Face Maskculinity

Chapter 14: Chapter 8 Fatal Love



   Revenge felt better than being in love. When Eye for an Eye was officially formed in 2008, the sky was the limit as their main goal was to conquer all of humanity for Satan. Jinteen was the High Demon Master, recognized as the leader of the cult. They all trusted him as their leader, with his experience as a congressman. His core leaders Sue, Ken, Anthony, and Russell were all high demons as well, and with their abilities, Jinteen had an idea of how he would use them to gain souls for Satan.

   Individually, they each possessed power that was far superior to the average human being. Together, Jinteen had no doubt that they could control the world. They were a new breed of theistic Satanist who each was privileged to meet Satan in hell. All those who refused to worship Satan would be exterminated from the face of the earth, including atheists.

   Unfortunately, Destiny was now beginning to become a distraction. Maybe it was a mistake for Jinteen to cast a love spell on his ex-wife after all. The sex was great, but he was tired of being obligated to have sex with her. He was not married to her anymore, and he did not want to be obligated to any woman.

   It took Jinteen virtually a whole day to think of it, but he decided after one last sexual episode with her that he would allow her to die. He had to cut loose from her. She was not worthy of living, especially with the Eye for an Eye new world order that he would establish. He would most certainly make sure the last time with her would be epic, then watch her fade away into death, knowing that she could not live without him. This was exactly how all marriages were to end.

   One night, Jinteen tied Destiny up to a chair in his bedroom. Sue controlled the room with her sexual powers, then he pleased her to the best of his ability while Destiny was forced to watch. She obviously did not enjoy the sight as she feebly tried to shake herself free from the chair.

   Every time Jinteen and Sue shared a sexual moment of intimacy with each other, she outperformed her last performance. It was as if she had something new to prove every time. Right now, she wanted to prove that she was better in bed than Destiny, who continued to scream and holler through her taped mouth as she was forced to watch Sue pleasure him.

   After Jinteen finished with Sue, he read Destiny’s mind. It was different now. Never had he seen this kind of anger toward him. Although her body needed his sex to stay alive, this time, she planned on fighting it, no matter what it took, even if it meant she would die. In reality, he knew that it would not happen. She was not courageous enough to fight the spell. She would keep coming back for more, no matter how foul he treated her.

   Jinteen yanked the tape from Destiny’s mouth, untied her from the chair, and then he moved back onto the bed with Sue and dared his ex-wife to test death, or join them on the bed to outperform Sue. Depending on the performance, it might convince him to allow her to live longer.

   Within minutes, Jinteen would be ready for round two; hopefully, Destiny could work up a good erection. Her attraction for him involuntarily made her crawl for sex.

   Then, all of a sudden, something strange was occurring. There was so much rage in Destiny’s mind that fueled a will to fight. Almost half the distance away from him, she stopped, attempting to fight the spell. He could not believe what he was seeing. Was she really willing to give up her life to fight the spell when she had one more chance to live awaiting her on the bed? He could have controlled her mind and made her come on the bed if he wanted, but he was curious to see if she really was going to continue the fight. It was up to her: life or death? Did she want to die, or did she want to live the rest of her days as his sex slave?

   Suddenly, Destiny dropped to the ground, out cold, as it appeared that all life left her body. Instantly, a wrenching burn ignited inside Jinteen. It was more painful than the night he sacrificed his mother. He could not allow Sue to see the torture he was experiencing.

   Startled, Sue got up from the bed and went to the ground as she examined Destiny’s pulse. Good. It gave him some time to embrace the pain without her seeing.

   “She’s dead!” Sue said.

   Jinteen could no longer see Destiny’s thoughts. She was indeed dead. Although Sue appeared to be concerned, reading her mind, he saw she was thrilled that Destiny was dead. He would be lying if he said he did not care she was now lifeless, but he was tired of being her life source. She was not worthy of being alive anyway. He had to take his mind away from the sympathy so the demon’s rage inside of him would die away.

   Unexpectedly, Jinteen experienced the shock of more demons possessing his flesh. It was excruciating. He did his best not to display his uncomfortable state. Sue had to see something was up. He would do his best not give in to the pain. He was immune to pain. Displaying pain was a weakness!

   Jinteen dropped to his knees as the final demon possessed him. The burning did not die away, but he eventually rose to his feet with a new increased level of power. The more he murdered, the more demons possessed his body, making him more of an omnipotent being. He was a god on earth.

   “Are you OK?” Sue asked.

   “I’ve never felt better!” Jinteen assured her.

   “What are you going to do with her body?”

   Nothing came to mind initially. Jinteen still could not believe Destiny was actually dead. It was unfortunate that this was what it came to, but it was all due to the decisions she made. If she never divorced him, they still would be happily married. He remembered when they first met at his mother’s house when she was still in her teens. Never could he have imagined that it would end like this. It was painful to watch, but he could not afford to be sympathetic now because of the burning inside of him. He wanted to avoid dealing with any further pain.

   “Death would love her as a meal,” Jinteen finally said.

   Together, the two dragged Destiny’s body all the way down to the basement. He could have carried the body by himself, but reading Sue’s mind, he saw that she looked forward to viewing Death devour Destiny’s flesh. Sue enjoyed every moment of this. For her, Destiny was finally out of his life, and she could potentially have him all for herself. She was foolish to think that, but he loved her enthusiasm. It turned him on. He could not wait for round two in the bedroom, unfortunately without Destiny.

   As they reached the basement door, they dropped Destiny’s deceased body as Jinteen went to open it.

   “What the fuck!” Sue said behind him.

   Jinteen turned away from the door to the strange occurrence by Sue. He could not believe his eyes. Destiny’s body appeared to be vanishing into dust right in front of them. He ran and tried to grab ahold of her body, but it was too late. Within seconds, her body was completely lost. White powder residue from the strange disappearance remained on the ground when it was over.

   “What happened?” Sue asked.

   “I don’t know,” Jinteen said. He was just as confused as Sue, if not even more.

   “How did her body just disappear like that?”

   “I don’t know! Maybe it’s part of the spell!”

   Jinteen honestly had no idea what happened to Destiny’s body. How could she just have vanished into thin air, leaving the residue of white dust? He grabbed a sample and smelled it for further examination. Instantly, the dust caused combustion from the demons inside him. Looking closely at the odd white dust, he watched as it glistened bright. This was the purest pigment of white he had ever seen in his life. He flung it out of his hand as the dust terminated into the air.

   “I don’t understand why you put a spell on that bitch in the first place when you have me,” Sue said.

   “Let’s not go there now!” Jinteen said.

   Destiny’s disappearance was mind-boggling. He could not fathom how her flesh was able to dissolve into a toxic white dust, but it was good that she was gone. Like Jinteen’s parents, Destiny would not be able to handle the way he would dynamically change the world with Eye for an Eye. It was better for them in heaven to look down on a new age of Satanism. No more would Satanists hide; one day, they would control the United States government.

   The dissolving of Destiny’s deceased body left Jinteen on edge. There was so much he needed to be answered. He needed guidance from his master, Satan. Later in the night, when he was alone in his room, he prayed to his lord. Within seconds of his prayer, he could feel the presence of Satan before him. He opened his eyes, and ahead of him was the flame.

   “Greetings, Lord Satan. What happened to Destiny’s body?” Jinteen asked.

   It took a moment for Satan to respond as the flame trickled sweat from Jinteen’s forehead.

   “God has taken her. He does so usually when a person who worships him is dominated by a demonic spell. You have nothing to be concerned about. It’s just God’s way of showing you that he’s watching you, but you will not fear God! The world will be ours!” Satan said.

   The demons inside Jinteen rejoiced, igniting a savage burning inside him. Although immensely painful, the power he received from the possessing spirits was almighty. Each time after a new spirit possessed him, he felt as if there was no amount of pain in this world that could limit him. Each time, he became stronger. Nothing would harm him ever again! He was a god among men!

   “I have enhanced your mind-control ability. Demonic mind control gives you the ability to cast a demon upon an individual, in which their decisions will be permanently influenced by you. They will not possess powers like you, but a human possessed by my slaves will gain more power. Most humans, once possessed, will try to fight the spirit, but eventually they will give in. Also, I will give you the Tie of Eternal Damnation. This tie, once it touches the skin of a human, including you, can transport their soul to my kingdom, in their case making them an eternal prisoner of mine, giving me complete control over the individual’s body. The only way the curse can be ended is by your death, but serving me, you will live a very long life, I can assure you. Make me proud! Make good use of your gifts and convert multiple souls to me,” Satan demanded.

   As the flame of Satan disappeared in front of Jinteen, a fiery tie then appeared on the ground before him. It was the strangest unnatural object ever presented before him. The tie floated inches above the floor to avoid the flame spreading throughout the room, but how would this rest on his neck without burning him? Eventually he took off his shirt as he reached his arm to the floor, anxiously attempting to pick up the tie as the demons inside him ignited again. There was a ghostly invisible attraction between the demons and the tie, which he did not have to touch physically with his bare hands. The tie ascended inches away from his hands, then around his neck, where the tie converted into a normal red tie, no longer on fire. He could not wait to try the tie with his suits.

   With Destiny now out of his life, Jinteen could now fully focus on the full expansion of Eye for an Eye in the United States. Over the months after her death, Sue, Anthony, Russell, Ken, and Jinteen collectively recruited hundreds of members for Eye for an Eye, mainly people in high places—politicians, government officials, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and celebrities. It was easy to control people with their abilities. The creators of Light Bulb had a lot of friends linked to their success, so together, Eye for an Eye traveled the country during the initial stages of their recruitment process for their satanic cult. Jinteen had the most useful ability with his mind control, but each core member contributed, using their abilities in a profound way to show Satan was real. In the back of Jinteen’s mind, he wondered when or if he would encounter Satanists that possessed powers like them. It seemed inevitable.

   Ken designed the symbol, which was an upside-down pentagram with diamond points at each of the five tips. There were two requirements for being a member of Eye for an Eye: mutilation of any animal besides a human and the drinking of its blood, then the surrendering of one’s soul to Satan and the acceptance of a demonic spirit in the flesh. Once the spirit entered the member’s body, it would be easier for Jinteen to channel control of the minds of all his new members. With completing the requirements, you were then branded on your back with the Eye for an Eye symbol with the numbers 666 in the center.

   After years of recruiting, Eye for an Eye started to focus more on the young, the wild, the radical, and vulnerable teenagers that wanted to explore the dark side but needed guidance. What better guidance than Eye for an Eye? Discreetly over the years, they expanded as one of the more popular underground satanic cults in the United States of America, but he did not have nearly as many members as he desired yet. He wanted his empire to be just as majestic as his father’s. Although the number of members was not where he wanted it to be, he still felt as if they had enough to ignite a revolution throughout the nation; Eye for an Eye versus the false perfect image of America. It would be revenge toward those who wanted him out of office after his affair with Sue, and revenge to religious people like his dad.

   Jinteen was eager for revolution now, but he knew timing was the key. The essence of surprise would be critical. He wanted to catch the people of America off guard and rob them of their lives like they robbed him of his when he was a congressman. Revenge was his motivating factor for creating a revolution in America.

   It was the summer of 2012 when Jinteen and his core leaders of Eye for an Eye began plotting on gaining control of the United States government. Each of his leaders brainstormed different ideas on how to invade perhaps the most guarded building in the world, the White House. Each of them had different ideas and abilities to infiltrate and create chaos in the White House, but Jinteen wanted the backing of the people before he entered the White House, just as if he won an election.

   “Why don’t you cast a demonic spell on the users of Light Bulb? Eye for an Eye would multiply drastically overnight! Then you would have enough followers to overtake the United States government,” Ken said.

   “How would I be able to cast a spell on the users?” Jinteen asked.

   “We could upload a video of you casting the spell. We could force all the users to view the video upon signing in. It may take a few days, but millions of people would become under your control not only in America, but also across the globe if the spell works. Light Bulb has over six hundred fifty million registered users,” Ken said.

   Wow! Six hundred fifty million users was a staggering number. Jinteen never stopped to think of how many registered users Light Bulb had. So far, this seemed to be the most plausible plan.

   “Could you cast a spell on someone by video?” Sue eventually asked.

   Jinteen oppugned his ability as well, but after briefly thinking about it, he could not see why the spell would not be effective once it went viral.

   “Yes, it would work. I think this is why Satan wanted us to meet! He knew together, we would devise a way to take control of the government by spreading Satanism,” Jinteen said.

   “Think about it: If we could possess even half the members of Light Bulb, we could literally walk right into the White House with no problem,” Anthony said.

   It was everything that Jinteen ever wanted—to one day be the leader of this great country. Before the desire was to be president of the United States, but if Eye for an Eye could take control of the government, he would make himself the dictator: no Congress, no Supreme Court, no balance of power, just him. He would run the United States exactly as Satan wanted him to. He would convert America into a country where the citizens were no longer free to choose a religion. There would only be one deity—Satan—and one religion, Satanism. The shared belief throughout the office was that this was the best plan.

   “Don’t forget about all our international users as well. We would have a stronghold over most of the major countries in the world. Jinteen, this has the potential to execute world domination! I approve of this plan! We could record the video today,” Ken said.

   Jinteen truly believed he was already the most powerful man in the world, with his unique arsenal of demonic power. Taking control over the United States government would just make it official.

   “We will record the video today. The time has come for this country to turn to Satan,” Jinteen said.

   “Are you sure it will work?” Sue asked.

   Jinteen had his doubts, but it would not hinder his attempt. “There’s only one way to tell,” Jinteen said.

   Later on in the day, Russell recorded the video of Jinteen performing the demonic spell in the sanctuary. When he finished, Ken was able to upload it the Light Bulb network from his fancy tablet device. Within minutes, the video was uploaded. Upon signing in, every user would be forced to watch the video. If the spell was effective, the demon that possessed the user would force them to commit a homicidal act. It was his first instruction to all those who fell victim to the demonic spell. Only time would tell.

   Anthony had a tracking on the users as they signed into Light Bulb and watched the video. By the end of the first day, approximately 40 percent of the users signed in. Did the spell work? Were 40 percent of the Light Bulb members actually possessed by a demon spirit now? He would not know until the killings began. Jinteen decided to sleep on it. Hopefully, he would awake to good news.

   The next morning when Jinteen woke up, the pain from the spirits inside him was unbearable. Every morning, he awoke to a new feeling inside; some mornings more excruciating than others, but from the pain he experienced now, he could sense something righteous occurring. Turning over, Sue lay next to him with no clothing on and no blanket covering her. He might have had sex with her last night and he did not know about it, which was highly unlikely because it was Sue. It was highly difficult not to remember a night with her.

   Eventually, Jinteen rose out of the bed to put on a robe and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare an ice-cold cup of coffee—one to cool him down and a second to wake him up fully. It kind of brought him back to his days as a congressman: coffee every day, but warm.

   “It worked!” Sue said a moment later as she entered the kitchen. She wore one of Jinteen’s T-shirts that was oversized on her. “Have you looked at the news?”

   Ever since the media destroyed Jinteen’s life, he had not looked at any news, but maybe today there would be something he would want to see. The two walked to the living room and turned on the television. Sue used the remote to put it on the news channel. There was a string of homicides being reported one after another. All the murders were random and seemed immoral, which was his favorite flavor. The killings were not connected, but most of them were identical. Could this be a coincidence, or was this a result of the demonic spell? He did not get his hopes up too high. This could very well be just a coincidence.

   “The world is changing, and it’s because of you. I got you a gift,” Sue said, walking close to Jinteen, kissing him seductively on his cheek.

   “What’s the gift?” Jinteen asked.

   “You’ll see later.”

   It probably was going to be something meaningless, Jinteen thought. As the day moved along, it became more of a reality that the spell might have been effective. The mainstream media continued reporting multiple random murders in the area. It was one of those days that nothing else mattered on the news. The day had a gloomy vibe to it. Maybe Sue was right. Maybe the world was changing, and this was not just a coincidence. Maybe people across the world were being possessed by demons at a rapid rate, and Light Bulb was the catalyst.

   In the evening, Jinteen spoke to Ken, Anthony, and Russell of the current events that occurred locally, and throughout the nation. Although each of them had confidence that the demonic spell had begun to infect the users of Light Bulb, they all agreed that they should remain patient and not make a move until they were unanimously certain.

   While in conference call with Ken and the others, Sue entered his room uninvited. She stood still and stared at Jinteen until he gave her his complete attention.

   “What do you want? I’m busy,” Jinteen said, holding away the phone.

   “You don’t want your gift?” Sue asked.

   Jinteen did not know what to expect from Sue. If it was sex, it was not a gift from her; it was her obligation. Honestly, he was not interested right now.

   “I’ll get it from you after I get off the phone,” Jinteen said.

   “It can’t wait. We need you now,” Sue said as she walked out the door.

   Seconds later, she walked in with a black girl and a blonde hair girl similar to Sue, both were incredibly attractive. Jinteen was not really in the mood for sex, but he had no choice. He had three desirable women waiting for him to please them, and Sue took control of the room with her sexual ability. How could he refuse? Within seconds, he ended the conference call with the Light Bulb creators and pursued his lust.

   Reading the two new girls’ minds, Jinteen saw they were possessed by his curse and a part of Eye for Eye. This was proof that the spell worked, but he did not have any time to ponder about it.

   While taking off their clothing, Jinteen saw the Eye for an Eye symbol on their backs. They were all astonishing in bed. Obviously not as good as Sue, but this was the first he slept with more than two women at once, and it was an amazing experience. He loved Sue’s sexual creativity and how desirable and wild she was. He could never see himself growing tired of her in that regard. Sue found much pleasure in stimulating herself as she watched Jinteen have fun with the two new girls. This was one of the more exhilarating moments of his life.

   When it was over, Jinteen and Sue brought the two screaming women to the basement, feeding them to Death as dinner. He wished that he had Death in his college days to use on any woman when he finished with them so he did not have to deal with their emotions afterward. It would have been convenient. This time, it was not difficult to conceal the excruciating pain from the demons possessing him because Sue experienced the same sensation herself.

   “When we take control of the world, are you going to make me your queen?” Sue asked halfway on the way to Jinteen’s room.

   Sue could not be serious. What made her feel she reached the requirements to be a queen?

   “I don’t need a queen. The last time I had one, she left me,” Jinteen said.

   “Every man needs a queen in his life, unless he’s gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay.”

   “As I said, I don’t need a queen! All I need is whores like you who want to fuck. A queen has too much power. In my new world, a queen will not exist. You should be honored to be my main whore!”

   Jinteen did not have to read Sue’s mind to see that she was disgusted by his remarks. “You are so disrespectful! Destiny left you because you’re a piece of shit!” Sue eventually said.

   “If that’s so, what does that make you? You’re the one claiming you want to be my queen,” Jinteen pointed out.

   Now they made it back to Jinteen’s bedroom door, and Sue was completely insulted. She was one to take words very well, never letting anything that anyone said to her ruin her mood. She had thick skin and very little shame, but now all of a sudden, she seemed to feel disrespected. He hoped that she was not planning on coming inside his room. He had no interest in being around her now that he already ejaculated. Her so-called gift did not include spending the night in his room again. He wanted to be alone tonight.

   “What would it take for you to respect me and treat me like a real woman?” Sue finally asked.

   “How can I respect you when you don’t respect yourself?” Jinteen asked.

   “Let’s not forget, I am the reason you are who you are! If it wasn’t for me, you would have never met Satan! And I do respect myself, you son of a bitch!”

   “Oh yeah How many men have you fucked in your lifetime, then? Probably the same amount as a porn actress.”

   Sue took a moment to answer because she could not even estimate it, and Jinteen’s insults were penetrating.

   “Fuck you! That’s none of your business!” Sue said.

   “Exactly! So don’t talk to me about respect when the number of men you allowed inside you is an X,” Jinteen said.

   Jinteen could see in Sue’s watery eyes that she wanted to cry, but she held it in. Entering her mind, he saw that she wanted nothing more than to see him in a pool of his own blood. It put a smile on his face. Anything that she wanted to do or attempted, he was ahead of it, and he could easily counteract it. He knew all her darkest secrets.

   “What makes you different? You slept with a lot of women yourself,” Sue said, trying to conceal her embarrassment.

   “True, but it makes me more of a man and you less of a woman. Anyway, I’m going in. Time to rest,” Jinteen said.

   “Fuck you, you pig!”

   “You did already.”

   Jinteen turned away from a teary-eyed Sue, entering his room. That was the first he had seen her anything close to crying. He must have really gotten under her thick skin this time. He did not care about Sue’s feelings at all as he closed the door behind him. She was the kind of woman that you were a fool to waste your sympathy on. She was a Delilah, just as in the Bible. If he gave her control over his heart, she would search for his weakness. When she found it, she would deceive him and use it against him. She would blind him to prevent him from ever being the almighty man he was capable of becoming, but realistically, unlike Samson, Jinteen had no weakness. He was a god among men. The more Sue searched for his weakness, the more she would see it for herself.

   Sue was far from a queen. She was the lowest, sleaziest form of woman that existed. Even if she were a decent woman like Destiny, kings need queens, not gods.


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