Face Maskculinity

Chapter 21: Chapter 15 The Battle For America



   Robert was not certain exactly where his father was or if he was still alive, but this was more than about his dad, the priority was to stand up for God and the American constitution. Upon entering a bathroom of the Nassau Veteran Memorial Coliseum through the mirror portal, masked, Robert had built up anxiety inside. He paused a moment, inhaling and exhaling slowly to tame his nerves. Then he exploded out into the lobby in pursuit of his father.

   Within seconds, Robert was spotted by two armed guards. Immediately they pulled out their weapons, aiming at him.

   “Don’t move!” one yelled.

   Bulletproof or not, Robert would attempt to help his father in any emergency situation. So he sprinted to the guard on his right, fearlessly. Hesitantly, the guard fired his gun at Robert, who ran through the bullets and used his momentum to lift and slam the guard forcefully into the ground like a linebacker. The impact rippled through the floor, causing an earthquake effect.

   The guard on the opposite side continued to shoot at Robert. He picked up the weapon from the injured guard on the ground then charged at the opposing, swinging the weapon as a baseball bat through his jaw. Instant knockout!

   Eventually, Robert found an opening for the arena. He heard screams of horror coming from inside. It sounded as if the arena was full to capacity. The screams were then followed by a series of gunshots. One, two, three shots continued to be fired.

   Afraid of what he might see, Robert jogged through the arena entrance. Reaching the stage that looked to be set up for a concert, he could see why everyone was screaming. Multiple dead bodies were on the floor in blood. It was one of the most horrific sights he had ever seen in person. It was disturbing to see people face their death this way. He wanted to rescue as many people as he could, but in the back of his mind, he was hoping that his father was not one of the victims. Atop were multiple Eye for an Eye guards with handguns and a man wearing an all-red robe with a microphone in hand.

   “God will no longer exist in this world!” the man in the red robe said. His words echoed over the loudspeakers throughout the arena. “If you don’t accept Satan as your master, you have no place in this world!”

   Robert surveyed the arena seats. They were all filled diversely throughout. He did not know how many people the arena held, but it seemed to be thousands. It was way too many people to locate his short dad. There were thousands of innocent people in the seats who did not choose to surrender their lives to Satan. He would do whatever he had to do to help them all.

   “No!” Robert yelled, running out onto the stage.

   All eyes and weapons were suddenly shifted toward him.

   “Shoot him!” the man who held the microphone demanded.

   The guards fired away at Robert’s chest, emptying their rounds. He wanted to avoid the bullets hitting his face so they would not ruin his mask to keep his face concealed. He timed them for the perfect opportunity to take them out as they anxiously tried to reload. It did not take Robert very long to pound out all the guards one by one with his stone fist. It was as if they were fighting a stone structure and he was fighting pillows. They were no match for him.

   When Robert finished battling all the guards, he grabbed the microphone from the man in the red robe and shoved him off the stage.

   Suddenly, more guards from the stands ambushed the stage, firing their guns at Robert. Eventually, as they realized weapons were useless, they dropped them to engage in hand-to-hand combat. There were tens of guards, but Robert had no problem taking out all the guards quickly and effortlessly. The only problem he really had was the anxiety of performing this act in front of so many people, but he had the perfect stage for it, and this rush of adrenaline was like none other. Wearing a mask made it easier to cope with his stage fright.

   Robert could hear the audience cheering, appearing to be on his side. With so much adrenaline pumping, he became excited. This was his moment. When the last guard hit the ground, Robert clunked him in head with the back end of a rifle.

   As the adrenaline faded, Robert was the only man standing in the middle stage, in front of thousands of people. He remembered how his father used to preach on Sundays when he had his own ministry. The ministry was a much smaller congregation than this, but his father sincerely loved preaching the word of God to people, even if it was only up to ten people every Sunday. Robert did not intend on preaching the word of God to the frightened people, but he did want to inspire all those who did not want to bow down to Satan, no matter what religion they were. He would speak from his heart.

   Suddenly, another round of applause spread throughout the arena seats. It felt amazing to have so many people cheer although they could not see Robert’s face. He never felt anything like this. The best part of it was that no one would ever know who was behind the mask, except for his father. If Robert found him.

   Robert cleared his throat and raised the microphone to his mouth anxiously as the clapping faded away.

   “I am looking for a Errol Smith. Errol Smith, if you are in the arena, please come down to the stage. Errol Smith,” Robert said.

   He looked around the crowd in search for his dad, but there was no sign of him, which left Robert’s heart heavy. Still, he had to find the words to continue to speak to the crowd and inspire them to fight back against Jinteen’s evil.

   “Satan has declared war on mankind. He has gained control over the White House and plans to rid the world of all that will not worship him. I will not worship him—ever! We must fight, no matter your religion, no matter your ethnicity, no matter your beliefs, no matter your differences. We must stand together! Protect yourself from the enemy by any means necessary! Grab a weapon and fight back! Satan will not win!” Robert projected, tossing the microphone to the ground.

   Robert scanned the crowd one last time in search of his dad before he planned to go back to the mirror and get a more precise location on his dad, but eventually, Robert did spot a familiar short man walk down the steps of the arena, heading toward him. The closer his dad reached, the more Robert’s heart filled with joy. Mission accomplished!

   “Is that you, Robert?” Dad asked, walking on the stage.

   Robert did not answer. Instead, he embraced his dad as Robert was grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to see Dad again and take him to the new home, to meet his new girlfriend, Destiny.

   Dad could not know about the mirror world, so Robert exited with his dad through the front entrance, taking him on a flight to Destiny’s house. This was the first time he used this flight ability in the real world. It felt amazing soaring through the skies with his father, and he felt confident enough now that he would not lose control over himself.

   Minutes later, back in Freeport, Robert took off his mask when he landed with his father on Destiny’s front lawn. His father stared at him in a way that he never did before. It was like shock mixed with excitement. Robert did not know what to say.

   “What have you become?” Dad eventually asked, still in shock.

   “I’m still your son,” Robert said.

   “Robert, I saw them fire bullets at you. You just flew me in the clouds for miles. I don’t even know where we are. Where are we?”

   “We’re in Freeport. This is my girlfriend’s house. Her name is Destiny.”

   “How are you not dead?”

   “’Cause God has blessed me. I’m happy to see you, Dad.”

   “I’m happy to see you too, Robert, but I can’t believe what I just saw you do. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, and to know that it is my son …”

   Robert still could not believe it either. If only his father knew the whole story of him and Destiny. He hugged his father tighter than ever. He was not accustomed to displaying any affection with his father in the past, but he was glad that his father was still alive and he was able to rescue him. Hopefully, he inspired the people in the coliseum to fight back against the Eye for an Eye controlled government by any means necessary. It was up to him to cut off the head of the snake.

   “Please don’t mention anything to Mom. I really don’t want anyone else to know about my abilities. I took the chance of you knowing so I could rescue you,” Robert said.

   “Your mom and I haven’t spoken in years. You won’t have to worry about me telling her anything,” Dad said.

   “You’re going to see her now.”

   As Robert entered the house with his father, he could sense that Dad was uncomfortable with the fact that Mom was here. Hopefully, they did not still hate each other.

   It had been at least three years since the last time Mom and Dad spoke to each other. They were divorced at least five years. Robert remembered all the arguments that he had to stand in the middle of to defuse the last couple of years his father lived at the house, especially because he was the oldest. It was the worst time of his life. He knew his parents would not make it because they argued every day, which eventually forced Mom to have the sheriffs kick his father out of the house. It was unfortunate the level of anger his parents built toward each other, and it affected his outlook on relationships, women, and marriage.

   Robert would make sure no arguing would happen here in Destiny’s home.

   When Robert entered the living room with his dad, Mom ran to Robert and embraced him tightly.

   “Where were you? You know it’s dangerous out there!” Mom said.

   It was difficult to view the pain in her face as it appeared she had been crying for a while.

   “I had to help Dad. I’m sorry, but I’m fine,” Robert said.

   Mom pulled away from Robert, looking at the obvious.

   “Why do your clothes have so many holes? What happened to you?” Mom asked, alarmed.

   There was no way he could lie his way out of this, especially with his father standing right there as a witness.

   “I’m OK, Mom. I’m sorry, but I would do the same for you. Dad was in danger,” Robert said.

   Mom and Dad shared a brief pitiful gaze at each other, but no words of acknowledgment were exchanged.

   “I don’t want you going back out there! Even if it is for me, you hear me?” Mom asked.

   Mom was being overprotective and paranoid, which was common. She meant well, but often it hindered Robert from being the man he fully wanted to be. She obviously did not know the extraordinary ability that Robert had. Even if she did, it would not stop her from being overprotective.

   “If I have to, I will. I’ll be fine. I can’t allow any of this madness to continue! I can help stop it,” Robert answered.

   “You’re going to get yourself killed! I can’t handle it if anything else happens to my children,” Mom said.

   “I’m not a child anymore! As I said, Dad’s life was in danger! They can’t do anything to harm me! Even if they could, I would die knowing I did everything to protect you two!”

   Looking at Mom, he saw it was clearly hard for her to accept. But there is a time in every man’s life that he has to branch off and make his own decisions that he stands alone on, decisions that even his parents or spouse did not agree with, as long as he feels it is the right choice in his heart. He knew he was a man of good judgment, and he was confident that he could make the correct decisions to protect Destiny and his family. Defending his family was eminent, and he would do whatever was necessary to make sure they were all safe in this day and age where a man with no morals wanted to rid the world of all those who would not worship Satan. What kind of man was Robert if he stayed inside, knowing he had the ability to defeat Jinteen and end the curse that he cast upon the world?

   Moments later, Robert formally introduced his father to Destiny and then he greeted Ron. It took his father a moment, but eventually he realized someone was missing.

   “Where is Carter?” Dad finally asked.

   Robert did not want to be the one to deliver the disturbing news to his dad, but he knew that it most likely would have to be him. Ron kept his mouth closed, Mom looked in the opposite direction, and Destiny probably figured that it was not her position to inform his dad of the terrible news.

   “He’s demonically possessed,” Robert eventually said.

   He was not as sensitive as he was with his mother about the disturbing revelation. Dad was bedeviled as he eyed Mom in anger, searching for answers. Mom still faced the opposite direction with teary eyes.

   “How did this happen? Where is he?” Dad asked.

   “He’s in the basement with others who also have been possessed,” Robert said.

   Dad continued to stare at Mom in disgust. Robert remembered the same look from his father when he was a child. He looked as if he were ready to explode with words of anger. Hopefully, he would understand that Carter being possessed affected everyone in house, not just him.

   “How long has he been possessed?” Dad eventually asked.

   It was becoming too many questions now. The only reason he continued to answer them was because his father was owed an explanation.

   “A few days,” Robert answered.

   “And no one could tell me?” Dad asked.

   Nobody responded. Yes, his father should have been informed of Carter’s condition, and he had every reason to be upset, but at who? Mom was still bitter toward Dad and did not care to talk to him ever again, and with Ron, it was disturbing enough to think of, let alone share. Robert was willing to take the blame for it just so Dad would not to be upset at anyone else, especially Mom.

   “Roberta, why didn’t you call me and tell me what happened to our son?” Dad directly asked Mom before Robert could take the blame.

   Robert figured Mom would be the first Dad would blame, but it was not her fault at all.

   “Don’t start with me! If it was up to me alone, you would not hear at all!” Mom said defensively.

   “You’re the same evil woman I left! You will never change!”

   “You didn’t leave me! You did not want to sign the divorce papers, remember?”

   “Stop!” Robert interjected. The two surprisingly immediately went silent. He remembered the last few years of their marriage when they argued every day. It took much more than one word to silence them. “I am not interested in hearing you two argue ever again! Especially not here, so stop!”

   “It’s not me, it’s your father!” Mom said.

   “It’s the both of you! Instead of arguing, pray and ask God to help us!”

   Although dysfunctional, Robert found comfort in his family being safe. Carter was still strongly controlled by the demon but showed improvement. Robert finally had time to focus on the bigger task—Jinteen, and how he would end the evil curse he cast upon the millions of innocent people across the world, and save those who been transferred to these execution chambers.

   Infiltrating the White House under normal circumstances seemed to be impossible, but using the mirror world would get him exactly to where he needed to be. All he had to do was figure out a way to take out Jinteen. Perhaps it would have been best to avoid as many soldiers as possible.

   “Make sure he doesn’t touch you with his tie again. It’s what he used to transport your soul to hell,” Destiny said to Robert.

   They were in the bedroom together, alone. Robert was seated upright on the side where he slept, and Destiny lay out flat on her end.

   “So how do I defeat him?” Robert asked.

   “He’s an expert sorcerer as you saw, but there are ways you can defeat him. You have unique abilities that he cannot match. You have to find a way to use it against him, while avoiding his tie. And remember, it’s not just him, there are four others like him,” Destiny said.

   “How am I supposed to stop them all?”

   “God told me that he would give you a unique way to explore and master all your abilities. You have unique gifts. If you use it wisely, they stand no chance against you.”

   It was probably his reflection and the mirror world Destiny was referring to—the one secret he could keep from her. Hopefully, his reflection would help Robert come up with a strategy to take out Jinteen and Eye for an Eye. He was a bit scared, but there was no time for fear. Eye for an Eye ignited a satanic revolution not only in the States, but also across the world. Every second that he stalled, people were dying. Jinteen had occupied the White House for close to a week now. It was time to end his reign of terror.

   “I’m gonna go. Will you take care of my family?” Robert asked.

   “I will. Remember, if you allow his tie to touch you, he can take you to hell again, and it would put me in the position to have to come for you, possibly leaving your family in danger. Do your best to avoid it,” Destiny said.

   “I will.”

   “And you should tell your mom you’re leaving.”

   “No. She’s going to worry about me too much. She already has a lot of stress on her mind. I can’t make her worry any more.”

   Destiny took a moment to respond. “She knows about your super ability. I told her.”

   Robert was upset. He wished that Destiny had consulted with him before she exposed his secret. He would have preferred to keep his supernatural abilities from his mother. Now it was inevitable he would be approached with a list full of questions from her.

   “Why did you tell her?” Robert eventually asked.

   “God instructed me to. Plus, I feel she needs to know that you’re not senselessly putting yourself in danger. As you suggested, her worrying about you this way is not healthy for her,” Destiny said.

   Even though Robert wanted to be upset, Destiny was right. Mom did need to know that he had the ability to protect himself from weapons, and perhaps he had the ability to end Jinteen’s evil curse that he cast upon the world. Although at times it was so easy, he knew never to question God. He would have much preferred to keep his ability secret, but God chose otherwise. Plus, his father knew about his super abilities, so what was the purpose of keeping it from Mom?

   “So did you tell her about you?” Robert asked.

   “No, I’m not allowed to, but if the time comes and I have to protect them, I will.” Destiny said.

   Robert trusted Destiny that she would protect his family if the time came, and now felt comfortable with his mother knowing he had superhuman ability, but he was still not comfortable telling his mother that he was leaving the house again.

   “I’ll see my mother when I get back. Even though she knows about my powers, she’s still not going to want me to go. You could tell her where I have gone once I leave. If you do, tell her I love her too,” Robert said.

   “Do you love me?” Destiny asked.

   Robert still could not get over the kiss exchanged between Jinteen and Destiny. He honestly did not know what motivated him more: saving as many people as he could, or avenging himself for the disrespect that Jinteen displayed toward him with his girlfriend. Even if he used to be married to her, it did not give him the permission to kiss her as he pleased.

   “You know I love you,” Robert said.

   “You don’t show it anymore,” Destiny said.

   Destiny was right. The intimacy shared between them had not been the same since the incident with Jinteen a few days ago. The only time Robert had sex with her was the day before he became ill. It was frustrating making the transition from an ordinary man to a superhuman. Robert could never imagine the day when his life became so complex that he would lose focus on his relationship.

   “I’ve been busy, but I promise you after I take care of Jinteen, I’ll take you on a special date. Where do you want to go?” Robert asked.

   Destiny smiled. Robert was privileged to have a woman in his life whose smile could light up a room full of pitch darkness.

   “You could surprise me, but it’s not even about that. I feel you resent me now,” Destiny said.

   Robert moved over by Destiny’s side to where she laid her head.

   “I don’t resent you. I love you, I just have so much on my mind,” Robert said as he kissed her on the cheek.

   Destiny smiled. She was still the most beautiful being he had ever laid his eyes on. More incredible was that she was a celestial being. The most exciting part of it all was that she was his girlfriend.

   “A real kiss would be nice before you go,” Destiny said. Robert then moved in again, down toward Destiny to kiss her gentle lips. Every kiss with her felt like the first.

   “How was that?” Robert asked as he pulled away.

   “Amazing! I’ll be here waiting for you when you kill Eric. Then we could have a much-needed heart to heart,” Destiny said.

   Moments later, Robert entered the mirror world with his mask in hand. Oddly inside the mirror world, his reflection wore a shiny golden mask with a slight opening for his eyes and mouth, and golden gloves that were covered in colored diamonds.

   “You like it?” his reflection asked.

   “I do. Is this for me?” Robert asked.

   “It is,” his reflection said as he pulled off the mask, which turned into a glossy golden ball. “With this mask, you can communicate with me in your world and enter the mirror world by creating a mirror portal. With these gloves, I can control your hands in your world, which will drastically improve your instincts. You could absorb energy from guns and bombs, and you will be able to walk right up to Jinteen and grab his tie right off his neck without it sending you to hell.”

   His reflection unnaturally inserted each gloved hand into the golden ball, then pulled out his bare hands. The golden ball grew in size. His reflection then tossed the golden ball to Robert. It was an unusual texture to grab: firm but squeezable like clay, and silky and golden throughout. It was so glossy and bright that Robert could see a slight reflection of himself. Holding this object in his hand was empowering.

   “Wow! This is a game changer. I guess I won’t need this ski mask no more,” Robert said.

   “At first I didn’t really agree with the whole mask thing, but now I see how it could benefit the two of us. I get to have fun in your world by helping you defeat your greatest enemies, while you look like a million bucks! Put it around your neck,” his reflection said.

   Robert then held the golden ball with both hands and pinched it apart, while moving it up his neck to connect around the back. Within seconds of the connection, a golden chain formed around his neck, with a golden emblem of planet Earth with a crown on the top. There was a variety of mixed diamond colors to fit the design of earth and the crown. Robert did not know what to think.

   “What is this?” Robert asked.

   “It’s a chain,” his reflection said.

   “I know, but what does it mean?”

   “It means you are the king of the world. You are your own man, with your own thoughts. You don’t value power and control like Jinteen. You are a servant of God, and you value love and compassion over everything!”

   Robert’s ego was not that large to view himself as the king of the world, although he knew he had the power, but he loved the way his reflection put it. Life was not about controlling people and the world like Jinteen’s desires. For Robert, life was about being righteous himself, and hopefully, by achieving righteousness, he would inspire others to do the same. Robert now had to embrace leadership more than ever, as his main objective was to serve God and humanity.

   “This is nice. I’m not much of a jewelry guy, though,” Robert said.

   “You are now,” his reflection said.

   Moments later, Robert with his new mask and gloves on exited to the hallway in the West Wing, where nobody was around at first. This was his first time ever in the White House. It was unfortunate he was here under these terms. Oddly, the walls inside had a strange reddish tone, and the hallways had a stench of death.

   Sneaking his way around the hallway, Robert encountered two armed Eye for an Eye guards. They ordered him to stop, but Robert continued to advance as they eventually fired their guns. With his glove, Robert caught all the bullets and sent them back at their limbs as the guards collapsed and screamed out in pain.

   Robert walked past them on the floor to head for the Oval Office door. As he opened the door, Jinteen was there with the four others seated around the desk, just as his reflection said: three males and a female. The four stood up in defense for Jinteen as he remained in his chair, with a devilish grin on his face.

   “A masked man is a coward. Reveal yourself,” Jinteen said.

   “You know who I am!” Robert said.

   “Robert Smith, I’m impressed! I didn’t think you had the guts for round two. How did you get in?”

   “Enough talking. You possessed millions of innocent people around the world, including my brother! You persecuted people who do not have a desire like you to worship Satan, including my father, and you made out with my girlfriend in front of me! There are no words left for me and you to exchange. Stand up and fight me!”

   The woman turned to Jinteen, angered. “Is that true?” she asked.

   “Not now, Sue!” Jinteen yelled.

   “Fuck you!” Sue said, exiting the room.

   Now it was only four against one. Not that he intended to place his fist on the woman, but hopefully, the task ahead would be less challenging.

   “That bitch! I swear!” Jinteen said, enraged as his tie blazed off his shirt. “Destiny is mine! Just because you’re in the picture now doesn’t mean she no longer craves for me! This world is mine, and your bitch is mine too! Get over it!”

   Robert ran full speed, heading for Jinteen, but the three men were in the way. He ducked, avoiding a punch from one, grabbed him by the leg, pulled him off his feet, and swung him into the other man, who oddly looked to be transforming into a giant bear. The third seemed to have the ability to make his own movements super fast and Robert’s super slow. So it was difficult to lay one punch on him or grab him.

   Out of the corner of his eye, Robert could see the kind of man Jinteen was. He stood in the background and cheered on his men as they fought for him. Clearly, he had no intention of being in this battle.

   The bear attacked Robert from the back with fierce powerful hammer fists, but he felt no pain, just the impact. When he turned to counterattack the bear, it was already in suffering over its broken limb. The more force they hit him with, the more damage they did to themselves.

   All of a sudden, out of thin air, Robert began to feel attacks that he could not see. He looked around and noticed that one of them was indeed missing. He tried to focus in on the pattern of the weak invisible punches.

   “I got this,” his reflection said through the mask.

   The gloves then grabbed the neck of the man in the clear invisible air, and then it pulled the neck down as Robert sent a knee straight to the nose. The raw image of the man began to appear on the floor, with a bloody nose, in pain.

   Jinteen still stood far away from battle, with his fiery tie, and he had the nerve to call Robert a coward. There was one man other than him standing. Robert ran to him, but as he did, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. It seemed he was running on a high-level treadmill, but Robert began to sprint faster and harder. Eventually, he did reach the man, but to Robert’s complete surprise, an explosion set off. It stunned him momentarily as the flames mildly roasted his skin. Suddenly, the diamonds in his gloves illuminated as the flames from the explosion absorbed into his gloves.

   “Whoa!” his reflection yelled. “This feels good!”

   The more the gloves absorbed the energy from the explosion, the more the body of the man who ignited the explosion began to reform. Then he remained on the ground, appearing to be completely fatigued.

   Now it was only Robert and Jinteen left standing. He backed up into the wall by the window, in fear of Robert. Jinteen opened his mouth to speak, but before any words came out, Robert grabbed the fiery tie with a glove, and ripped it from his neck, tossing it to the opposite side of the room. He then punched Jinteen in the face and squeezed him tightly around the neck with a dual grip, squeezing air out of the lungs. Jinteen dropped to his knees, gasping for air.

   “Be ready. We’re going to use the explosion you absorbed to blow up his head,” his reflection said.

   “OK,” Robert said.

   Suddenly, Robert felt a sharp object stab him in his back. He let go of Jinteen to deliver a back fist, but he quickly changed his mind when he saw that it was the woman, Sue. He had to stop the momentum generated from the glove. He could not lay her out as he did to the others. She was a woman. Robert was the kind of man that believed under any circumstances, a man was never to physically strike a woman. He grabbed the knife from her, bent it back in a straight line, and used it to stab Jinteen in the right shoulder. He yelled out in excruciating pain.

   “You’re my kind of man. Put your cock inside me!” Sue said, seemingly impressed by Robert.

   He ignored her words, dragging her by her hair over to the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. that was altered with devil horns.

   “Do not move, or I will hurt you!” Robert commanded.

   “Yes, daddy!” Sue said, seeming to be turned on.

   As Robert walked back over to Jinteen, there was a black snake slithering his way toward Jinteen.

   “That’s his tie, you have to stop it before it gets to him,” his reflection said.

   “That’s a snake. I’m not going anywhere near that,” Robert said.

   “The snake can’t harm you!”

   But it was too late. Before Robert could even think of overcoming his fear of the black snake, Jinteen grabbed it as the snake blazed in his hand.

   “You won this battle, but Satan will win the war, and Destiny will worship my cock when I deliver your soul to him!” Jinteen said as he vanished into the flames of the fiery tie.

   “He got away,” his reflection said in the mask.

   Robert was disappointed in himself. If he did not fear snakes, Jinteen would be dead.

   “Where did he go?” Robert eventually asked.

   “Back to hell,” his reflection said.

   “Well, at least he’s out of the White House now.”

   “Yeah, but the demonic spell he cast on your brother and hundreds of millions of others won’t be terminated unless you kill him.”

   While Robert reflected on his failed opportunity, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

   “I want your cock!” Sue demanded.

   “That’s not happening. I’m going to kill your leader and end Eye for an Eye. You can’t want me,” Robert said.

   “Jinteen is a coward, but you are a true man. Stick your cock inside me, please!”

   Robert never had a woman beg to have sex with him the way Sue did. She was immensely beautiful, but there was something more about her that made her appealing. Visions of her nude began to plague his mind. This never happened to his mind just by the simple sight of a woman. It was strange. He did not know how this was happening.

   “No, thank you,” Robert said, shaking the visuals out of his head.

   “I could have you right now if I wanted,” Sue said.

   “When will you see Jinteen again?”

   “Fuck me, and I’ll tell you.”

   Before Destiny, Robert would have sex with Sue in a heartbeat, but it was wrong, especially now being with Destiny. Plus, this was not the time or place for that. It was hard to ignore the fact that she was a demon like Jinteen.

   “You’re lucky you’re a woman. When you see him, tell him I will find him and hurt him,” Robert said.

   “Will you hurt my pussy too?” Sue asked.

   Robert could not control his erection from bulging through his pants. He tried to conceal it as he shook his head and turned away, leaving her in the Oval Office.


Chapter 16