Face Maskculinity

Chapter 15: Chapter 9 Heavenly Love



   The mirror world was timeless, so it only took the seconds to enter and exit for Robert to make it to his former high school bully’s bathroom. Entering Nate’s bathroom from the mirror portal, Robert crawled into pitch-black darkness. Although he feared for his life, this ability was amazing, a quick new way to travel, much faster than it would have taken if he drove or used public transportation. One after another, he discovered a new supernatural ability or skill. Out of all his abilities, interacting with his mirror reflection and entering the mirror world was by far the coolest.

   Freeport to Hempstead was about a ten-minute drive or by bus twenty minutes at least. Travel via the mirror world shredded those times and landed him directly in the bathroom of Nate’s apartment.

   Still, challenging Nate was a very frightening task, but what made it a little less scary was Robert’s reflection informing him before he left the mirror world that he was bulletproof and impenetrable throughout his body. It was extremely difficult to believe initially, but he had flashbacks of the four men at the gym that attacked him, and instead of him, they ended up getting injured. Although the punches were not bullets, his reflection had no reason to lie to him. If he did not trust his reflection, he did not trust himself. It was as simple as that.

   “What are you waiting for?” his reflection yelled from behind Robert in the mirror. It startled him as he tumbled into the door.

   “Damn!” Robert whispered.

   He was certain he alerted whoever was on the other side of the door. His heart was beating anxiously as he waited for his biggest fear to come to reality.

   Seconds later, the bathroom door swung open. A light-skinned girl in her undergarments stood in the doorway. She shrieked in fright, at the top of her voice, when she spotted Robert in the bathroom, then she ran away. He did not know what to do, whether to stay inside the bathroom or go out to face Nate like he should have back in his high school days.

   Eventually as Robert decided to exit the bathroom, Nate, with just his boxers on, advanced toward him with a gun in hand! It sent jolting fear throughout Robert’s veins. Never had he seen a real gun live in person. It was difficult to believe that this powerful weapon could not penetrate his skin, but Robert stood tall in front of his former bully, displaying no fear!

   “You trying to rob me—” Nate suddenly stopped and then looked at Robert, confused. “Robert?” he asked, chuckling. “What you doing here, nigga?”

   This was real. Robert stood in front of the man that he feared the most in his entire life, besides his father. Although Nate now held a gun in his hands, Robert still would not back down.

   “I’m not scared of you anymore, Nate,” Robert said.

   The girl moved behind Nate for protection, now wearing a tightly fitted dress down to her knees. He began to laugh hysterically. He clearly thought this was some joke. Robert was eager to turn his laughter into a cry, but although he did not show it, he was incredibly terrified of the gun Nate held in his hand.

   “You want to fight me! How did you get into my crib, you bitch nigga?” Nate asked after he finished laughing.

   “Don’t worry about that. I’m here. If I’m a bitch, put the weapon the down and fight me like a man!” Robert demanded.

   “I’d rather shoot you! You’re not a man, you’re a bitch! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are to walk up in my shit like you’re a thug! This ain’t high school! This ain’t no game, my nigga! I’ll fucking splatter your brains all over this shit and use your hands to clean it up, you pussy!”

   Robert trusted his reflection, but it was incredibly hard to believe that this gun Nate pointed at his brain would not end everything right now. He tried to ignore the fear, but it was a gun, one of the more deadly weapons on the planet, but according to his reflection, he could have ripped the gun right out of Nate’s hand. Staring into the barrel left his body completely numb, but it was imperative to show Nate that he was not scared of him anymore and to teach him personally the fundamental lesson of karma. Robert knew it was wrong to seek revenge, but it was also wrong to be a coward. All his life he was a coward, but now he had the opportunity to be brave and free.

   “If you shoot me, you will regret it. Fight me like a man, and let’s settle all the times you beat me up and took my lunch money in high school!” Robert demanded.

   Nate seemed surprised. He had every reason to be. Robert no longer wanted to be looked at as a punk or anyone’s bitch. He could not take out his rage on Brian because he was a friend, but Nate stole money from Robert in humiliating fashion for years in high school. It was time for payback!

   “You got a lot of talk for a man on the opposite side of a gun. You definitely were not like this in high school. What happened, you finally grew balls?” Nate asked.

   “Stop talking and fight me!” Robert demanded.

   “Act like I won’t shoot you!” Nate said as he advanced, pointing the pistol to Robert’s skull. “This ain’t high school no more. Back then, I only used to take your money! Now I’ll take your life, my nigga! You’re a pussy, and you’re going to die that way!”

   This would have been an awful way to die, but Robert held strong and believed in his reflection.

   “I’m not scared of you or your weapon! We could do this the easy way or the hard way! Either way, today I will show you how it feels to get bullied!” Robert said.

   Instantly, a bullet was fired directly at the center of his brain. He closed his eyes, anticipating a painful sting into death, but he felt nothing but just a soft light burn, with a loud explosion—no pain. Maybe this was how death by a bullet felt, painless.

   When Robert opened his eyes, he knew that he was still miraculously standing alive! This was incredible. His reflection was right. The flattened bullet lay on the floor in front of him because of the impact of Robert’s skin. His skin was like a stone wall throughout. Nate and the girl’s eyes were as wide as an owl’s, neither of them more shocked than Robert was. Slowly, Nate lowered the gun to his side, speechless. Now Robert truly had nothing to be afraid of. He was the threat!

   “You remember how you used to humiliate me in front of everyone?” Robert finally asked.

   Nate took a moment to answer. For the first time, Robert saw fear in Nate’s eyes. Now he would feel what it felt like to be the victim of a bully.

   “We were young. I was just playing, my nig,” Nate said.

   “You were just playing? I guess that was a BB gun you just shot me with, then!” Robert said as he grew enraged.

   Nate’s arms began to tremble. It was the same exact fear Robert had for Nate in high school. It was astonishing how the tables had suddenly turned.

   “Drop the weapon and fight me! This is the last time I’m asking you!” Robert demanded.

   “I don’t want to fight you. You obviously some superhuman nigga,” Nate said.

   “You remember when I didn’t want to fight and you still continued to beat me up and steal my lunch money? I know everything about you now! I know you sell drugs. I know you have a bagful of cash in your room right now. Either you fight me now or I take it! I’ll give you until the count of five to make a decision. One two three four …”

   “I don’t want to fight you!” Nate pleaded again.

   Robert sighed in disappointment. Although he wanted nothing more than to rip his fist through Nate’s face, clearly he did not want to fight. Robert did not have it in him to be a bully anyway, so he decided to walk right past Nate and the girl as if this were his own apartment. There was no one here to be threatened by. He entered the room in which his reflection said the bag of money would be, then he opened the closet on the far end of the room to part the clothing hanging in front of him. There on the floor, he spotted the large gym bag. He zipped open the bag and found bundled stacks of various bills. This was a liquid cash payday! What kind of drugs was he selling? This was probably as much money as he made his entire eight years working at Cheap Prices, all in one bag.

   While digging through the bills in the bag, Robert heard some kind of commotion going on outside the room. As Robert zipped the bag closed, he heard footsteps that sounded like more than two people. He had to find a way back to the mirror in the bathroom with the bag of money so he could escape.

   As Robert grabbed the bag and exited the room, two thugs stood in front of the bathroom door at the end of the hall, both holding guns in their hands. They immediately began to fire their bullets away. Apparently, Nate did not give them the memo that they were wasting their ammo. The bullets deflected off his skin as if they were shooting a wall. It was not until he walked in, inches away from the thugs, that they finally decided to stop shooting. Robert still did not have it in him to hurt any of them. It was not them he was here for; it was Nate.

   “If you go, I won’t hurt you. This is between me and—” Robert heard a yell and then felt a sharp painless pinch in his back. When he turned around, it was Nate with a knife in his hand, now bent at an angle from the impact. He tried to kill Robert again. It was then that Robert turned to deliver a powerful right hook to Nate’s jaw, and he immediately dropped to the floor, out cold. All it took was one punch and his most feared bully from high school was knocked out, and it appeared he would be unconscious for days.

   This was one of the most glorious moments of Robert’s life. He was not a man who liked to live his life in regret, but he wished he had stood up for himself in high school when he did not possess his super abilities. Then again, everything happens for a reason. It took bizarre circumstances for him to finally grow courage.

   As Robert turned back around to the thugs, they both looked astonished. It only took them a few seconds to decide that it probably was wise to leave. As they ran away, leaving the apartment, Robert went back down the walkway inside the apartment to grab the unharmed bag of cash. He then entered back into the bathroom to make his escape from the apartment through the mirror world.

   The next morning, Robert was awakened out of his sleep, by his disturbing cell-phone ring. Looking on the screen, he saw that it was Destiny calling. For the last couple of mornings, he had the privilege to wake up beside her. Today was the first in weeks that he woke up alone. He could no longer take for granted how amazing it was waking up to the majestic sight of Destiny.

   “Hello,” Robert finally answered the phone, barely awake.

   “Good morning, babe,” Destiny said.

   “Good morning …”

   “Did I wake you up?”

   “Yeah, but I need to get ready for work anyway,” Robert said as he stretched to adjust to the morning. “What are you doing up so early?”

   “I didn’t sleep last night. Will you come by after work today, or you still want your space?” Destiny asked.

   Robert missed her, but there were a lot of strange occurrences going on that he did not understand, and according to his reflection, Destiny was the reason. How? He had to find out today. In person would be better than over the phone.

   “No, I want to see you. I miss you. I’ll come by after work,” Robert said.

   “I miss you too, babe. I can’t wait to see you. Do you want me to pick you up?” Destiny asked.

   “No. I’ll come to you. And I’m sorry about yesterday.”

   “I understand how you felt. I’m proud that you didn’t hurt your friend. I’ll forgive you completely when you come over after work.”

   “I’ll be there. I promise.”

   Robert ended up calling out sick from work after he got off the phone with Destiny. While adjusting to the morning, he examined around his room. By his dresser-and-drawer set, there stood the gym bag full of money. Looking in the bag, he still could not believe his eyes! There was no way he was going to work with a full bag of cash sitting in his room, plus the bathtub of gold at Destiny’s that she still did not mention.

   Just by looking in the bag, he saw tens of thousands of dollars. It would take all day just to count this amount of cash. The gold probably was worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. If he took an hour-long shower instead of fifteen minutes, he would become a millionaire. His ego was on an all-time high! Having money was a feeling like none other. He grabbed a stack of fifty-dollar bills out of the bag then went downstairs to his mother. A few of her day-care children were in the playroom, while she was in the kitchen, preparing their breakfast.

   “Good morning, Mommy!” Robert said childishly as he embraced his mom from behind.

   “Your breath stinks. Did you brush your teeth?” Mom asked.

   “I will. How is the mortgage?”

   Mom looked at Robert, confused. Normally he did not ask questions pertaining to the mortgage, so he understood her confusion. At times, she would just randomly complain about it, mainly when he asked to borrow her money, which most of the time he never paid back.

   “Why do you ask?” Mom finally asked.

   “I’m concerned. Are you late any months?” Robert asked.

   “I’m three months late, but God will find a way. I’m supposed to be getting a check this week, and that will cover at least one month. I’m waiting on the state to pay me all the money they owe me.”

   Robert hated to hear his mother complain about bills. He felt bad for her, and he was ashamed at himself for not being able to help her more financially. Today, Robert wanted to take a big step in showing his mother that he loved her, and hopefully, one day sooner rather than later, he would be able to be her financial support.

   “How much is one month?” Robert asked.

   “Eighteen hundred dollars I’ll take care of it, don’t worry about it. I just have to wait until the state pays me,” Mom assured him.

   Robert pulled out the stack of fifty-dollar bills and placed it near his mother on the kitchen counter. “I didn’t count it, but this should be enough to cover at least two months. I could give you the third month later on today.”

   Mom was as surprised as Robert had ever seen her, and he knew exactly what she was thinking. He just waited for the question to come out of her mouth.

   “Where did you get this money from?” Mom suspiciously asked.

   Robert did not want to lie to her, but there was absolutely no way he could tell her the truth.

   “Please just take the money. Do not force me to lie to you,” Robert said in a playful manner.

   “Robert!” Mom said with a stern look. “How did you get this money? Tell me the truth!”

   “It’s not important. Take the money and don’t ask any more questions please.”

   “I won’t take it until you tell me exactly how you got this money! I want the truth!”

   Robert was hoping his mom would take the money without forcing him to lie about it, but realistically, he knew it was highly unlikely. He sighed before he spoke.

   “You’re going to be upset at me, but I’m doing pornography now,” Robert said.

   Mom stared at Robert, disappointed. It was funny to him because she seemed as if she actually believed it. She was so upset at him that she did not see her eggs burning on the stove.

   “You’re my son, and I love you, but sometimes you disgust me! I don’t want this money if you’re doing pornography with it!” Mom finally said.

   “I’m going to the mall. You want anything?” Robert said.

   “No! Take your money too—this money is not clean!”

   “You could give it a bath before you pay the mortgage. See you later.”

   Robert left the money on the table then headed up the steps. There was no way he could tell his mother that he stole the money from a former high school bully by means of his newfound supernatural ability. It was much easier to take the heat for pornography. Eventually, he and his mom would discuss this subject again, but it would not be now because she had the day-care kids to attend to. Hopefully, through the entire dispute, she would take the money in the end and use it for the mortgage; and if there was some left over, she could keep it in her pocket.

   Moments later, Robert walked to the Dominican deli down the street and bought himself a plate of chicken with yellow rice. As he reached the counter to pay, a line of ski masks hanging above the telephone cards behind the counter caught his attention, especially because it was the middle of the summer now. They probably forgot to take them down all the way from winter. It would be perfect to use when he decided to steal from another drug dealer.

   When Robert made it back home with his food, he tried on his new ski mask in the mirror before eating.

   “Is this a good disguise?” Robert asked.

   “Why do you need a disguise?” his reflection asked.

   “I should conceal my identity when using my super abilities. I took a big risk with Nate, don’t you agree?”

   “I don’t like the idea of a mask. I don’t think you need to hide who you are. You could change the world. Embrace it!”

   Robert thought about it for a moment. It sounded good, but he had way too much to lose if he exposed his unique abilities to the world, beginning with his freedom.

   “No, I need to conceal my identity. I have my family to protect. I hope you could stop Nate from perusing my family,” Robert said.

   “Nate is not a threat. Because of me, you are hundreds of steps ahead of him and anyone else. You don’t need to hide behind a mask. That sounds like something a superhero would do. What’s next, a cape?” his reflection asked.

   Robert did not think of himself as a superhero at all. He never had to save or protect anyone from harm. The notion was not completely farfetched, because he did possess superhuman strengths. He was incredibly fascinated with fiction superheroes such as Batman, Superman, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, and the list went on. When it came to superheroes, Robert was a grown child. Even with his remarkable ability, it was tough to place himself in that elite class.

   “I’m not a superhero. I robbed a drug dealer yesterday. Superheroes don’t commit acts like that,” Robert said.

   “You have what it takes. What if the day came that people needed you to protect them, would you back away, knowing you had the ability to defend, or would you stand up and fight?” his reflection asked.

   It was a question that Robert did not want to answer. Staying away from confrontation was the way he lived his life. No drama, no problems, longer life hopefully.

   “I’m not a superhero, nor am I trying to be. I’m just trying to make a living. I could use the money I stole from Nate to pay all my bills buy a car finally.”

   “Your dirty water from showering, washing your hands, or brushing your teeth turns into precious metals. If you do the same in the mirror world, it turns into diamonds and gems, plus I can get you anywhere faster than a car, so don’t talk to me about basic stuff. Answer my question.”

   Robert had yet to take care of his hygiene today because of the precious-metal issue, but after he ate, he planned on taking care of it in the mirror world. He did not want to damage his mother’s bathroom. Currently, he could think of no threat serious enough that he had to protect people against. Just because he had super abilities, it did not mean he would go out and look for trouble. It would have been fun to explore the streets at night, but foolish as well.

   “If I had to, yes, but I’m not going out looking for any problems. I could continue to steal from Nate and people like him, and they won’t be able to do anything! That’s my way of helping: stealing from drug dealers and putting them out of business,” Robert said.

   “Stealing is not good. I only asked you to do it this once so you would rid yourself of a fear and learn to understand the power you possess. You don’t need to steal anymore. You’re already rich. From this day forward, you stand up for yourself and make the best decisions for you and the people you love. You can’t be a superhero to others until you become a superhero to yourself. Remember that. You are no longer a coward. Destiny might be upset at what you did, but I’m proud of you,” his reflection said.

   “She doesn’t know. I didn’t tell her.”

   “Trust me, she knows,” his reflection said, smiling.

   “How does she know?” Robert asked.

   “I told you, I can’t tell you. You’re going to have to find out this one on your own.”

   What was Destiny’s secret? Robert had no idea what it could be. Maybe she was someone like him that possessed powers. Whatever her secret was, she concealed it well.

   After giving up on extracting information about Destiny from his reflection, Robert stacked a few bundles of cash in his pocket and travelled to Roosevelt Field shopping mall through the mirror world. His reflection was also able to take him to specific locations as long there was a mirror portal large enough to exit from. So he entered the mall discreetly through a bathroom that no one was using at the moment. The main reason he came to the mall was to buy clothing and sneakers, which he had not bought for himself in months, probably over a year. It was hard to with his meager weekly paycheck from Cheap Prices. Now he was rich without being on He did not keep track of how much he was spending because he did not have to. There was no way Nate would get reimbursed for this money, and there was nothing he could do about it. For the first time in Robert’s life, he could spend like a professional athlete.

   Strolling through the mall with more bags of clothing than he had ever purchased in his life, Robert reflected on his relationship with Destiny. There were so many questions he needed to be answered about her. Was she indeed the source of his supernatural ability, and how? Did she possess super abilities of her own? Most importantly, what was the purpose of this enormous almighty power that made him sick for a week?

   Robert brought his shopping bags home through the mirror world, but before he exited, he took care of his hygiene and watched as his dirty water turned into diamonds and gems, only in here he did not have to worry about damaging the bathtub and sink.

   Now outside the mirror world, Robert put on a new outfit with new sneakers, then he called a taxicab to go to Destiny’s house. He left the house, avoiding his mother to avoid the conversation of where he obtained the money.

   Anxiety built up on the taxi ride to Destiny’s house. If she did know about the money Robert stole from Nate, how did she know? Apparently, she was hiding something from Robert that he needed to know. Would it answer the question of how he gained his marvelous ability? What could it be? His reflection did not want to tell him what it was. Hopefully, today he would find out the secrets that she concealed and if they had any relevance to his powers.

   Sitting on Destiny’s couch, flicking through the television channels casually, Robert tried to think out ways to extract the information she was hiding. Maybe the best way was to be as direct as possible, and just come clean about all the unnatural occurrences in his life. To get her to expose, maybe he had to lead and expose himself. Part of Robert was scared of the truth, but now was the perfect opportunity to defeat that fear, and even if the outcome was the worst case scenario he would seamlessly adjust to his new reality.

   “How was work today?” Destiny asked, walking into the living room from the kitchen.

   Robert thought about lying, but if she did in fact know about the stolen money, she had to know that he did not go to work today. She probably knew all his darkest secrets on top of that, which was not fair. Although he loved being with her, this relationship would not be any fun if he could not hide anything from her.

   “I called out. I had a few things I had to take care of today,” Robert admitted.

   “Like what?” Destiny asked.

   The serious smile Destiny wore verified that she did indeed know about the stolen money, just as his reflection said, but how?

   “Destiny something very strange has happened to me. I don’t even know how to begin explaining it to you because I don’t completely understand it myself yet,” Robert said.

   “You don’t have to explain. I already know. I was waiting to see how long it would take for you to trust me with it,” Destiny said.

   Robert emanated an air of relief. Hopefully, from here it would not be difficult obtaining all the information he needed from Destiny.

   “How do you know?” Robert asked.

   “Because I’m the reason it’s happening to you,” Destiny said.

   Robert did not know what to expect next from Destiny. He did not know what emotion to express. All he knew was that she held a secret that would change his life. He was very much frightened of what it might be, but more curious to find out.

   “What has happened to me?” Robert eventually asked.

   He gazed into Destiny’s beautiful green eyes, waiting for an answer. Suddenly she sprang up from the couch and walked to the door to make sure it was locked. Then she walked around the living room, closing all the blinds to the windows. His heartbeat raced rapidly as he grew more terrified of the moment. How dark could her secret have been that she had to close all the blinds? He was 100 percent certain he would see something that he would regret.

   “Hopefully, what I show you can help you understand what you have become. I hope this does not change the way you feel about me. I really enjoy being with you, and I’m glad God gave me another chance at love with you,” Destiny said as she closed her eyes.

   Robert wanted to put an open hand over his eyes like he would in a horror movie. The suspense was too much. Suddenly Destiny’s dark-brown skin began to crystallize unnaturally throughout her body, from her toes all the way up to her face. Robert jumped back on the couch, terrified. Her hair became bright and silky, and then an illuminating golden halo appeared floating a few inches above her head, followed by massive white feathery wings behind her, ascending past her shoulders. The delightful aroma that consumed the room after her transformation quickly turned his fear into joy.

   Just as he thought he had seen it all, his girlfriend transformed into what appeared to be a glorious angel, right before his eyes! This was not a dark secret. This was a secret filled with light. After the shock faded away, it was the most beautiful raw image Robert had ever laid his bare eyes on. It was humbling even to be in her presence. This most certainly explained his newfound abilities, but now it added many more questions.

   “How is this possible?” Robert asked bemused.

   “God gave me a second chance at life on earth to find love and to find a man worthy to accept his gift. I’m really glad I found you. I hope you will fully embrace the gift my father has offered you,” Destiny’s unique voice echoed as she spoke in her angelic form.

   “You’re the reason I was sick! Why didn’t you tell me?”

   “I was not allowed to. God wanted me to wait until you came to me.”

   Robert could not believe his eyes! He blinked a few times to exit this dream back into reality, but still the exquisite angel stood before him, and it was his girlfriend Destiny, whom he had been dating for over a month.

   “I could have died,” Robert said.

   “But you didn’t. Now you’re stronger than ever. Do you not appreciate your gift?” Destiny asked.

   “I do, but I don’t understand it why me?”

   “Because I love you you’re truly a genuine and loving person. You deserve this gift, do you not agree?”

   It was difficult to disagree. Destiny revealing herself as an angel was a feeling like none other. It made absolutely no sense. Touching her hands was as if they were made by a jeweler. She was incredibly beautiful before, now even more. He honestly knew for sure that he was far from worthy of being with a woman like this. He had a lot to work on in his life if he would ever make it to heaven as she obviously did.

   “What is the purpose of my powers?” Robert eventually asked.

   “Whatever you choose it be,” Destiny said.

   “What are you talking about? How did you become an angel?”

   “I cannot talk about it. My father does not permit me to, but you will find out in time. I just hope when you do, it does not force you to leave me.”

   How could Destiny ever think Robert would leave her? Especially now after she revealed herself as an angel. She was crazy!

   “I’m never going to leave you, Destiny. I hope you never leave me,” Robert said.

   Robert was lost in Destiny’s beauty. He could not understand why it was hard for him to fight tears. Usually he did not let his emotions overtake him. It was humbling to know that he finally found love, and it was with a heavenly creature.

   Suddenly, Destiny’s facial expression converted to horror. It was as if someone was telling her something that he could not hear.

   “What’s going on?” Robert asked.

   Destiny did not answer right away.

   “Robert, we have to go, now!” Destiny said.

   Her angel wings and halo then disappeared into thin air. Diamonds on her skin and white feathers dropped to the floor as she ran upstairs.

   “What’s happening?” Robert asked as she came back downstairs, with her shoes on.

   “Your mom is in danger. We have to move, now!” Destiny urged.

   Robert’s heart dropped hearing his mom was in danger. This was too much to absorb all at once, super abilities or not. “What are you talking about?” Robert asked.

   “I’ll tell you in the car. Let’s go!” Destiny said.

   Driving, Destiny pushed the accelerator the hardest she ever did, speeding through yellow lights, barely stopping at any stop signs. Hopefully, she would not get pulled over by a cop.

   “Carter is going to attempt to murder your mom,” Destiny said.

   “What? Why?” Robert asked, disturbed.

   “He has been demonically possessed. He’s not under his own control. We have to stop it from happening.”

   Demonically possessed? How could this be? This was his youngest brother. There was no way this could be real. Looking at her in her human form, Robert could not believe she was actually an angel.

   A few minutes later, Robert immediately ran out from the car door as soon as Destiny pulled up to his home. He ran onto the porch, hastily inserting his key into the door. When he swung open the two doors, he caught Carter heading up the steps with a knife in his hand. He stopped and turned, facing Robert briefly. His eyes were bloodshot red, and he had somewhat a monstrous appearance on his face, which was unusual.

   “Carter, what are you doing?” Robert asked.

   He did not want to hurt his youngest brother. He loved him dearly, but he clearly was not himself.

   Carter turned away to run up the steps. Robert ran after him and grabbed his legs as he reached the top step. Carter turned and began to stab at Robert. After two attempts, the knife became useless, bending at multiple angles. Robert then grabbed and restrained Carter, who fought as hard as he could to exit the clinch. Carter was stronger, now possessed by a demon, but Robert’s strength was still far superior. He did not want to, but he could crush his brother in his arms if he had to. Eventually, Destiny walked into the house as Robert pulled Carter back down to the bottom of the steps.

   “Robert, what are you doing to Carter?” Mom shouted from the top of the steps.

   Unfortunately, Robert did not know where to begin explaining.


Chapter 10