Face Maskculinity

Chapter 12: Chapter 6 An Eye For An Eye



   Revenge against an America backed by Christianity was Eric’s mission, and now his demonic evolution equipped him enough to meet his ruler. It was a late spring night in 2008 on the shores of Long Beach, Long Island. Eric and Sue hurried through the sands of the beach, heading for the dark waters as a patrol SUV chased after them.

   “You are not allowed in this area! Leave the beach immediately!” the driver ordered over his loudspeakers.

   Eric and Sue ignored the patrol driver as they raced for the frigid beach water. The cold of the water was quickly overtaken by the burning fire of the demon spirits inside of him.

   The two dove through the dark salt water, in which Eric could see as clear as daylight, with help from the demons. Within minutes, they were gone far away from the patrol driver, halfway deep into the ocean water. The underworld was their destination, and a convergence with the almighty prince of darkness, Satan.

   One of the wonderful benefits of being possessed by multiple demons was that they protected Eric’s body from the water pressure, drowning from the ocean water, and they led the two deep into the waters, swimming like masterful sea creatures. He and Sue were already comfortable with the endless burning inside, but he was unsure how well they would bear the potent fires of hell when they arrived.

   On the way down in the ocean, they came across various sea creatures. The deeper they descended, the more gloomy the water became and the more alarming the sea creatures were, but he had no fear. Sue was fearless as well. She seemed to be having the time of her life just as he was. The demons that possessed them repelled the monstrous sea creatures that normally would have seen them as food. There was no hazard at all for them diving to the abyss of the ocean.

   At the start, Eric controlled his body, but now in what appeared to be an endless swim, the demons took 100 percent control over his body. Then unexpectedly they entered an invisible atmosphere where the water became nonexistent. This was the underworld. He was thrilled that he was sharing this glorious moment with Sue. He hated her for ruining his life, but it was the best thing that could have happened to him. Instead of president of the United States, he was a sorcerer, soon to meet Lord Satan.

   When they landed on the rocky abyss ground outside the gate, they were met by demon guards with shackles in their hands. The guards were composed of the same rock structure as the abyss surfaces throughout. Through the eye opening, he could see the dark orange demonic spirit glow inside of them. The guards shackled their arms and legs then escorted them through the gate.

   Inside the gate, outside the magma entrance were more demon guards taming massive atrocious beasts with lengthy whips and pitchforks. There were all sorts of creatures of various sizes. None were any that he recognized. Most of the creatures appeared to have a burned reptilian texture to their skin, much more alarming than his pet Death.

   While they walked to the entrance, there were holes in the ground that erupted in random bursts of magma. From inside the fiery entrance, he could hear the sorrowful songs of agonized cries of torture. There was life here, but not of flesh—in spirit. More demon guards stood in firm attention at the entrance, with pitchforks in their hands as if they were ready for a battle. What kind of battle were they anticipating?

   Being in hell reminded Eric of the days he walked into the New York State Executive Mansion in Albany. It was the same empowering feeling, except now he was shackled. At the time, no feeling would have been more uplifting than entering the White House, but the incoming to hell highlighted those aspirations. It was the greatest and most humbling honor ever to be summoned to meet Satan. Eric could not wait to see what he looked like: Satan, the ruler of the underworld. He could not wait to see in person that deities really existed. Since high school graduation, he lost his faith. Meeting Satan’s flame the day Eric wanted to take his own life brought back the belief, but in the complete opposite direction. It led him to hell, and in moments, it would lead him to his master.

   “You are not permitted to place your eyes upon Lord Satan. If you do, you will not leave,” the lead demon guard said.

   They were now walking through the corridors of hell. Until now, Eric had not heard any of them speak. He did not think they could. He could not read their minds.

   Eric was disappointed. He wanted to see the face of Satan, but he did not want to be forced to stay and receive a beating like the slave demons he viewed while walking by each chamber. The beauty of this all was that he would be able to visit hell as a human being and not a spirit. He was eager to go back to earth and embrace the air, after now being privileged to embrace the burning dry air of the underworld. He would be a better and more privileged man than anyone who ever walked the earth, even though he was not permitted to place his eyes upon Satan.

   Where would Eric look? Up, down, left, or right? It just could not be at Satan directly. What if he accidentally looked at any of Satan’s limbs, was that punishable? It would be one of the most difficult challenges he would have to overcome. It was temptation versus freedom. Looking into Sue’s mind, he saw that she planned on looking down and closing her eyes. Perhaps he should do the same. Reading her mind, he could see that she was not nearly as tempted as he was to place her eyes on Satan.

   The further they ambled through the dim and inferno corridors, going levels deeper into this brutal prison, the more slave demons they saw being tortured by various methods. The beatings were intense enough. Some slaves were burned, others attacked by vicious creatures similar to those who were being whipped inside the gates. The methods of torture in this eternal prison were vile and cruel. The most frightening part of it all, from when he first entered hell, he noticed that the slaves were composed of a bright orange ghostly texture, but the deeper they travelled through the almighty kingdom, the more the slaves resembled humans.

   Eric’s theory was, if summoned to hell after one’s death, the human’s body in flesh was sent to the deepest, vilest sectors of hell. They beat them and tortured them until they matured into a demonic spirit. It was a competition, it appeared. The higher the spirits to the top, the more they had the opportunity to possess a human body to take control over an individual on earth. Some demons stood tall and embraced the torture they received, but most submitted in surrender. They were the weakest, and punishment far more brutal than those who embraced the torture. He wondered how brave and powerful the demons inside him were when they resided in hell.

   Screams echoed throughout the corridors with devious creatures crawling on the ground. There were random eruptions of flames that burst through the walls, giving this experience the effect that they were walking through an exploding building. He was already used to the burn from his demonic possession, so it was seamless to bear the burning air of hell. Eventually they walked to a grand entranceway that streamed magma from above. This lobby area felt lordly. His master had to be beyond the magma pathway.

   “Remember, you are not to lay your eyes on Satan, or you will remain here as a prisoner eternally,” the demon guard reminded.

   Eric and Sue nodded. He inhaled the dry roasting air, and then let out a slow long exhale. This was it. This was the moment—his king, the deity that offered him and Sue almighty power on earth. He and Sue had to walk through streaming magma to meet him. It would be painful, but Eric had no fear, and he was immune to pain. So he walked brave and upright through the magma entranceway, followed by Sue. After he walked through the steaming hot magma, he felt a vibrating combustion inside of him. The pain was crippling. Then he saw some of his skin on his arm partially burned away. It took a moment to be able to bear to look at Sue. She seemed to be recovering as well.

   Walking through the path of the uncanny entranceway, he decided to take control of her mind and closed her eyes, as he eventually closed his own. Although Sue planned on avoiding the sight of Satan, he could not afford for her to make a mistake. He would never admit it to her, but he needed her in his life. Her sex was on a level far superior to anyone else’s, and he needed it to motivate him to spread Satanism throughout the world like no other. She was his biggest motivation to be evil. Her sex was his drug.

   Although Eric could not see, he felt the presence of the almighty deity. It was a powerful force of energy that he felt through to his soul. He stopped walking along with Sue when the powerful force became too potent. Satan was here, perhaps right in front of him. Eric could not use his sight to tell.

   “Bow!” the flagitious voice said ahead of them.

   The voice alone sent a rippling effect through Eric. A bit startled, he and Sue immediately went to their knees and bowed before Satan.

   “Let her control herself!” Satan ordered.

   Without a second of thought, Eric released his mind control over Sue. Hopefully, she would be smart and not make the costly mistake of placing her eyes on Satan.

   “Lord Satan, it is an honor to be in your presence,” Eric said.

   Satan let Eric’s gratitude burn away in the air.

   “From this day forward, Eric Webb, you are to go by the name of Jinteen. I want you to form and lead a cult of worshipers. I know you have what it takes to be a better man than your father was. You will be my instrument to steal humanity from God!” As Satan said God’s name, a loud eruption vibrated throughout the ground he stood on, a concise earthquake. “You will lead my army in the war for humanity.”

   Jinteen was a strange name, but he would make it his own from this moment on. He was inspired to spread Satanism on a larger scale than his father spread Christianity. He would not fail Satan.

   “Yes, Lord Satan! I will be a better man than my father!” Jinteen assured him.

   “Sue Young, you have unique abilities of your own. You will assist Jinteen in the war for humanity,” Satan said.

   “Yes, Lord Satan!” Sue said.

   “Both of you stand and turn around!”

   Immediately, Jinteen did as Satan ordered, standing a full stance and then turning his back. He was not in Sue’s mind, so he could not tell what she was doing. Although it would have been enticing to enter her head, he did not want to practice disobedience to Satan. He thought about using his eyes, but he could not take any chances. He did not want to spend his eternity as a prisoner competing for the opportunity to possess human flesh until after he fully lived his life out on earth.

   Behind, Jinteen heard the deity’s thudding footsteps, seconds later followed by a loud agonized cry from Sue. It sounded as if she were in a great amount of pain. Did he harm her? Did she accidentally place her eyes upon Satan? Jinteen slightly heard the deity approaching him through Sue’s cries, his heart pounding anxiously. Then he felt a stinging burn in his back. He could see why Sue was agonized. He wanted to let out in pain as well, but he held it in. He did not want to show any weakness. He wanted to impress his master by showing that he was a man of no weakness or fear, and that he would abide by his master’s will by spreading Satanism throughout the world, beginning with America.

   “There are not many humans I allow in my chamber to visit me, but you two impress me very much. I believe you two can help me capture human souls in large numbers. This is a branding of my palm that only a few people in your world are labeled with. There are three individuals that I want you to meet with the same branding: Ken Derugo, Antony Seal, and Russell Waltman. Find them! When you do, show them the branding, and you will earn their respect,” Satan said.

   Through the pain, Jinteen was honored that Satan saw in him a leader. He was eager to form a satanic cult on earth. The name Ken Derugo sounded so very familiar. Jinteen heard the name somewhere before, but he did not quite remember under what circumstances. Who was he, and how would he find out?

   Back at home in Glen Cove, as Jinteen pulled up in his driveway, he noticed that Destiny’s car was parked. He parked and then exited his car, heading for hers. When he looked into the passenger-side window, she appeared to be dead. Immediately, he pulled the latch for the door, but it was locked. Next, he entered her mind. The fact that he was able to enter her mind meant that she was still alive. As he took control of her mind, he sprung her back to consciousness and made her lift her hand to open the car door from inside.

   “What have you done to me?” Destiny cried weakly as he released control over her body.

   Jinteen smiled. He wished that Destiny could read his mind to see that he no longer sympathized for her when she cried. It actually was quite amusing to watch her suffer this way. He was not married to her anymore. He did not have to attend to her emotions. She would have to live the rest of her life in need of him. It could have been different. She could have forgiven him and remained married to him, but instead she gave up. This time it would truly be “till death do us part,” and she would be the one who died. This time, although she might never admit it, she needed him more than he needed her, and if she was obedient and she satisfied his needs, she could live a long healthy life.

   “I cast a love spell on you. You cannot live without me. You must make love to me for your survival,” Jinteen said.

   The shocking revelation of Destiny’s current condition did not sit well in her heart. She explored her options, trying to think of a possible way out of the spell, but all possible scenarios led to her death.

   “Help me,” Destiny eventually begged, moments away from passing out again.

   “You want to have sex with me?” Jinteen asked, teasing Destiny’s helplessness.

   It took a moment for Destiny to answer even though she was dying. Reading her mind, Jinteen could see that she did not want to have sex with him at all, but she had no choice. It was a matter of life and death. The longer she withdrew, the more her precious life drained away.

   “Do whatever you have to do.” Destiny cried.

   Jinteen never saw this amount of shame from Destiny in all the years he was married to her. He loved every second of it.

   When the sex was over, Destiny looked completely rejuvenated, as opposed to when Jinteen found her in the car dying. He saved her life. He was her messiah. As a Satanist, Sue was the perfect woman for the lifestyle, but he was never the kind of man for one woman. Sometimes he questioned why he even tried marriage. He was not the type of man who should have signed a lifelong commitment contract to restrict himself to one woman. Now with the love spell and unmarried, he could have both Destiny and Sue in his life. It was perfect this way. The spell improved Destiny’s sex, almost making it as good as Sue’s. He most certainly could not have done any of this without his master, Satan.

   “Why have you done this to me?” Destiny asked, putting on her clothing.

   Jinteen was paying attention to the regeneration of his skin burns from the magma in hell. It was another incredible feature he had being possessed by multiple demons: rapid healing.

   “I want you in my life,” Jinteen said, playing with his skin.

   Destiny wept, now fully dressed. Although Jinteen did do her wrong by being unfaithful, he would never let her go.

   “Eric!” Destiny yelled, her face flooded with tears. “You cheated on me, and you murdered your own mom! Stay away from me! You are not the man I once loved!”

   “My name is Jinteen now, and if you did not notice, you are in my house, bitch! You need me! So have respect for me and treat me like the king that I am so you can have me whenever you need me.”

   Destiny shook her head back and forth while sobbing. Reading her mind, Jinteen could see she questioned if it was worth living the rest of her life this way. Realistically, he knew she did not have the will to battle the spell and test death. Although she most likely was destined to heaven, the last thing she wanted was to die.

   “Jinteen? You changed your name?” Destiny asked, puzzled.

   “I met the Devil. It’s the name he gave me. You like it?” Jinteen asked.

   “Why, Eric? Why Satan? He’s nothing but pure evil.”

   In the depths of Destiny’s mind, she wondered how she overlooked Jinteen’s madness while they were married.

   “From a Christian perspective, yes, but Christians are fools! God gave me life, and Satan allowed me to live it freely! That is why I elect to worship Satan! You worship God because you are brainwashed, just like my mother and my father tried to do to me. But I found the light on my own! Satan is the light! I will spread his teachings throughout this country,” Jinteen proclaimed.

   As he examined Destiny’s mind, she could not believe she was ever married to Jinteen. She viewed herself as a whore now. She needed to meet Sue, then she would laugh at the thought. It would immediately put that notion to shame. It was a tiny part of the reason Jinteen loved sleeping with multiple women. Sue did not want a relationship; she was a free, liberal feminist who just wanted to have fun. She slept with other men religiously, and it was much more frequently now because of her super sexual gifts.

   “How long has your mother been dead?” Destiny asked.

   “A few months now I don’t even think about it anymore. Satan has made me a better man just for her soul,” Jinteen said.

   Jinteen could see that Destiny was planning on telling the police. She had no idea he was in her head and ahead of all her thoughts.

   “If you do that, I could prove that she’s still alive. You would look foolish. You would actually be foolish because with me locked away in prison, you would die. That will be suicide,” Jinteen said.

   Jinteen gave Destiny time for the actuality to sink in. It did not settle very well in her head. She did not want to die, but she did not want to live the rest of her life controlled by his love spell. Finally, she realized that there was no way out. There was nowhere to run or nowhere to hide. Live with it, or die by it.

   “You can see my thoughts?” Destiny asked.

   “I can see your thoughts, and I could control your mind to do anything I please. You are my slave now, and you will do anything I say. I am your God,” Jinteen said.

   “I will not let you control me. I don’t want you in my life! I will do without you!”

   “Easy to say after we already fucked.”

   It was quite amusing that Destiny actually believed she could do without Jinteen. Of course, in two days she came back for more. Typical woman—no matter how demoralizingly you spoke to them or treated them, they always came back for more. He could do whatever he wanted to her sexually, in the wildest of forms and positions, having sinful sex with Destiny. After their sexual encounters, suicidal thoughts would always linger in her mind, but Jinteen knew she would never do it. She was a Christian woman, and suicide sent your soul to hell. It was not accepted in her religion.

   As the weeks moved along, Destiny came to Jinteen’s house more regularly, at least once a day. The love spell gained a more powerful control upon her body. It was now to the point in which the spell amplified her attraction toward him. Reading her mind, Jinteen knew that she was disgusted by the very sight of him, but now every time she pleased him, it was as passionate as the first time. Now with the spell, Destiny was beginning to gain ground on Sue of how creative she was in bed. The love spell definitely improved Destiny’s sexual skills. It better have been good because her life depended on it.

   “I found them,” Sue said to Jinteen one evening after a satanic ritual in his basement. They were outside the basement door, now heading for Jinteen’s room.

   “Who?” Jinteen asked.

   “Ken, Anthony, and Russell.”

   Jinteen almost completely forgot about the three men Satan ordered him to find.

   “Good. Did you find out why Satan wanted us to meet them?” Jinteen asked.

   “Yeah.” Sue paused briefly. “After I fucked them.”

   As Jinteen searched through Sue’s mind, he saw that she was upset he was having sexual relations with Destiny again; as a result, she did have sex with all three of the men as payback. He did not care, nor should he have been surprised. Her vagina was a cemetery; she would lie with anyone. It would be asinine to let it bother him when she slept with other people, especially since women like her were spiteful and committed such acts only to spark a rise out of men.

   “Who are they?” Jinteen eventually asked casually as if it did not bother him.

   “They’re the creators of Light Bulb,” Sue said.

   “I knew their names sounded familiar!”

   Light Bulb rang a bell immediately. The popular online social networking platform was a new phenomenon that had been sweeping the world by storm. People loved to gossip, and nowadays they did it by blogging. When he was congressman, Light Bulb was not yet created. Myspace and Facebook were the two platforms that made their emergence. Light Bulb had begun to rise in popularity within the last year.

   Jinteen was confused as to why Satan wanted him to meet the creators of this social networking service, which he detested. For politicians, social networking was a new tool to campaign, and influence voters, as opposed to his days, when they only had television, radio, and live events. He was unsure, if he was still a politician today, whether he would use any social networking platforms. Although their goals were philanthropic, it was another method to ruin famous people’s lives and careers. One wrong move and it went viral in a matter of seconds. It was a digital method of invading one’s privacy. Sue had an account herself.

   “They want to meet you. They have the same branding of Satan’s palm on their backs like us,” Sue said.

   “They’re like us!” Jinteen said.

   “Yup, and I’m not going to tell you what their powers are. You could figure it out on your own since you like to enter people’s minds.”

   A few days passed when Jinteen and Sue finally decided to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet the creators of Light Bulb. Sue was only here a couple of days ago, so she knew exactly where they were. The Light Bulb creators were each billionaires. Ken, Russell, and Anthony were all in their twenties. How could three youngsters own such a vast empire? As he explored their presidential suite on the top floor of the MGM Grand, he could not help but be impressed. Entering their minds impressed him even more. Their abilities were marvelous like his and Sue’s.

   Ken’s ability was power attenuation, which weakened the powers of others; animal mimicry, which gave him the ability to take on features of animals; and omnilingualism, which gave him the ability to understand any form of language.

   Anthony’s ability was power absorption, in which he was able to copy or absorb another’s power; invisibility, which made him unseen to the naked eye; and memory manipulation, which gave him the ability to erase or enhance memories of another.

   Russell’s abilities were power sensing, which allowed him to detect super abilities from others; self-detonation, which gave him the ability to cause an explosion then form back into himself; and time manipulation, which gave him the ability to slow, accelerate, reverse, or stop time.

   They all attended Princeton University in 2007; Ken and Russell, the same age, twenty-two, both majored in computer science, and Anthony, twenty-three, an engineering major, all became friends putting their ingenious minds together to create the social networking service Light Bulb. When the networking platform was published in 2008, it immediately struck success with millions of registered users in the first couple of months. They all then dropped out of college.

   Ken, brought up as a Catholic, and Russell and Anthony, both Jewish, all became atheist as their bank accounts exploded. Their motto was “Money worships no god.” Living wild lives, spending money rapidly with unlimited women, they all had that one girl who insisted on getting married. None of them had any intention of sharing their fortune with their gold-digging girlfriends. That was when Satan made his appearance in their lives. Each of them decided to sacrifice their leading ladies together in a satanic ritual in which they received their almighty abilities.

   The murders were left unsolved. Using their supernatural abilities if any detectives happened to pursue them for their past crimes, they could divert the investigation. With guidance from Satan, they had managed to cover up their past and maintain success in the public eye. They were superior to the average human, like Jinteen and Sue. This room was filled with a new superior breed of Satanists, all who had committed malevolent acts in their past to attain demonic power. Now they only trusted each other.

   “We should worship Satan together, begin our own cult,” Jinteen said, looking out the window to the exquisite Las Vegas skyline.

   It took a moment for everyone to digest the idea.

   “We should! What should we call it?” Sue asked.

   It did not take long for Jinteen to come up with a name. In fact, it came out naturally.

   “Eye for an Eye! We can spread Satan’s power throughout the world like none other! Satan gives us supernatural ability unlike God does for man! People will be moved by our gifts and elect to worship Satan instead of God!” Jinteen said.

   “And if they don’t, we can force them to!” Anthony said.

   Anthony was right. Together, Eye for an Eye had the ability to take control over America. Not just by people, but by leadership. They could potentially form a totalitarian government in which people would be coerced into worshiping Satan, just how Jinteen’s father did to him when he was under his control as a child, forcing him to go to church multiple days a week. This was why Satan wanted them to meet, to mastermind a plot to take control over the United States government.

   “One day, we won’t have to conceal that we worship Satan. Instead, people who worship God will have to hide!” Jinteen added.

   He was moved that there were others like him and Sue. The next day, Eye for an Eye traveled back to New York on Ken’s private jet. The Light Bulb headquarters was located in Manhattan, so it was basically a second home to Ken, Anthony, and Russell. Once every day, Eye for an Eye met in Jinteen’s basement for satanic rituals, just like when it was him and Sue alone. They said prayers to Satan and practiced their unique abilities together, while Death crawled around in the background under Jinteen’s control. None of his new core members displayed any fear of his pet Komodo dragon. They trusted that Jinteen had Death under control, just as they trusted him to be the leader of Eye for an Eye.

   Destiny held out for a record-breaking three days, but one night after a satanic ritual, she lay in Jinteen’s bed with most of her life drained away as usual. Still, as her eyes made contact with him, the spell involuntarily walked her over to him, then she got on her knees and unzipped his pants. As she gave him a blow job, she began to regain life in her face and hands. When they made it to the bed, she had already resumed normal health. Unexpectedly, his bedroom door swung open.

   “Jinteen, I’m—” Sue stopped when she saw Jinteen in bed with Destiny.

   Ire boiled in Sue’s face. Jinteen looked at her thoughts and saw that she was upset, but the emotion was overshadowed by her being aroused. This was a perfect opportunity to get what she wanted. She converted his bedroom into her own sex room, then took off her clothing and took control of the action.

   When it was ended, Destiny cried in the corner of Jinteen’s bedroom. She was so disgusted with herself that she did not want to live anymore. She questioned her life even more now. It made him smile because he would rather her dead than to not have her in his life as a sex slave.

   “What’s wrong with this bitch? It was just sex,” Sue said.

   “She’ll stop soon,” Jinteen assured Sue.

   “She’s like a baby. What’s the point of even putting a spell on her? What does she have that I don’t?”

   Jinteen was not in the mood to entertain this subject with Sue.

   “For one, she’s not a slut! I don’t know how you could say anything to me now when you already fucked each member of Eye for an Eye,” Jinteen said.

   “I did it to show them my ability,” Sue said.

   “Bullshit! You did it because you’re a slut!”

   Sue sat in an upright position, balled up her fist, and violently hit Jinteen in the mouth while relaxed on the bed. Even though he knew she would do it, the actual punch shocked him. He could taste blood in his mouth. Although he possessed godlike abilities, he was still human.

   Moments after receiving the fist from Sue, Jinteen sat himself up then shoved her off the bed.

   “Get out of my room, bitch!” Jinteen said, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her out the door.

   After he closed the door, Destiny was still on the floor in tears. Jinteen wanted to throw her out as well.

   “Make this quick, I want to get some sleep,” Jinteen said, falling backward onto the bed.

   “You’re going to pay for this for everything that you’ve done to me!” Destiny said, sobbing.

   “What have I done to you?”

   “You murdered your own mom, and you put a spell on me that is destroying me!”

   “It’s your fault. You should have never left me. I would have never met Satan. In a way, I’m glad you left me because now you can’t live without me!”

   Destiny shook her head in disgust. It hurt her that this was her new reality.

   “Your mother and father have to be turning in their graves at the man you have become,” Destiny said.

   “My mother didn’t have a grave. My dad, I couldn’t care less,” Jinteen said.

   Destiny was shocked by Jinteen’s statement. Without another word, she wiped tears from her face while rising to her feet, then she finally left the room without even saying good night. He did not care because she would be back tomorrow and every day after that, until she wanted to die. Moments later, after she left, Jinteen peacefully fell asleep.


Chapter 7