Face Maskculinity

Chapter 18: Chapter 12 In Satan We Trust



   The endless fire in Jinteen’s flesh was nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart. Destiny found a new love in Robert Smith. This had to be part of God’s plan, for Destiny to find a boyfriend to stop Jinteen. Robert was an exceptionally powerful man; there was no denying that. No ordinary man would be able to escape from Satan’s chamber and make it all the way out to the grand entrance, but unfortunately, this was where it ended for him. There was no way he could escape from the demon army he now faced. He was outnumbered drastically. Once they captured his soul, Jinteen would deliver him back to Satan. With Robert’s flesh on earth possessed, there would be no match for Eye for an Eye. Jinteen would use Robert as his personal weapon, a demonic guardian.

   Abruptly, Robert charged for the army, and one by one, he took them on. Jinteen watched as the demon spirits attacked him from all angles, but in the midst, Robert still looked to be in control of the battle. Jinteen could not deny that Robert’s combating skills were very impressive. He stood his ground. That was why Jinteen wanted no part of a fistfight with Robert. Even in his spirit form, he was able to beat down each demon as they advanced toward him. The knockout punches shattered their rocky structures. Jinteen could not stand the sight of it. Why did Satan not tell him about Robert from the very beginning so he would be prepared? Robert could have killed Jinteen if he did not use the Tie of Eternal Damnation to transport his soul to hell. No matter how hard Robert fought, he was trapped. Hell would be his new home.

   “Stop!” Jinteen ordered.

   He grew tired of watching Robert manhandle the army. All the demons immediately stopped attacking Robert. “Impressive, but you might as well give in because there is no escape from the abyss! You will remain here as a slave of Satan for eternity!”

   “I will not allow you or anything here to take me back inside!” Robert yelled.

   “Fool! You will be fighting for eternity, then, and I’ll live happily ever after with Destiny on earth!”

   Robert instinctively charged at Jinteen, slamming him into the abyss ground, then he began to send a barrage of fists to Jinteen’s head one after the other, rapidly. Robert was too strong. Jinteen could not break free from the beating he was receiving. How was he so powerful?

   Eventually, the demons around came to Jinteen’s aid by attacking Robert. Now he was back down on the floor where he was supposed to be, getting stomped on by multiple demons. Jinteen enjoyed the sight. He had to defeat Robert, or Satan’s wrath would be tempestuous for allowing Robert to escape. He would be a valuable soul for Satan once captured. With him on Satan’s side, there would be no chance of retaliation from God, even with Destiny as an angel. Robert’s strength was a true gift, like Jinteen’s abilities. Although he hated Robert for dating his ex-wife, he could not help but admire his great strength.

   To no surprise, Robert fought himself from the pile of demons, and then he began to gain ground and momentum. How long would he fight? It appeared his spirit would never become fatigued or give in. Jinteen could not use his mind control on Robert at all on earth or in hell! His mind was impenetrable. It was frustrating and amazing how he continued to fight through the demon guards as if they were nothing, attempting to make his way back to Jinteen. He was no match to stand up and fight with Robert. Jinteen’s bones trembled as Robert inched his way closer to him through battle.

   Suddenly, a blinding white light illuminated from far above. As Jinteen regained his sight, he saw graceful angel wings descending into the abyss. She was here! It was Destiny in her majestic angelic form. As she touched the ground, he could not help but be amazed by the beauteous image. His ex-wife was now an angel. It made him want her even more! The most exciting part of it all was that he could have her back, but he was curious to know whom she was here for.

   All battle halted.

   “Let him go!” Destiny demanded.

   Her voice had a unique echo that waved all the way back throughout the entrance gate of hell.

   “I can’t believe you came here for him instead of me,” Jinteen said.

   “Eric, an end will come to all the evil you have cast upon the world,” Destiny suggested.

   “You will address me as Jinteen! And how could you predict the end when it has hardly begun?”

   While lost in Destiny’s beauty, Jinteen felt hands on his shoulder. He turned around as Robert grabbed the back of his neck with both hands to knee him all the way up through his nose. Jinteen dropped to the ground as everything went blank.

   While being carried through the corridors of hell, Jinteen sporadically regained his sight as he was dazed, in and out of consciousness. Robert and Destiny must have escaped. Jinteen could still feel the pain around his nose from the knee Robert sent to his face.

   “Where are you taking me?” Jinteen asked.

   “Lord Satan has summoned you,” the demon guard said. “Remember, if you lay eyes on Lord Satan, you will not be permitted to leave.”

   At least Jinteen still had the opportunity to go back to earth, but he did not know what to expect as they carried him to Satan’s chamber.

   Inside the chamber, Jinteen kept his eyes open and focused directly in front of him, shutting off his peripheral vision. He was terrified, but he would not show it. He felt Satan’s almighty presence behind him, and it was not a positive feeling.

   “How did he escape?” Satan asked from behind.

   Jinteen was startled but kept his focus ahead of him.

   “He possesses supernatural ability, Lord Satan. You knew this and you did not tell me,” Jinteen said.

   “You dare question me? I made you powerful as well!” Satan yelled.

   Jinteen was knocked to the ground by a forceful blow from behind him. Before it was a beating by Robert, now it was a beating by Satan. Pain rang throughout every nerve in Jinteen’s body. Trying to regain his ground, the most important task for him was not to look at Satan, so Jinteen crawled around on the ground until he spotted the winged shadow. Then he turned in the opposite direction completely. Slowly and cautiously, he began to rise to his feet.

   “My apologies, master,” Jinteen humbly said.

   “I do not forgive! I punish! How did he escape?” Satan asked.

   Jinteen anticipated another blow, bracing himself, but he did not receive it.

   “She saved him,” Jinteen eventually said. “He fought off an army of demons, Lord Satan. He is a potential threat to—” From behind, Jinteen felt Satan’s unnatural hand clench around his neck, stopping him from finishing his words. The flame from his palms burned through Jinteen’s skin. He could not help but scream in agony.

   “Your world will be mine! You will steal it from God, beginning with the freest nation on earth. First thing when you get back on earth, I want you to take control over the White House! Once you gain control over the United States, I want you to find him! This time, not by yourself, but with Eye for an Eye, and bring him back to me!” Satan said as he finally released the grip.

   “Yes, master,” Jinteen said, grimacing in pain.

   No fear was mandatory for being the leader of Eye for an Eye, but it was difficult not to fear the power that Robert Smith possessed. The next time Jinteen encountered Robert, he would be more prepared and not disappoint Satan! One day, Jinteen would have Destiny again all for himself. It made him sick inside that she found someone else. Reading her mind in her human form, he learned basic details about Robert, since his mind was impenetrable. Jinteen also saw that she was happy with Robert. She thought the world of him, but he was nobody! How could she make such a vast downgrade from a congressman to a worthless momma’s boy? For now, Jinteen could not worry about Robert. He had to focus on America and gaining control over the federal government.

   Back on Earth, Jinteen held an immediate satanic ritual in his sanctuary basement. There was no time for play; he had to act right away. The sanctuary was filled to full capacity with at least fifty people, all possessed by a demon. As Death crawled around in the background, not one of the members displayed any fear. Russell had a crew of assistants set up cameras to record the ritual live for each of the Light Bulb members to watch on their electronic devices and computers at home or wherever they were. Secretly, this was the most viewed live event in the world.

   Eye for an Eye began with five people, but now because of Ken and his Light Bulb empire, there were millions of people across the globe under the demonic influence. Jinteen already passed his father’s success by creating a religion of his own. Now he was the king of the pulpit to Satanism. Tomorrow he would have everything he ever wanted—leadership of the United States of America and the transformation of a democratic republic into satanic tyranny. Soon, Lord Satan would be the ruler of mankind!

   “Tomorrow, Eye for an Eye goes public!” Jinteen projected into the microphone. “Tomorrow we will invade America’s capital and force all Americans to worship Satan! We will burn the American flag and dollar bill that declares trust in God, and create a new one converting to ‘In Satan we trust’! The world will no longer serve God or any other pathetic deity. All those who refuse to worship Satan will burn!” Uproar spread throughout the congregation.

   Viewing the television screens, Jinteen could see images of the millions of users rejoicing as well. This was incredible. Tomorrow, the United States of America would be the first country Eye for an Eye declared war against.

   Behind Jinteen, one of the Eye for an Eye guards carried an older man wearing a blindfold out onto the pulpit. The man’s arms and legs were tied up. Jinteen picked up a knife from his podium stand then walked over to the man to remove his blindfold. Jinteen read his mind and saw exactly why he was here. He was a pastor of a Pentecostal church nearby in the Glen Cove area. A man just like his father, on a smaller scale, who did not deserve to live! A perfect man to sacrifice and ignite the first fire for this satanic revolution against America!

   “This is a man of God! He’s not fit to live in our world!” Jinteen turned to the man on his knees with the knife clenched tightly in his grip. “You get one chance! Do you accept Satan as your master?”

   The man hesitated before he answered with tears of fear in his eyes. “I will never! Satan is a liar, and you people are sick!”

   Without any hesitation, Jinteen sent the knife into the man’s chest repeatedly. The more he stabbed the man, the more the congregation cheered. This was a triumphant feeling, taking the life of a man who was not worthy of living. This was only the beginning of the revolution, the beginning of the war against all who opposed and would not worship Satan!

   When Jinteen finished stabbing the man through his final seconds, he dragged the body off the pulpit into the center of the room and allowed Death to have a meal in front of the audience. Demon spirits entered Jinteen’s flesh as Death ate the deceased human body. Jinteen did not show his pain in front of the people that he now led because pain is a weakness. Robert Smith did not stand a chance against Jinteen and his Eye for an Eye army.

   The very next morning was the beginning of the Eye for an Eye invasion. Jinteen travelled to Washington, DC, with his core members by private jet. This was the most enjoyable flight of his life. Already, Jinteen received the luxury treatment of royalty. The flight attendants served elegant wines and champagne on the flight. Everyone except his core members honored him as High Demon Master. This was already far more exciting than his days as a congressman.

   After the hour-long flight, the jet was able to land comfortably at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, only a few miles away from the White House in Washington, DC. On the ground, there was an army of Eye for an Eye soldiers all in stylish uniform with a complete arsenal of weapons and gear, all ready for war against the United States of America.

   When Eye for an Eye exited the jet, Jinteen was saluted by his new soldiers and then escorted to the dark red limousine ahead. Lined up behind the limo were several trucks and vans filled with dozens of Eye for an Eye soldiers all possessed by his curse.

   “This is war! America will be Satan’s country!” Jinteen projected. The Eye for an Eye soldiers cheered as he entered the limousine.

   Driving through the streets of Washington, DC, the city looked as if it were already under attack. This was the modern-day war of 1812, the war of 2012, when Washington, DC, was attacked by a new breed of Satanists possessed by demons. Dead bodies, blood, gore, and guts were splattered throughout the streets. The opposition ran away from his soldiers in fear, but the Eye for an Eye army was astronomical. There was nowhere to run or hide. Either you were with Satan or you were put to your death.

   Eventually, turning onto Pennsylvania Avenue made this experience surreal. With the White House now in site, Jinteen’s heartbeat accelerated. The fierce burning from the demons inside ironically calmed his anxiety. The White House was minutes away, and nothing would stop him! It was inevitable! Eye for an Eye would rule the United States of America. Within minutes, this country would be governed by tyranny, and every single human being that lived in this country would be forced to worship Satan.

   “How long are you not going to speak to me?” Jinteen asked Sue.

   Sue turned to look at Jinteen. She opened her mouth to speak but changed her mind and closed her mouth. She was still upset at Jinteen’s disrespect toward her, but she was greatly impressed that they were moments away from entering the White House as the new leaders. For Ken, Anthony, and Russell, it might have been an exciting experience, but they were tech guys. For Jinteen and Sue, who were both representatives of Congress, in the back of their minds, they hoped to be elected to the highest office one day. Today they would uproot the democratic republic of America, burn the Constitution, and enter the highest office of the land unelected, by bloodshed and guidance from Satan.

   Pulling up to the south gate of the lawn, there was a line of Eye for an Eye soldiers awaiting their arrival. As the limousine drove through the semicircle driveway of the south portico, Jinteen was inspired by the sight of multiple dead Secret Service agents lying in a pool of their own blood.

   When the limousine finally parked, Jinteen was the first to exit, followed by Sue, Ken, Russell, then Anthony. This was the first time Eye for an Eye would be using their abilities together outside the sanctuary.

   Without one bullet fired, Jinteen was able to walk into the Diplomatic Reception Room of the executive residence with Eye for an Eye. He inhaled to take in a sweet breath of White House air. No breath would be sweeter once he made it through to the Oval Office. That was the point he would feel validated as the new satanic ruler of the United States of America.

   “We’re going to split up. Exterminate all those who will not bow to Satan! Russell, you take the East Wing. Anthony, you take the West Wing, and Ken, you stay here and clean up the executive residence. Once you’ve finished, we all meet in the Oval Office,” Jinteen said.

   Anthony and Russell took off in opposite directions, each leading Eye for an Eye soldiers. Jinteen watched as Ken transformed into a giant gorilla, then he lunged for the steps of the executive residence, followed by armed Eye for an Eye soldiers.

   Although Sue was still was not really on speaking terms with Jinteen, she was in good spirits. This was as glorious a moment to her as it was to him.

   Anthony led the way through the West Wing by using his power-absorption ability to absorb the gunshots and fire them back with his own blast.

   As they proceeded to the Oval Office, some Secret Service agents bowed, but most objected to Anthony. They were foolish. There was no match for the powers that Eye for an Eye possessed. Jinteen could distinctly feel and hear the explosions Russell erupted on the East Wing. Neither Jinteen nor Sue had to use their ability at all as Ken, Anthony, and Russell had the invasion under control.

   It did not take long for Anthony to clear the path to the Oval Office. This was a grand moment for Jinteen. He embraced it and briefly thanked his lord.

   “Satanism has reached the heart of America! Get me a cameraman. Quick!” Jinteen ordered the possessed Secret Service agent as he entered the Oval Office with Sue. He could not wait to decorate the room to his desire. Anthony continued the path cleaning out the hallways of the West Wing. “America is now ours. The world is next!” Jinteen said as he sat around the desk.

   Sue had that look on her face. He knew any moment it would come out.

   “We should fuck here,” Sue said.

   After a momentary stare, she supernaturally changed the Oval Office into her sex room. Jinteen walked over to her, complying with her needs. He could see it in her eyes. Sex in the top office of America was her ultimate euphoria.

   Moments later, while engaged in a blow job, Sue partially opened the sex world so the cameraman could record the live pornography on television for the whole world to see.

   “Record this!” Jinteen ordered as the cameraman set to focus on the live sexual action. “The United States of America now has a new leader.” Sue was distracting Jinteen’s thoughts with her impressive oral skills. “My name is Jinteen, and from this day forward, Americans will only serve Satan. All those who refuse will not be permitted to live!” His first nation address had to be put off for another time. Jinteen could no longer continue because Sue completely stole his attention.

   As simple as that, Jinteen was now the dictator of the United States of America. With Satanism, he managed to convert the great nation of democracy into one of tyranny. Thousands of Eye for an Eye members celebrated outside in the National Mall. Ladders were against the south end of the Washington Monument as they spray-painted it with the Eye for an Eye symbol. Heavy drugs and alcohol scattered throughout the complex as rebellious teenagers celebrated a new age of America propelled by Satanism. The White House was secure with Eye for an Eye soldiers throughout to prevent activities from getting out of control.

   Later on after the celebration, Jinteen gathered the core members of Eye for an Eye in the Oval Office; there was a lot to discuss. They needed to be aware of the potential threat of Robert and Destiny. He could no longer keep it concealed from them.

   “My ex-wife Destiny is alive, as an angel,” Jinteen said.

   Looking at each of their faces, he saw confusion.

   “You went to see her?” Sue eventually asked.

   “Yes,” Jinteen admitted.

   “You lied. How come you didn’t tell us you were going to see her?”

   It would not be Sue if she did not bring that up.

   “Satan ordered me to go alone, and ignorantly, I did not stop once to think that there might be a new guy in the picture.”

   “Why do you care that she has a new boyfriend? Are you still in love with her?”

   “Shut the fuck up! The reason I mention her boyfriend is because he possesses extraordinary, super ability just as we do, and he might be a potential threat to how we will change America.”

   Confusion grew on each of their faces.

   “What kind of ability does he have? Each of us has distinct powers of our own,” Ken said.

   “For one, I could not read his thoughts. Two, he’s an incredibly powerful man. I summoned a beast from hell to kill him, and he beheaded it. Then I transported his soul to hell, directly to Satan’s chamber, and he managed to escape with assistance from Destiny.”

   Each of the Eye for an Eye core members was astonished. They all shared the same thought. How could this have happened while none of them were aware? Jinteen himself was amazed by Robert’s almighty strength. He was not sorry for not informing them. Jinteen did not fear Robert but acknowledged that he was a vast threat to the new Eye for an Eye governed America.

   “If he is that much of a concern, let’s all go after him. He can’t beat all of us,” Sue finally said.

   Although Jinteen wanted to believe that was true, Robert Smith possessed exceptional physical strength and unnatural speed. It was still a mystery what all his special abilities were. Maybe Russell would be able to detect them once they encountered him, by using his power-sensing ability.

   “We don’t have to go for him. Let him come to us. I have a feeling he will. His heart is craving for revenge. We have the White House now. When he does come for us, we’ll be prepared! Russell, I want men guarding all our entrances and hallways at all times!” Jinteen demanded.

   “Yes, sir,” Russell said.

   Jinteen did not want to make a habit of going against Satan’s instructions, but he did not think it was a wise idea to go after Robert. It was better to let him come to them and walk into his death.

   “Where does he get his strength from?” Ken asked.

   “From God. Destiny is an angel. It has to be through her,” Jinteen said.

   It took a moment for all of them to absorb the actuality of Robert and his supreme strength.

   “What if he does not come to us?” Sue asked.

   “He will. Does it not make sense to you? She died fighting my spell. God gave her a second chance at life as an angel to find a man to defeat me, but they are too late! Our operation has already begun. We will invade every single neighborhood in this country. Door by door, we will find all those who refuse to worship Satan. We will gather them up and set up stadiums and arenas as execution chambers to exterminate them all. He’ll have no choice but to come here,” Jinteen said.

   Even though Robert did manhandle an army of demons by himself, he could not wait to see how he would do against an army of armed men. And even if he was fortunate enough to find a way by the army, he had his hands full with Ken, Russell, Anthony, and Sue. Jinteen now controlled the United States of America. He would not allow one man to take it from him, most certainly not Robert Smith.

   The next day after taking control over the White House, Jinteen flew back to New York with Sue and Russell. Ken and Anthony stayed at the White House in Washington, DC, to set up the home invasions and execution chambers throughout the nation. They went to Madison Square Garden to start the first of the arena execution chambers.

   There were ten possessed guards on stage with pistols in their hands. The seats in the arena were filled to capacity with diverse people—babies, children, teenagers, adults, disabled, and elders. Race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation did not matter. These were the citizens in the region who refused at their doors to worship Satan—no food or water until they elected to serve Satan. Most people would probably die in the seats of the arena from hunger, especially the children and babies. Jinteen had no pity for them.

   There were soldiers in each section who had more exotic firearms than those on the stage. It was a dazzling sight. Eventually, Jinteen grabbed the microphone as he stepped out onto the stage and cleared his throat before he spoke.

   “Today is a new day. Each of you has been offered the chance to accept Satan as your lord, and you have regrettably declined. You are weak and pathetic souls, but you will all receive the opportunity one last time. If you do not accept, you will be put to death. You simply do not deserve the honor to live in our new world. Let it begin!”

   Starting with the front section, people were lined up to the side of the stage. Ten people at a time were brought to the stage and asked the ultimatum question, “Do you choose to accept Satan as you master?” Answer yes, and you were allowed to live in the new satanic world. Answer no, and with one gunshot, their brains would be splattered on the stage floor. Parents made the decision for children too young to make it on their own.

   Would they choose to live for Satan, or choose to die for God?


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