed. How could this be real? Slowly, he pulled the gun away from his head.

   “What do you want from me?” Eric anxiously asked.

   “Everyone left you. It’s just you alone. Worship me, and I will give you the power that you’ve always desired, the power that you need to be one thousand steps ahead of an ordinary man. I see great potential in you to be a leader of this world. Allow me to salvage your soul,” Satan said.

   Obviously, Eric was brought up as a Christian to worship God, but he never honestly established a close relationship. Perhaps it was due to the rival relationship he had with his father. Sometimes he even questioned God’s existence. He never had a reason to believe in him until now, encountering the flame of Satan. Eric had no better options. His back was against the wall. He was all alone as Satan said. He never found comfort in the church of God, so it was worth the try. It was either accept Satan or take his own life. He wondered what kind of power Satan had to offer him.

   “What do you want me to do?” Eric finally asked.

   “Sacrifice the life of a loved one for me! Show me you are worthy enough of my gifts for you! I will offer you the ability to use black magic! The greater the sacrifice, the more supreme I will make your abilities! It’s rare that I privilege a human with magic, but I see great potential in you, Eric Webb, to lead a new breed of Satanists!” Satan said.

   That was all the convincing Eric needed. God was never really ever there for him anyway. A few days later, he sacrificed his mother in a self-satanic ritual. It was the most difficult decision he made in his life, but it was necessary.

   Although Sue ruined his marriage and career, she was the person he found the most comfort in being around, especially because she was already a theistic Satanist herself. She catered to him while he suffered from the possessing demons within him.

   Now over a month after taking his mother’s life, Eric felt sturdy enough to test out the sorcerous ability that Satan had bestowed upon him. The fierce burning inside did not leave from his body, but over the month, he learned to be in sync with the pain. He possessed three special abilities: shape shifting, which gave him the ability to transform into another individual; mind control, which gave him the ability to read people’s thoughts and manipulate their action; and spell casting, which gave him the ability to cast various spells upon an individual, and create illusions.

   After Eric sacrificed his mother, there was growing suspicion of her disappearance, as he went to their old home in Massapequa to examine all the voicemails left on the answering machine. The message that intrigued him the most was the voicemail left from his ex-wife Destiny.

   “Mother Webb,” Destiny started, concerned, “I haven’t seen or heard from you in weeks, and no one has heard from Eric either. Please, Mother Webb, let us know where you are and that you’re OK!”

   The only way Eric could get away with his mother’s murder was to delude people into believing that she was alive, beginning with Destiny.

   With his shape-shifting ability, Eric transformed into his mother and invited Destiny over to settle her concern. Looking in the mirror before she came over, he could not help but to be impressed by his new supernatural gifts from Satan. He looked no different from his mother the night he took her life. This would be entertainment, looking into Destiny’s green eyes, and her believing she was speaking to his mother, but in reality, she was talking with Eric. He wondered if there were others like him that possessed supernatural ability. He would be a fool to think that there were not.

   “You had us worried, Mother Webb. Are you OK?” Destiny asked, concerned.

   Destiny came by the house about an hour after Eric called her as his mother. She was beautiful as usual, wearing casual jeans, a blue shirt under a leather jacket, and white shoes. Her hair was braided in a ponytail.

   “I needed to get away. I’m sorry I didn’t tell anyone.” Eric sighed. “I had to go.”

   “Mother, I understand what you’re going through, but we really thought something happened to you. We called the police and reported you missing. I should call them, and call Pastor Arnold to let him know that you’re OK,” Destiny said.

   Eric did not even know who Pastor Arnold was. Just by an educated guess, he had to be the succeeding pastor that Eric’s father wanted him to be. He would have lived his life in regret if he followed that path.

   “Please don’t do that! I’ll call him when I’m ready,” Eric said.

   Eric mind’s control ability was efficient. He could clearly visualize Destiny’s thoughts like a movie. He detected that she really wanted to call Pastor Arnold so he could calm the church’s worry, but that would be an additional person Eric had to perform this act of his mother in front of. Then he would have to deal with members of the church wanting to visit. Getting the police involved would be even more risky. He was still in the experimental stages of his newfound abilities. The fewer people involved, the easier for him to get away with the murder of his mother, and the longer he could toy around with Destiny’s mind. He could visualize in her mind that she was eager to tell the others that Mother Webb was OK, and she did not agree with keeping her mouth shut on this subject that concerned many, but she would be compliant. It would be the ultimate excitement to dally with his ex-wife’s mind.

   “Are you OK now?” Destiny eventually asked.

   “I’m better. It’s been hard for me to deal with everything that’s happening: my husband Eric. I needed some time to myself. I did not tell anyone because they would make it complicated for me to get away,” Eric said.

   If Eric wanted, he could control Destiny’s mind now completely, but he did not want to expose himself yet. This was too amusing, being able to tap into Destiny’s mind and visualize exactly what she was thinking. Of course, one of the leading thoughts on her mind was Eric.

   “Is he OK?” Destiny finally asked.

   “I don’t speak to him that often anymore. I’m very disappointed in what he did to you. I want to give him time to himself to think about it,” Eric said.

   Destiny was disappointed in Eric as well, but she still did care about his well-being. They were together for nine years before being married for four years. She wondered what kind of turmoil was occurring in his head. Deep in her thoughts, he could see that she missed him. It was not surprising; after divorcing Eric, any man that she chose to be with would be a downgrade. He could see that there was not a new guy in the picture yet. Even if there was, it would not stop him from having her again. Most importantly, he could see that she had no idea that she was actually speaking with Eric instead of his mother.

   “When was the last time you spoke to him?” Destiny asked.

   “A few days ago Monday. He’s fine. He’s not taking the divorce very well, obviously, but I told him honestly that he doesn’t deserve a woman like you,” Eric said.

   Destiny shook her head. She felt guilty as well.

   “Don’t beat him up too much. It’s my fault too. I was blinded by my love for him. I made it too easy for him to cheat on me.” Destiny began to tear.

   Eric went over to Destiny to hug her, while she cried in his arms. It felt wonderful having her so close again. Once the time was right, he would cast a love spell upon her, but now was not the time. There was another task he wanted to accomplish before he revealed himself to her.

   Destiny promised to keep his mother’s reappearance a secret. The fewer people involved, the more he could get away with this act, and the longer he could manipulate Destiny’s mind. If the police got involved, he was confident that he could manipulate them too, but if he had to go to the church, he might have a problem controlling the demons inside him, which would make his shape-shifting ability ineffective, exposing his true identity.

   A few days passed as Eric met an elder man by the name of Conner Hemingly in Glen Cove, Long Island. Conner lived a few blocks away from him. Eric could tell from the first time he had a glimpse of Conner walking his vicious Rottweiler that he was a unique individual. Conner had an angry and isolated demeanor, like he did not fit into the world.

   Reading Conner’s mind, Eric discovered that he was an atheistic Satanist, which was different from what he was, a theistic Satanist. Atheistic Satanists did not believe in the Christian God or Satan. To them, Satan represented a symbol. They were more likely to live behind closed doors. They had an individualist way of living, an eye-for-an-eye mentality following the epicurean philosophy. As a new breed of demonically possessed theistic Satanist, Eric would essentially mimic the lifestyle of an atheistic, but he believed in and served his lord, Satan. He was living proof that Satan was real, and hopefully, today he would prove it to Mr. Hemingly. He could ignite the movement right here.

   “What do you drink, congressman?” Conner asked.

   It felt a bit unusual to still be respected by Conner as a congressman. This was the first time since being removed from office. Eric was seated in Conner’s couch in the living room. From outside, the house looked old, raggedy, and haunted to some extent. Inside the house, there were malevolent decorations throughout. In his living room, across from where Eric seated was an image of a downward-pointing pentagram.

   “Scotch,” Eric said.

   Moments later, Conner walked in the living with a half bottle of Scotch and two glasses with ice inside. He was not intimated by Eric’s odd demonic features.

   “Were you a Satanist when you were a congressman?” Conner asked as he filled the glass cups.

   “No. I found Satan after my resignation. He was the only one who lent me a hand in the midst of my darkest days. When did you become a Satanist?” Eric asked.

   “Well, I don’t believe in Satan, but I have respect for all Satanists. I do think most of us are idiots, especially the teenagers. They need proper guidance. I believe people should be who they are and give in to their temptations, live free lives, and give in to sin. I became a Satanist about four years ago, after my wife died from breast cancer.”

   Eric could not show him any sympathy or the demonic spirits inside of him would burn painfully. He was now getting used to the initial stages, and he did not want to make it any worse.

   Reading Conner’s mind, Eric could see that he was telling a partial lie or not telling the full story. Conner’s wife had suffered from breast cancer, but perhaps he was the cause, from the way he stressed her. He hated his wife passionately, but they were a traditional elder couple that believed marriage was supposed to last forever no matter what, even though they argued every day and hated each other’s guts. Conner made it his duty to make her feel low because she could not conceive. After thirty-four years of marriage, she became ill from breast cancer. He did not care that his wife was dying; in fact, he could not wait until she died, similar to the way Eric felt about his father.

   When Conner’s wife died, he became a Satanist. One of the more common subjects they argued about was religion. His wife was a Catholic. He went to church with her a couple of times during their marriage to make her happy but had many differences with Christianity. He was an atheist.

   Still, that was not the secret Eric came here for. Connor was a man of unique interest.

   “What would you say if I told you that the time has come for Satan to be the new ruler of mankind?” Eric asked.

   Connor admired Eric’s demeanor, but he simply did not believe in Satan.

   “I don’t know. It’s hard for me to accept that God or Satan is real, but I do feel that there will be a day that Satanists have more influence over the world than Christians, Muslims, and Jews, beginning with the governments,” Conner said.

   If Eric did not feel the power of Satan in his body, he would not believe in Satan himself, but he was real. All that was left to do was to prove it.

   “May I use your bathroom?” Eric asked.

   “You don’t have to ask. It’s down the hallway, before the kitchen, on the right,” Conner said.

   Eric rose to his feet, exited the living room, and then walked to find the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom, in a fish tank he spotted a large brown snake. It was easy for him to gain access to the snake’s mind to motion it to slither whatever direction he wanted it to. Hopefully, it would not be much more difficult to tap into the mind of the grand prize.

   Eventually, Eric entered the bathroom. Inside, he took off his clothing and watched his skin set on fire as he transformed into Conner’s late wife, Marilyn Hemingly. She was a short shriveled woman with white hair and brown spots throughout her face. He did not have any of her clothing to wear, so he walked out the bathroom nude. The transformation was effective all the way to his genitals.

   “What the fuck!” Conner yelled, horrified, as Eric walked into the living room as his deceased wife.

   “You don’t miss me?” Eric asked.

   Conner was lost for words. Reading his mind, Eric saw that he thought this was a ghost of his wife. His eyes were full of fear.

   “I am possessed. I could read your mind, Connor. I know the truth. I know you wanted your wife dead. It is people like you and me that will help Satan rule the world,” Eric said.

   “What are you talking about?” Conner asked, confused.

   “Satan has blessed me with extraordinary ability, Connor. I am not Marilyn. I am Eric. Satan is real, and I am living proof.”

   Conner stared at Eric, stupefied. Conner had no choice but to believe in Satan now. He could not disregard the almighty ability that Eric displayed.

   “Amazing what do you plan on doing with your abilities?” Conner asked.

   “I want to spread Satanism like none other. I want to show people that they do not need God in their lives anymore or any other pathetic deity. Will you help me?” Eric asked.

   “You could read my mind as well?”

   “Not only can I read it, but I can control it if I please. I will not do so to you because I have a great amount of respect for you. I have discovered that you are a man of very special interest.”

   “What do you mean?”

   “I know that you have a fascination for unique creatures.”

   By the look on Conner’s face, he knew exactly what Eric was talking about. It was fascinating that he possessed these creatures.

   “You want to see them?” Connor asked.

   “Take me.” Eric said.

   Conner did not deny the fact that he owned the creatures. Examining his mind, Eric saw that he was a professional animal trainer. For over twenty years, he captured and trained wild animals. Whether it was for zoos, circuses, or personal satisfaction, Connor loved interacting with animals. Most of his work with animals was done at a center not too far from here, but his favorite creature to interact with was here down in his basement. Eric was anxious to see them live in person.

   Moments later, Conner escorted Eric—still as his wife—down to the massive basement to see the creatures in their home he built for them behind a clear glass wall. Behind the glass, the environment was set up as dry grassland. There were two small ponds. Toward the front, on his left by the glass, there were six tremendously large lizard creatures tearing the flesh off the two dead bulky cows. It was astonishing to see them feast live in person.

   “The Komodo dragon—it’s a kind of monitor lizard, the largest lizards in the world. Beautiful, aren’t they?” Connor asked.

   Quite the opposite. They were insanely terrifying. He was confident that he could gain control over one of these creatures. Without permission, Eric took control of one of the dragons. He was completely in control as it isolated itself from the feast, walking over to the glass by Eric and Connor. Some of the dragons noticed, but opted for proceeding with their meal. It was a bit challenging stabilizing mind control over this creature, but it was obedient as it faced Eric.

   “Impressive. I can’t even tame them like that,” Conner said.

   “Satan blesses me with great power. Without him, I would be nothing. Do you believe in him now?” Eric asked.

   Astonished, Connor took a moment to let out an answer.

   “I can’t deny his power. Your ability is remarkable!” Connor said.

   Connor offered one of the Komodo dragons as a gift to Eric. He took the gift of the lizard with open arms. Over the next few days, Connor built Eric’s basement as a dry grassland habitat like his own. It took Connor a few weeks to finish the project. When he finished, he discreetly had the massive creature shipped to his home from Connor’s basement. He would use it to practice his mind-control ability and perfect it. The creature paced around him in his basement in circles. He should have feared the Komodo dragon, as it was hideous, but he did not because he knew he was very much in control of it. Fear was a weakness that he intended on completely removing from his mind.

   Eric’s basement became a sanctuary where he worshiped Satan alone. He prayed to Satan every day, asking him for guidance. It was also where he practiced his shape-shifting ability, transforming into anyone he wanted, and where he mutilated animals, preferably dogs and cats to condition his senses and demons to blood. Being a possessed theistic Satanist was far more thrilling than being a Christian. Satan offered man more power than God. God gave man life; Satan gave man the freedom to live it fully. Soon, Eric would prove it to the world.

   As of now, Sue was the only woman Eric had in his life. He could not deny that there was no better feeling than being inside her. Nothing was wrong with Destiny when he was married to her, but Sue added another level of excitement to his life that he could not resist. She was the perfect woman for his new lifestyle as a theistic Satanist.

   The months passed by swiftly, and it was finally the day for the baby to be born: March 6, 2008. It was a girl, the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on. Her cries touched his heart and burned an intense fire inside of him. It was his child, but he understood now that the sacrifice of a newborn was among the most powerful. He fully supported Sue taking the life of his newborn daughter.

   “Ask Satan for the strength!” Eric yelled behind Sue with the slimy baby placed on a table with a downward pentagram.

   They decided to birth the baby together and alone in Sue’s home in San Francisco for privacy.

   Sue lifted her head to the skies. “Give me strength, Satan!” she cried.

   Sue then held the knife across their newborn baby’s neck. It was the same knife that was used to cut the umbilical cord. Although she worshiped Satan longer than he did and it was her idea to sacrifice their newborn, he saw that she was not ready to take the life of the baby, just like when he was not ready to take the life of his mother.

   Then Eric witnessed what happened to him only a few months ago as Sue began to be possessed by the demon spirit. Her body shocked as if she were being electrocuted. Eventually she allowed the demon to take control of her as she slid the knife across the precious baby’s neck.

   Sue looked uncomfortable with the burning of the demon inside her. It was as if she were on fire. Then as the baby’s blood leaked on the floor, more demon spirits possessed her, dropping her to the ground. She screamed out, excruciated. He remembered when the final demon entered him and how painful it was, but he was confident that she was tough enough to bear the pain just like he was. He would be there for her just as she was for him.

   For Eric, it took about a month to be fully able to operate on his own. For Sue, it only took two weeks. Unlike him, the demonic possession made Sue much more attractive. Although her skin tone became pale, her face seemed to have more life to it now. Her eyes were as red as his when he first became possessed. He could still read her mind, but it was much more complicated now. The demonic spirits made it more difficult to get through to her thoughts. He was impressed when he discovered what her special abilities were.

   Superhuman sexuality gave Sue the ability to control a person sexually, male or female, trap the individual in her sexual dimension, which they could not leave until they had sex with her, on top of being immune to all STDs. Duplicity gave her the ability to create a live clone of herself, and her deception ability made her a master at lying. She had the supernatural ability to deceive anyone with a lie, except Eric simply because he had the ability to tap into her head.

   The first time Sue used her sexual ability on Eric, it blew his mind away. She was already tremendously skillful in bed, but now that she was a demon, the sex was ten times better. She brought him into a dimension where the background had a red dimness to it. There was a bed in the center of an open area, and the floor was scattered with snakes slithering their way around. The scenery aroused Eric even more.

   Eric remembered the days that followed his resignation as congressman. He wanted to kill himself, but Satan found him and inspired him. The presidential election was months away, which he should have been a part of, but now he had more power than he would have as the president of the United States. Sue was not as powerful as him, but she did have very unique abilities to help him on a quest for Satan.

   “Is everything OK, Mother Webb?” Destiny asked.

   It was a few weeks after Sue sacrificed their child. Eric called Destiny over to his old home. He was transformed into his late mother. Destiny kept close over the months, and Eric found entertainment in fooling her. He avoided an encounter with any of the church members or the police, thanks to her for keeping silent. It was difficult for her, but she was obedient.

   “No,” Eric cried. “I want to go away.”

   “Where do you want go?” Destiny asked.

   Eric used the sorrow when Destiny divorced him to spark natural tears. It burned him inside displaying emotion, but Eric was able to bear the pain. “I want to be with Herman.”

   Looking in Destiny’s mind, Eric could see that this was not the position she wanted to be in.

   “I hate to hear you talk like that. There are a lot of people that love you, including me. You’re one of the strongest women I know. You should come back to the church. It will help,” Destiny said.

   “No, I can’t. It’s not the same for me,” Eric cried.

   There was a brief silence. Destiny was lost for words and thought.

   “If you want, you and I could take a trip together and have a lot of fun,” Destiny said.

   “There is nothing in this world that would be more enjoyable than death,” Eric said.

   Destiny looked to be in horror from Eric’s statement, but she was willing to do whatever she could to change his mother’s mind from these suicidal thoughts.

   “I don’t want to hear you talk like this, Mother Webb. I’m staying here with you tonight,” Destiny said.

   Eric loved Destiny and wanted to be with her again, but he had to have Sue in his life as well. Casting a love spell on Destiny would make her need his love for her survival. He was now ready to reveal himself.

   “Can I ask you a question, Destiny?” Eric eventually asked.

   “You could ask me anything, Mother,” Destiny said.

   “Have you forgiven my son for what he has done to you?”

   Eric knew the answer, but he wanted to toy around with her mind a little more before he cast the love spell on her.

   “Of course I forgive him. It just breaks my heart that he was that kind of man. I loved him with all my heart. That’s why I have to blame myself too. Dealing with our divorce, I learned you should never love anyone with all your heart because you won’t have any heart left over to love yourself,” Destiny said.

   “When you say ‘that kind of man,’ what kind of man are you referring to?” Eric asked.

   Destiny did not want to answer. The kind of man she was referring to was the kind that would cheat and betray her trust when she gave it all to him. It was the ultimate betrayal.

   “I would prefer not to talk about Eric if you don’t mind. It’s still an open wound,” Destiny said.

   “Do you think you could ever see yourself together with my son again?” Eric asked.

   The answer was obviously no. She was confused why she was even being asked this question. She did not want to answer, but she would feel guilty if she did not, especially with the suicidal state that he portrayed as his mother.

   “I forgive your son, but I can’t see myself with him again, Mother,” Destiny admitted.

   Now was the time. Eric stood up from the couch, then without another word, he set his skin on fire. Destiny instantly jumped back, frightened. She did not understand what was happening. As the skin of his mother burned away, he started to grow into his natural height and size. It only took seconds for his natural skin to form as he stood nude in front of her.

   “Eric?” Destiny asked, confused. She attempted to say more, but no words came out.

   “Destiny, I missed you,” Eric eventually said.

   “What happened?”

   “She’s dead,” Eric interrupted, referring to his mother. “I killed her in exchange for these powers from Satan.”

   Initially, all that came from Destiny’s mouth was air. She was too stunned to answer.

   “Why?” Destiny eventually asked as she cried. “You killed your own mother? What’s wrong with you?”

   “Forget her, I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life again. This time I mean it,” Eric said.

   “I’m leaving!”

   Eric then took control of Destiny’s mind. She fought, but there was no point. He then made her walk and stand in front of him frozen still. This ability was a bit unstable, but with weeks of practice on his Komodo dragon he now named Death, he felt pretty confident with his ability. He lifted up both of her arms and kissed the back of her hands. Once he cast the spell on her, she would become a slave to all his pleasures and desires. He knelt on the floor and kissed her on both of her feet. Then he stood up to her face. He slightly released his mind control, only allowing her to speak.

   “What are you doing to me?” Destiny asked in discomfort.

   “This time, it’s truly till death do us part,” Eric said as he kissed Destiny on the lips, releasing his supernatural control over her mind.

   At first Destiny resisted the kiss, but eventually as expected, she began to give in. The kiss became as perfect as their first kiss. When it was over, he let go of her as she collapsed to the ground. Now the only way Destiny would ever be able to leave him was through death.


Chapter 5