Face Maskculinity

Chapter 16: Chapter 10 Match Made In Hell



   The demonic spell Jinteen cast on Light Bulb turned the world into the devil’s playground. A strong indication was the intensity of the fire from the spirits within him. Indirectly, Jinteen felt he was responsible for the millions of brutal slayings that were occurring across the world. All the local newspapers on Long Island headlined with immoral homicides. Inside the papers were pages of stories with people losing their minds and committing violent acts against friends and family in the local area. Watching the news on network television was even worse. The most exciting part of it all was that the media did not yet have an answer to why these random killings were occurring. Why so many in one day? That was the big mystery. Soon they would find out, but it would be in epic fashion.

   Jinteen had successfully used social networking to spread a demonic virus to poison the millions of global Light Bulb users. This was the new epidemic. The world as everyone knew it was changing discreetly, and it was too late to stop it. He did not need the mainstream media to take control because of the greater power and precise impact of social media. It was inevitable for Eye for an Eye to take control over the United States government.

   Within a matter of days, he would have everything that he ever wanted, and it would not be possible without the guidance of Satan, his king, the leader of the underworld. Man could never obtain this kind of power from God.

   Yesterday, Jinteen encountered the flame of Satan, which informed him to visit hell by himself. He could not help but wonder why. Had he done something wrong? Up until this point, he had done everything Satan had instructed him to do.

   Jinteen already had on the Tie of Eternal Damnation as he began to dress more like a politician again since earning it from Satan. He allowed the tie to blaze as it burned his shirt off, then he closed his eyes so he would not accidentally place his eyes on Satan when he entered the chamber, and then he inhaled and exhaled slowly as he forced his hands to grip the core of the fiery tie. Instantly, he felt he was being sucked into the ground. The speed increased as if gravity was pulling him out of the sky. He had no control over his body sinking at an uncontrollable rate. Eventually, the fall began to slow down as he hit the ground, landing smoothly on one knee. The environment felt completely different from his room. He could feel the fierce dry air roasting his skin. Although he could not see, he felt that he was in hell.

   “Welcome, Jinteen,” Satan said.

   Satan’s sinister voice startled Jinteen to his bones. He put his other knee on the ground and completely bowed to his master.

   “Greetings, my lord,” Jinteen said.

   “Open your eyes,” Satan demanded.

   Jinteen was panic-stricken. He did not want to open his eyes and accidentally place his eyes upon Satan, risking his freedom of living on earth. He wanted to live out the mission of converting America over to Satanism. Hearing Satan’s voice, Jinteen sensed he was in front. Why was he asking Jinteen to open his eyes? Did he do something wrong? He was scared of the horrid image he would place his eyes upon once he opened them. Although he did want to see Satan’s appearance, it was chilling to think of what it would actually look like.

   “Open your eyes!” Satan demanded again.

   Jinteen immediately did as ordered, regretfully opening his eyes. Initially it felt as if his eyes would burn out, but the demons within him protected them from damage. He was puzzled as no one stood in front of him. He was tempted to turn around and observe the odd chamber to look for Satan, but he could not afford to give up his life on earth.

   Looking forward in Satan’s chamber, Jinteen could see a large pool of magma. Odd minuscule creatures travelled around on the floor near his feet, and random flames blasted through the holes along the walls. This was the strangest scenery he had ever seen. All of a sudden, he regretted being here alone without Sue.

   “What do you fear, Jinteen?” Satan asked.

   Instinctively, Jinteen wanted to turn to the devious voice behind him, but instead, he remained focused, staring forward.

   “Nothing,” Jinteen said, anxiously breathing.

   “Why do I sense fear, then?”

   Jinteen did not want to answer. He tried to control his breathing by taking in long and slow breaths.

   “Destiny is alive. She lives on earth now as an angel. Are you scared of angels?” Satan asked.

   Jinteen only took a second to digest the disturbing news Satan had informed him of: Destiny alive as an angel? Now it made perfect sense, the day she died a few years ago and how her deceased body vanished into a white dust. It was why when he smelled the dust, it caused a raging reaction from the demons inside him.

   “No,” Jinteen finally answered.

   How could this be? What was the purpose of her rebirth? How long had she been alive as an angel? He could feel Satan’s presence right behind him. It was immensely difficult not to give in, turn around, and place his eyes on the almighty deity. This was a moment when he wished that he were not in his own skin.

   “Do you dare confront an angel?” Satan asked.

   “Will the demons inside me cooperate in the presence of an angel?” Jinteen asked.

   “It’s up to you. Can you control your own demons in the presence of an angel? It will be beyond any pain you have ever experienced, but you can tame your own demons in the midst of a heavenly being.”

   It would be challenging, but if Jinteen was going to be the leader of this new satanic world order of the United States, he had to be able to stand up to any religion, or in this case, a heavenly being. As challenging as it might be, Jinteen was more curious than anything. It’d been years since seeing his ex-wife obviously, because he was under the impression that she was dead.

   “If it’s what you desire, then yes, I will go and meet Destiny. How has she been allowed to live again?” Jinteen asked, curious.

   “That is for you to find out. God is up to something with her.” A powerful eruption burst throughout the chamber, vibrating the ground. “Whatever it is, I want you to stop it. She has two forms: a human form and her angelic form. You can control her mind in her human form. In her angelic form, she may possess abilities beyond yours.”

   Destiny could never possess powers beyond him. She was a weak woman that he controlled since he met her, but Jinteen could not ignore the possible threat of her as an angel.

   “Should I bring Eye for an Eye with me?” Jinteen asked.

   “No, I want you to go alone. Do not tell them,” Satan ordered.

   Jinteen felt mildly uncomfortable that Satan wanted him to go alone and keep it from the others. It would be easy to keep it from Ken, Anthony, and Russell, but Sue would be a major problem because of her inquisitive nature.

   “Yes, master,” Jinteen finally said.

   All of a sudden, to Jinteen’s horror, a large atrocious beast exited from the pool of magma ahead of him. It was the most horrifying monster he had ever laid his eyes on, much more frightening than Death. He wanted to run, but at this point, there was nowhere to escape. The beast looked as if he wanted to consume his flesh and bones as it advanced toward him. Still, he had to focus on not looking at Satan and to keep his fear under control to prove to Satan that he had no fear. Fear is a weakness.

   Jinteen stood tall in front of the hideous monster, as it breathed heavily and drooled magma from its mouth.

   Suddenly, the Tie of Eternal Damnation began to blaze. As it did, the monstrous beast dissolved into orange particles the same tone as the magma that it drooled from its deformed mouth. The particles were then absorbed into the fiery tie. Jinteen did not want even to question Satan’s judgment slightly, but the question that lingered in his mind was why he would need a beast like this for an encounter with Destiny. Although Satan did say that her ability might be superior to Jinteen’s in her angelic form, he was pretty confident that he could catch her in her human form and trap her with his mind control. Perhaps it was better to be safe than sorry.

   “Angels are powerful. Be prepared. I was the best angel. I challenged God, and he kicked me out of the heavenly government,” The loud eruptions always surprised Jinteen. “I can still access heaven and earth, but hell is better! Prove to Destiny that I am more omnipotent than the creator. Prove to God that I am the ruler of his world! You only fear me!” Satan ranted as the eruptions were now deafening.

   What Jinteen had for Satan was beyond fear, and submissive respect. He was eager to encounter his beautiful ex-wife Destiny to see why she had been given life again.

   Being back on earth now was a breath of fresh air from the frightening visit to hell. Jinteen’s first task was entering the minds of each of his core members, offsetting the focus on his whereabouts, and focusing all their attentions on the building of the Eye for an Eye army. He hated to use his mind control ability on his core members, but he had no choice now. They could not know where he was going and his intentions, especially Sue.

   She tried very much to conceal it, but she was still insulted by the argument they had the other day, adding to the fact that she was always filled with jealous suspicion of him with other women. Jinteen did not care about her feelings at all. He did not ever owe her any explanation or apology. He was a god, and she should be happy that she was his main outlet for ejaculation.

   Russell was the only core member that briefly knew about Jinteen’s intention to visit Destiny, simply because Jinteen needed him to find out her location. She lived in a house in a residential area in Freeport, Long Island. After Russell found the address, Jinteen erased the thought from his mind.

   Heading east on the southern state parkway while driving Ken’s red Lamborghini, Jinteen could not help but think that Satan was holding information from him. Whatever it was, he was curious to find out how Destiny became an angel and what purpose she had on earth. Could it possibly have been to prevent him from spreading Satanism and gaining sovereignty over the United States? If it was, she was too late! The demonic spell was spreading throughout the world effectively on Light Bulb. In a matter of days, America would be governed by Eye for an Eye. The most powerful country in the world would be controlled by a Satanist, meaning that world domination would be inevitable. The entire world would then be forced to worship Satan and have only one religion.

   “Where are you going?” the female voice asked from the backseat of the car.

   Startled, Jinteen momentarily lost control of the vehicle going 90 mph. As he gained control, he pushed the brakes and pulled over to the shoulder of the parkway. He turned around and saw that it was Sue in the backseat.

   “What are you doing here?” Jinteen asked as he parked the car.

   “You didn’t even know I was here. I tricked you,” Sue said.

   This was indeed the first time Sue used her abilities to fool Jinteen. This was Sue’s duplication. He could not believe he did not notice her back there in such a tiny vehicle. It was much more difficult to read her duplicated mind, but he was able to access that she suspected he was going to see another woman, but she did not know he was going to see Destiny. He wanted to grab Sue by her hair and toss her out of the car. At this point, he did not care if it was into the middle of traffic.

   “Get the fuck out!” Jinteen demanded.

   “You can’t leave me here to get hit by car. Just tell me where you’re going,” Sue said.

   “Why did you follow me?”

   “You left without telling any of us. You may be able to fool the others, but you can’t fool me.”

   Jinteen grabbed Sue aggressively by her hair and used brute force to push her head into the crease of the seat. The demons inside assisted him.

   “I love it when you grab my hair like that!” Sue said when Jinteen picked her head up.

   He then angrily punched her in the face. Sue embraced the hit with a bloody smile. She looked to be aroused by Jinteen’s aggressiveness. It was her pleasure to get beaten this violently.

   “More!” Sue begged.

   Jinteen could not help how attracted he was to this side of Sue. It turned him on that she enjoyed when he beat her like this. He continued to pound her aggressively in the backseat of the car. Bruises appeared on her face and arms, but she enjoyed every second of it. Eventually, Jinteen grew tired of pounding away at Sue’s face. He actually felt bad that he was beating her so aggressively. Now he had to fight the burning demons inside him for his sympathy.

   Sue climbed to the front seat of the car, then on top of him as they kissed as passionately as ever. He could taste her blood mixed with saliva, but he did not care. She was amazing! She loved to have sex, and she knew exactly how to give the ultimate pleasure to every single nerve in his body. This was perhaps the most he had ever been turned on by her.

   “Where are you going?” Sue interjected.

   “Shut up!” Jinteen said as he continued to kiss Sue.

   “You’re going to see Destiny? I heard you and Russell talking about her.”

   “Destiny is dead! Do you not remember?”

   “I do remember the day she vanished into thin air.”

   “Exactly, so stop questioning me and get the fuck out!”

   “What could be so important that you left without telling any of us?”

   Jinteen grabbed Sue by the hair, opening the driver-side door. He was not interested in sex anymore. He then tried to force her out of the car, but she took control of the environment through her sexuality. There was the illusion that they were still in a tight space, but now more arm and leg space. There was no getting out unless he killed her or had sex with her.

   “What’s wrong with you, bitch?” Jinteen asked, grabbing Sue by the neck.

   “Tell me where you’re going, and I will let you go,” Sue said, gasping for air.

   It was completely out of the question. Jinteen looked her deep in the eyes and hated the sight of her, but he loved nothing more than to be inside her. He gave into the sex, angrily ripping her clothes off. She unzipped his pants, and gave him a quick blow job in the tight sex dimension. After maybe a minute, she climbed on top of him and gave him an amazing ride.

   Eventually, through the dim and invisible wall of Sue’s sexual dimension, a police car pulled up behind them as Sue was on top of Jinteen, just as he was beginning to enjoy himself.

   There was no way the officer would be able to get through to speak to them in Sue’s sexual world. Quickly, Jinteen reached his climax, pulling out and letting his semen fly wherever it landed. Most of it landed on her face and shoulders. She no longer had control over him now. As her sexual world vanished away, Jinteen fixed his pants and then rolled down the window to speak to the police officer.

   “Good afternoon, Officer,” Jinteen said.

   Reading the officer’s mind and looking into his eyes, Jinteen saw that he was possessed by his spell.

   “Demon Master Jinteen, how can I service you?” the officer asked.

   “Handcuff her and take her back home,” Jinteen ordered.

   “Yes, sir.”

   It was that simple. This police officer was a part of it and would do whatever Jinteen ordered him to do. The officer opened the car door and pulled Sue out with half her clothing ripped off, to handcuff her.

   “He’s much more aggressive than you. Think I might fuck him too!” Sue yelled.

   “Stop following me, you rotten bitch!” Jinteen demanded.

   Knowing Sue, this police officer was bound to have the most exciting time of his life. Jinteen did not care. He had something more important to deal with: an encounter with his ex-wife who somehow was now an angel. He was anxious to see her.

   “Anything else, sir?” the officer asked.

   “No, that will be it,” Jinteen said as he closed the door.

   Moments later, he merged off into the traffic. Around ten minutes later, Jinteen found Destiny’s house on the south side of Freeport. The house was an average-size two-story home, and it looked completely dark inside, like most of the houses in the neighborhood. It did not appear anybody was home. What made it obviously her house was the diverse variety of plants throughout the garden, just like how it was when they lived together. Gardening was definitely one of her more beloved hobbies.

   Jinteen parked the car across the street from her house. He wondered what he should do, wait or go inside? It was tempting to break into her house to investigate and find details of why and how she had become an angel, but it was probably best to stay inside for now. He wanted to surprise her. Timing was the key. Destiny loved to be surprised.

   Jinteen remembered his days married to her; no matter how intense the arguments with her were, a surprise gift or date was the way to make it all forgotten. It was a quick-fix alternative rather than admitting that he was wrong, which he never was. Destiny was too easy to fool. It was the main reason he fell in love with her; he could get away with almost anything with her.

   While sitting in the car waiting, Jinteen felt his phone vibrate. He pulled it from the strap on his belt and saw a text message from Ken.

   “President Orlando Freeney has been assassinated by his wife! It’s all over the news!!!” the text message read.

   It sent a chill throughout Jinteen’s flesh, but it was quickly overtaken by the natural burning. He could not believe what he was being informed of. He tuned the radio to the news station to see if it was true. The female news reporter was indeed in the middle of sharing the disturbing story as he found the station. Murdered by the First Lady? Jinteen thought about it. Charlene Freeney had to be a member of Light Bulb and affected by the spell as well.

   This was the spark that Eye for an Eye needed! Jinteen’s demonic spell infected the first family of The United States, causing death to the leader of the nation. All that was left to do was to walk right into the White House and take what was his. If it were not for Light Bulb, it would not be so easy to invade the nation’s capital. After the encounter with Destiny, he could not wait for the inevitable White House invasion to occur.


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