Face Maskculinity

Chapter 20: Chapter 14 The Red House



   Within days of living in the White House, the nauseating color white was making Jinteen uneasy inside. It was on the third day since the invasion that he ordered the White House plastered inside and out with the blood of the Americans who would not give their lives to Satan, as well as all federal buildings, statues, and monuments.

   The blood was trucked in from arenas across America that produced the blood from the execution of the millions of Americans of faith. Jinteen expected the conversion of the White House to be fully complete within days.

   “The blood is leaving an awful odor,” Sue said to Jinteen, seated around the desk of the Oval Office.

   “Your nose is lying to you. This is not a foul odor—this is the smell of dead Christians. There is no better aroma!” Jinteen said.

   “I don’t want to smell dead Christians. If it was up to me, I would just burn them.”

   “Well, you don’t have to be here if you don’t like it. You can leave.”

   Without reading Sue’s mind, Jinteen knew that he triggered her and he was doomed for an earful.

   “I can leave? You have some nerve! I’m the reason you sit here! You need to respect me more!” Sue demanded.

   “If I didn’t respect you, you would not be here. But you know, it’s hard for me to think of what value you bring to Eye for an Eye besides your pussy,” Jinteen said.

   “My pussy is a lot more valuable than anything you bring to Eye for an Eye! That’s why I’ve been in your bed every night since we’ve been here, and I will be in your bed tonight again! You need my pussy! If it wasn’t for my pussy, you would have never met Satan!”

   Sue was right. Her sex was Jinteen’s inspiration. Every sexual encounter, she created a new experience that was as good as the last, if not better. He did not want to lose her sex, but he could not build her ego because he truly believed she offered no other value to Eye for an Eye, and her mouth was irking except for when she was giving a blow job.

   “I wish you could leave so I could think of something more important than your pussy,” Jinteen said.

   “Like what? I can help,” Sue said.

   “No you can’t. You give me a headache. Could you please just leave?”

   “Why don’t you trust me more? I helped you get here, and I can help you get further. Don’t forget, I was elected to the House of Representatives just like you!”

   Sue had a point, but from the moment Jinteen met her, he did not think she was the brightest. He agreed with a lot of her socialist ideologies, but he did not feel her message was electable anywhere in America except New York and California. America’s economic engine is capitalism, and it made this nation the richest in the world. Socialism historically has turned nations into poverty-stricken countries. Sue was a pretty face, and very well spoken, so people would listen, but she lacked the wisdom to see how much Americans that did not live in urban neighborhoods hated socialism. The objective for Jinteen if he had run for president was to present capitalism to the people, but smooth talk and, with his charm, pass socialist policies that would help the poor and uneducated, and tax the middle class out of existence and the rich. Jinteen felt having a black wife would help him with the minority vote, but Sue ruined that path. And at that time, he did not know that path was meant to be destroyed so he could find a better one.

   Now, Jinteen was the dictator of America, and he had more power than he would have if he was elected president of the United States. He would have no congressional oversight or the judicial branch assuring his policies were constitutional. Satan was his master and the only entity he had to answer to.

   “Now that I think about it, I can use you. How many duplicates can you make of yourself?” Jinteen asked.

   He already knew the answer, but he would make Sue feel important by not entering her mind.

   “The most I have duplicated so far is two. I struggle with controlling them all, but three of me can exist at once,” Sue answered.

   “Have you tested how far they can travel?” Jinteen asked.

   “Not really, but I don’t think distance would be an issue. The problem I have is when I lie. It’s like I’m already tangled in my own lies, and now I have two other duplicates’ lies to manage as well. It could get very complicated.”

   “OK, so right now, Eye for an Eye only has the United States. I want to attack the rest of the world before they can react to what we have done to America.”

   Sue took a moment to respond. She did not agree with Eric’s position on a world war yet. She had other plans.

   “Don’t you think we should go for Destiny and her boyfriend first? Don’t you think they are more of a threat than other nations attacking us right now?” Sue asked.

   “No, they are not threats. They will not be able to get to us. I don’t know all his powers, but it’s going to be impossible for him to get past our security without a bullet to his head, and let’s say he does make it past our security, he still has to deal with us,” Jinteen said.

   “I hear what you’re saying, but don’t you think we should go on the offensive and take him out so we don’t have to be looking over our shoulders?”

   “I think you should duplicate yourself twice and travel to Russia and China. Those are the two most powerful nations besides us, and they don’t have Light Bulb, so my spell had no effect there.”

   Sue took a moment to think. She sensed that Jinteen feared Robert and Destiny. She felt Jinteen was a coward, but she was also intrigued to see how he wanted to use her in China and Russia.

   “Once I duplicate myself and get into China and Russia, what’s next?” Sue asked.

   “I want you to seduce and deceive your way to the top. I want you to tell so many lies that it causes protest and war within those nations. I want you to tell so many lies that their leaders are assassinated by someone close to them. Do you see what I see?” Jinteen asked.

   “I do, and I am confident in my abilities to do what you ask of me, but I really think we should go after Robert—”

   “Stop!” Jinteen yelled, ending Sue’s statement. “Do not bring his name up again! If he wants me, he will come. If not, either way, he cannot stop us! Now go!”

   “You’re making a huge mistake with Destiny and her boyfriend. We can defeat them together, and—”

   “Sue, please go! I’ve had enough of you for the day!”

   Upset, Sue eventually stormed out of the Oval Office, leaving Jinteen alone. The last thought on her mind was that he was intimidated by Robert and Destiny. Sue was wrong, and when Robert decided to show up, she would see why Jinteen was the leader and why she should do everything he ordered without question.

   Robert was a threat as much as Jinteen did not want to admit it to Sue, but he would not show any fear, especially for a pathetic soul like Robert. The White House was just the tip of the iceberg for Eye for an Eye. Jinteen wanted to conquer every nation in the world, civilized and uncivilized. He dreamed of running the world under the guidance of Satan to prove to God and his deceased parents in heaven that he was a god on earth, and Lucifer was the light, not Jesus.

   Jinteen searched for Ken, Anthony, and Russell and found them in their favorite room since moving to the White House, the Situation Room. Sue was present as well, and she was running her big mouth as usual.

   “Our leader is a coward!” Sue was saying as Jinteen entered the room.

   Jinteen had so much rage bubbling inside of him. Without thinking, he balled up his fist and fiercely sent it through Sue’s face. She fell to the ground instantly, holding her face. It felt good letting out all his frustration on her.

   “Why don’t you shut the fuck up and do what I ordered you to do?” Jinteen demanded.

   “Fuck you, you pussy! You’re scared of Destiny’s boyfriend and you know it!” Sue yelled back, enraged.

   “Enough!” Ken yelled. “Sue, it is best to let Destiny and Robert come to us. Let them walk into our trap. Jinteen is our leader, and we must stand by the decisions he makes.”

   “Fuck that!”

   Eventually, Sue rose to her feet. Jinteen could read her mind, seeing that she wanted to retaliate, but he did not think she had the guts to actually hit him back. Catching his ego by surprise, she hooked him right under his left eye. Moments after he realized she punched him, he crossed his arm over his chest and back fisted her to the ground again. Anthony and Russell grabbed Jinteen as Ken picked an irate Sue off the ground and carried her out of the room.

   “Let go of me!” Jinteen demanded while shaking himself free. “That’s why women can’t lead! She wants us to walk into a trap, instead of us setting the trap! We have the leverage! We have the White House! He has no choice but to come to us!”

   “Don’t pay her any mind. You know she can be a bitch,” Russell said.

   It seemed like Sue went out of her way most of the time to get under Jinteen’s skin.

   “How are the neighborhood invasions going?” Jinteen asked, changing the subject.

   “They’re going well. Some houses are empty. Some people have escaped and are hiding,” Russell said.

   “Most likely Satanists like us. Let them hide. No clan is more powerful than us. Anyone we find on the streets we kill on the spot if they do not accept Satan as their lord! No one but our army is permitted on the streets of America!”

   Jinteen noticed Antony and Russell looking at each other awkwardly. He respected them not to freely enter their heads, but he would if he had to.

   “What’s that look?” Jinteen asked.

   “We did have one unusual incident,” Russell admitted.

   “What happened?”

   Russell stood and walked over to the touchscreen digital map of the world. Highlighted in orange was the United States of America. That was an indication that it was controlled by Eye for an Eye. There was a bright red circle that flashed over the Long Island area. Russell double-tapped on the flashing circle as it zoomed in.

   “This happened in Freeport, New York, on Barnes Avenue. Fifty-three of our men were injured by a masked unknown suspect. All the houses on the block are currently boarded up with wood,” Russell said.

   “We could use brute force to enter the houses, but we did not want to make that decision without you,” Anthony said.

   It took Jinteen a moment to absorb all the disturbing details. It was him, Robert Smith. It was good Sue was not around to hear this because she would have angered Jinteen more. A pounding headache beat throughout his brain.

   “Did my men not have guns?” Jinteen yelled.

   Anthony said, “They attempted to kill him, sir, but …”

   “But what?”

   Anthony sighed before he spoke. “They say bullets do not harm him.”

   This was a game changer. Jinteen was furious, but he could not really be too surprised about Robert surviving bullets because he did survive a battle with Jinteen that made it to hell and back. He had to find a way to stop Robert. The only possible way now, it appeared, was to deliver his soul to Satan.

   “Where is he now?” Jinteen asked.

   “We’re unsure,” Russell said.

   “Leave the families who have their houses boarded up alone for now. He can’t be too far. He has to be at her house.”

   This would have emboldened Sue. Now knowing that bullets do not harm Robert, Sue was right that they should go on the offensive to attack him. To harm Robert, Jinteen had to harm the people that Robert loved, and create tension between him and Destiny. But Jinteen’s ego wanted to stick to the original plan and wait for Robert and Destiny to come to him. Creating a new government for America was the primary focus. The second was world domination, and third was eliminating Robert and Destiny. The next time they encountered Robert, Jinteen would send his soul to hell with no escape.

   “What should we do?” Anthony asked.

   “He’ll come to us. When he does, prepare for battle. We’re most likely going to have to take him out ourselves. Hopefully, he doesn’t get past our security!” Jinteen said.

   In the evening, Jinteen made a live nationally televised appearance formally addressing the nation. There was a large crowd in the pressroom, all members of Eye for an Eye and all demonically possessed. Ken, Russell, Anthony, and Sue stood behind him on the stand.

   “I want all Americans to rid their homes of anything that represents God or any deity other than Satan. Atheists will be forced to worship Satan as well. Each home will be inspected, and if adversary evidence is found, you and your families will be executed on the spot. The freedom to leave your homes will be suspended temporarily while we convert this country into its new satanic form. All households will be formally ordered to submit their lives to Satan under the Eye for an Eye terms. Last but not least, tomorrow, Eye for an Eye will declare war on each country influenced by us. America will not be the only country that will turn to Satan. All countries will abide by the ruling of the prince of darkness!” Jinteen said.

   When he finished speaking, he walked away from the podium.

   Jinteen placed Ken in charge of foreign affairs mainly because of his multilingual ability. It was the easiest for him to interact with the foreign leaders.

   Two days after Jinteen’s address to the nation, Ken spoke with the leaders of major countries where citizens used the Light Bulb services, mainly European and South American countries. Not one country agreed to comply with Eye for an Eye and surrender their governments. They wanted to make it difficult! Satanic revolution would ignite in all of their countries just as it did here in the United States. Then when the time was right, Jinteen and Eye for an Eye would walk into the capital residence of their nations just as he walked into the White House.

   As days passed, Jinteen looked at the digital map in the Situation Room, and an orange light glowed over more of the top nations across the globe. Russell accessed live footage of the media coverage overseas televising the revolution. The images were filled with blood and gore, exactly how he liked it. In a matter of days, Eye for an Eye expanded their influence throughout the world. Jinteen was the most powerful man in the world, perhaps who ever lived. No man had ever created such a vast empire, and he did it without sending armies overseas. Instead, he stole the minds of the people, showing them that Satan offered them much more than God. Once he completely rid the world of Christians or anyone who did not worship Satan, the world would finally be godless, Satan reigning as the new prominent deity of mankind. After eliminating the threat of Robert Smith, Jinteen would focus on the invasion of isolated countries that were threats to America such as Iran and North Korea, or countries like Russia and China, which were not influenced by Light Bulb.

   In the midst of the success of Eye for an Eye, Jinteen and Sue kept their distance. She was upset at Jinteen for punching her in front of the others while being scared of Robert in her eyes. He honestly could not care less about her emotions or opinions. He wished she would get on board with the plan for China and Russia, but most importantly, he wanted to have sex with her, and he would not go one more night without it.

   “Sue, come sleep with me,” Jinteen said, knocking on the outside of her room door in the East Wing.

   “Why should I sleep with you when you treat me like shit?” Sue asked, not opening the door, her voice slightly muffled.

   “Because you’re a slut, and you will do exactly what I say.”

   Jinteen did not hear a response from Sue. He could read her mind from outside the door and see that she was insulted. Although most of the time, she was turned on by him disrespecting her that way, now was not one of those moments. Eventually, he decided to control her mind and force her to open the door.

   “Why are you holding out on me? It’s been almost a week since you gave me a blow job. Get on your knees!” Jinteen demanded.

   “You have no respect for me. I don’t appreciate the way you talk to me,” Sue said.

   “You should be honored I even talk to you. I could replace you with another bitch easily!”

   “That’s why you stand at my door, begging me to have sex with you. No one blows your mind like I do!”

   “Prove it.”

   Although Sue was still very upset at Jinteen, it would not stop her from proceeding. Deep down inside, she loved when Jinteen spoke to her this way. He did not have to control her mind anymore. She could not control how aroused she was.

   Eventually, Sue pulled him into the room and created a duplicate of herself right before his eyes, and then she converted the room into her own sex world.

   Both Sues got on their knees, unzipping Jinteen’s pants. One came to his face, kissing his lips; the other orally satisfied his erection. Sue could be a complete bitch at times, but she was an expert at sex, and for that alone, although he would never admit it, he needed her. She was worth dealing with. She knew how to please him better than any woman he had ever experienced. Now there were two of her!

   “If I conquer China and Russia, will you make me your queen?” the Sue at his lips asked.

   Sue’s blow job made it impossible to say no.

   “I will. Join her!” Jinteen ordered.

   Sue did as ordered and joined her duplicate on Jinteen’s erection, giving him an experience like none other.


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