Face Maskculinity

Chapter 22: Chapter 16 A Tooth For A Tooth



   Hell was the only place Jinteen could hide from Robert’s omnipotence. Underestimating Robert’s power and ability almost cost Jinteen his life. Not only was Jinteen’s armed security no match for Robert, but he also defeated the core members of Eye for an Eye with ease. Jinteen would never admit this to Sue, but if it were not for her distracting Robert, Jinteen would be dead.

   In hell, Satan took out his rage on Jinteen with a brutal beating. The most challenging part of the pounding was not the intense pain. It was that Jinteen had to concentrate on not placing his eyes upon Satan. Perhaps this was not the wisest of decisions after all, to travel to hell, but Jinteen had no choice. He had to escape Earth, or Robert would kill him.

   “How did he get past your security?” Satan asked.

   “I don’t know,” Jinteen answered as he could barely speak, suffering from the beating.

   Jinteen did hear brief gunfire, and light commotion, but there was no strong warning or indication that Robert was on his way to the Oval Office, or even entered the White House. He had to have some special ability to get him inside the White House. What was it? Jinteen had a feeling Satan knew, but he would not dare to question it. He wanted to avoid as much of this brutal punishment as possible.

   “Do you fear him?” Satan asked.

   “No. I only fear you, Lord Satan,” Jinteen said.

   Through a long silence and roasting of his skin, Jinteen did not know what to expect next. Every step of Satan jolted a surge of fear inside of Jinteen’s heart. It was like being surrounded by a pride of lions ready to devour him.

   “I want your security to be airtight! An armed man at your side at all times, even when you sleep! You understand me?” Satan asked.

   “Yes, master, but weapons do not penetrate his skin. That has to be one of the ways he was able to get to us,” Jinteen suggested.

   There was a brief and deafening silence.

   “Sue is the key to deliver me Robert’s soul,” Satin said.

   Jinteen did not initially understand how Sue was the key to defeating Robert. Then it hit Jinteen like an explosion. Satan was referring to her sexual ability. Ken, Anthony, Russell, and Jinteen’s abilities were not effective against Robert. Deep down inside, Jinteen did not like the idea of Sue sharing herself with his enemy. It was already a dagger to the gut, knowing that Destiny found a new love in Robert. Sue using her sexual ability on Robert would twist and dig the dagger deeper.

   “How will they kill him?” Jinteen asked.

   “They won’t. You will deliver his soul to me. Sue will use her powers to distract him long enough for the others to kidnap his family,” Satan said.

   “The others? Do I go with them?”

   “No, you stay back. He is after you. So I want him to come for you in an emotional state, knowing that you have his family, and I want him worried that you could do anything to them that you please. I want the fight to be sucked out of him before he arrives, and I want him to give me his soul to save them.”

   It was the perfect plan, perhaps a plan that he most likely would have never discovered on his own. Even if he did, he would not give in to the idea. Robert would have no choice but to come to Jinteen’s home in Glen Cove. Only this time, it would not be to fight; it would be to bow. He would not fail Satan this time in capturing Robert’s soul. It did bother Jinteen that Sue would have to sleep with Robert for it to work, but the more he dwelled on it, the less he cared about it. She was a whore. Sex was her specialty. In fact, it was the only thing that she was good at.

   “What about Destiny?” Jinteen asked.

   “As long as you don’t harm any of his family, she won’t take action. She does not want to take the risk of them knowing she’s an angel,” Satan said.

   It was difficult for Jinteen to erase doubt from his mind. He could not make the same mistake of underestimating Robert’s abilities.

   “What about Robert? He walked right to me and ripped the Tie of Eternal Damnation from my neck. How can I capture his soul?” Jinteen asked.

   “Face me!” Satan demanded.

   Fear rang throughout Jinteen’s body. He did not want to face Satan, but he would not be disobedient to his master. Without another thought, he turned to face the almighty deity. The image ahead was nothing that he could ever imagine. Slithering toward Jinteen was an ominous three-headed black snake with flames blowing from their mouths.

   “If he wants a fight, he will get it.” Jinteen was bewildered to hear Satan’s sinister voice from behind as he tumbled to a knee. “This is the serpent pitchfork. Pick it up.”

   With very little hesitation, Jinteen grabbed the snake below its head and held it upright and parallel to himself. As he held the snake in his hand, the frame hardened stiff along with the heads.

   “He has fears you will exploit. You have no fears but me! Do not fail me, or I will punish you,” Satan threatened.

   Although Jinteen could not read Robert’s mind, he noticed how he responded to the snake in the Oval Office, so Jinteen was confident that Robert would bow in fear once he encountered the serpent pitchfork.

   Jinteen’s motivation was not just to stop Robert because he was a potential threat to the Eye for an Eye world order, but more for his true love, Destiny. In the end, Jinteen wanted her for himself again. He missed her. He needed her in his life. This time, it would be an ideal companionship, an angel with a demon, the way a royal romance should truly be. Although Destiny surely would not want the same, the spell still controlled her in her human form. As long as he could control her mind and prevent her from transforming into her angelic form, he could force her back to being with him again. He would then show Sue what a queen really was.

   The day after the incident with Robert at the White House, the core members of Eye for an Eye met at Jinteen’s home in Glen Cove. Looking in their faces, he could see disappointment in their eyes. Reading their minds, he saw that they lost trust and respect in him as their leader, especially Sue. She played a major role in convincing them that Jinteen was frightened of Robert. They could believe whatever they wanted, but Jinteen was the one Robert was after, not them.

   “Let’s put all our feelings out on the table. Why are you all upset at me?” Jinteen asked.

   They all had the same answer, but only one of them was bold enough to say it.

   “Because you’re a fucking coward—that’s why. You didn’t throw one punch against him,” Sue said.

   It had to be Sue, Jinteen thought.

   “I cannot beat him in a fistfight, I know that. You know that. His strength is superior to all our powers combined, and I’m the one he’s after! Call me whatever you want, but I am a fool to engage in a fistfight with him!” Jinteen said.

   “Yeah, but you have no problem beating the shit out of me and feeling no remorse! You are a sorry excuse for a man. How can you be our leader? I can’t wait until he kills you!” Sue coldly said.

   Jinteen wanted to bash Sue’s brain in this very moment, but that would only prove her point. He needed to control himself; he did not want them to see him angry. He did not feel he owed them an apology. Even if he did, an apology would not solve anything. If Robert did get to Jinteen, the curse would be over, and Eye for an Eye would be no more. He could understand Sue not getting it because she was a woman who thought with her vagina first, but Ken, Russell, and Anthony had to understand that Jinteen was the target, and they all had to think collectively ahead of Robert to defeat him.

   “Since everyone here is mad at the leader, why don’t you each tell me what you would have done if you were in my shoes?” Jinteen asked.

   “Throw a punch. Not stand around in the background and watch everyone else fight. Even I tried to kill him,” Sue said.

   Jinteen bit his tongue as the demons began to combust inside of him.

   “He is our leader, Sue. Robert is after Jinteen. We must protect him,” Ken said.

   “Don’t defend him! He is our leader, but a real leader does not stand around and watch others fight his own personal battles! He leads us by example!” Sue said.

   It was difficult to control his demons’ rage from bashing Sue’s teeth inside her mouth, but he held his composure. Why did she always have to be the only one out of the Eye for an Eye core members to question his authority? Even though she was right, he would not let her win this battle.

   “What kind of woman fucked everybody in this room and wants to be looked at as a queen? You are not royalty like me! You belong in the trash!” Jinteen countered.

   Sue did not show that she was insulted, but reading her mind, he knew she felt completely disrespected. She had feelings for Jinteen as more than just a sexual partner. He knew he was one of the few people in the world that could insult her by words. Hopefully, now she would learn that it was best to keep her mouth shut more often and not question any of his decisions. She was a typical absent-minded woman who clearly lacked leadership skills, and her mouth was only good for a blow job.

   “Guess what? I’m going to fuck him too! I could have done it in the White House, but I wanted to tell you first before I do it!” Sue ranted.

   Sue was sickening. She had not even seen Robert’s face, yet she still fantasized about him. Unfortunately, that was perhaps the only way to stop him: to have Sue work her sexual ability on him.

   “While she’s busy being a whore, I want you guys to kidnap his family,” Jinteen said to Ken and the others. “Bring an army with you.”

   “We don’t need an army. My pussy is more powerful than an army,” Sue said, twisting and digging the dagger deeper.

   The demons inside of Jinteen were ready to explode out of his body.

   “What about your ex-wife? Couldn’t she harm us?” Ken asked, bringing Jinteen’s focus back to the task.

   “She could, but she’s not going to transform into her angelic form in front of his family. She doesn’t want them to know she’s an angel,” Jinteen assured them.

   “I’m not scared of that bitch anyway. Nothing is stopping me from having him,” Sue said.

   “You could have him, nobody cares! I’ll make Destiny my queen instead of you, you slut! You’ll never receive cock as grand as mine!”

   Sue did not care what Jinteen was saying. She was occupied with the thought of Robert inside her. She was going to enjoy it so much just to spite Jinteen. She won this round, but after he lured Robert into the house, he would capture his soul and deliver it to Satan. Then he would make Robert bow, on his knees. After that, she could make her decision on which man she preferred to be with, the king or his servant.

   As much as Jinteen hated to admit, it bothered him that Sue was going to have sex with Robert, and she looked forward to enjoying it. To take his mind away from it, he fully focused on establishing a new world order. He spent the rest of the evening with Ken on a conference call with his newly appointed Eye for an Eye leaders across the globe. The Eye for an Eye revolution was at its peak throughout the world. Millions of Christians, people of faith, and non-Satanic worshipers were being executed. Just as in the United States, he ordered his leaders to use arenas and stadiums as execution chambers to eliminate all those who refused to worship Satan. When the time was right, he would capture all the smaller nations around the globe that might not have been affected by the Light Bulb curse, to complete the manifestation of Eye for an Eye, but only when the time was right, when Robert was no longer a threat and he was under Jinteen’s control.

   After the conference with his nations, Jinteen spent a great deal of the day drinking whiskey. He wanted to take his mind off Sue, but it was difficult. Did he feel something for her more than sex? Maybe he did, but he would never admit it even if Satan ordered him to. There was no woman like Sue. Her sex was a great source of his power. He would have loved to start the day and end the day with it every single day. For the first time since knowing Sue, it bothered Jinteen that she was going to sleep with another man and enjoy it, and it did not help that it was Robert Smith, his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. What made him so special? He would now have slept with both Destiny and Sue, his leftovers.

   The core members of Eye for an Eye would be leaving in the morning to kidnap Robert’s family. Jinteen privately held a meeting with Ken to discuss his frustrations with Sue. Jinteen was still highly intoxicated, and there was an unusual burning sensation from the possessing spirits inside of him. They seemed to enjoy the alcohol as well.

   “You know, out of all my leaders, you are the one I trust the most,” Jinteen said.

   A momentary silence filled the air as Ken tried to think out Jinteen’s motives for this meeting. But Ken was smart enough not to overthink because he knew Jinteen was in his head.

   “I appreciate that, sir. It is a privilege to be a high-ranking member of Eye for an Eye,” Ken said, nodding his head in respect toward Jinteen.

   “You know I value your opinion more than any of the others. So tell me, how do you feel about me as a leader?”

   Jinteen knew the answer the second Ken thought of it. He was a good leader in Ken’s eyes, but just with Sue and the others, he wished that Jinteen had fought against Robert with them in the White House. At the same time, Ken understood why Jinteen did not fight. Ultimately, Ken was not upset at Jinteen for excluding himself from the battle with Robert.

   “You are the best leader out of any of us,” Ken finally said.

   “If I do something you disapprove of, would you tell me?” Jinteen asked.


   “What do you feel about the way I treat Sue?”

   Ken took a moment to answer. Jinteen knew that Ken did not want to get involved in his affairs with Sue. Ken did not understand why Jinteen was even asking him about Sue when Ken, Russell, and Anthony all had sex with her at the same time. It was awkward for Ken to talk about.

   “As long as it doesn’t interfere with Eye for an Eye, it doesn’t bother me. I do think you two have a lot of issues that need to be resolved,” Ken finally answered.

   “Like what?” Jinteen asked.

   “I won’t get into it. It’s none of my business. All I’m going to say is that you two enjoy each other a lot more than you think you do. You could show each other more respect.”

   It was true. Jinteen did like Sue a lot more than he should have. How could he have allowed her to enter his heart all of a sudden when he successfully kept it away from her for so many years?

   “She does not deserve respect. She’s trash. Sue will enjoy fucking Robert, and I can’t stand it!” Jinteen said as he banged his fist into the nearby wall.

   “Why do you care? No disrespect, but we all fucked her. She’s not the kind of woman you allow to reside in your heart, you know that. It’s just sex. Don’t be attached to her,” Ken said.

   It sounded good, but it was too late not to be attached now. Jinteen could not stand the thought of her having sex with his enemy. Even though it was part of the plan to stop Robert, Jinteen hated Sue even more now.

   “If I killed her, would you have a problem with it?” Jinteen coldly asked.

   Ken was aghast at Jinteen’s question. Reading Ken’s mind, Jinteen could see that he was not fond of the idea at all.

   “Are you serious? Why would you want to kill her?” Ken eventually asked.

   “She is a distraction. She is too high-ranking a member of Eye for an Eye. Women aren’t meant to be leaders. Women are just to do as we say and keep silent! She has too much power in this organization,” Jinteen said.

   “But kill her? That’s a bit outrageous. Why don’t the two of you sit down privately and settle your differences? If you can’t agree, I’m 100 percent OK if you want to kick her out of Eye for an Eye.”

   “It would be easier to kill her. She’s not going to listen to anything I have to say. If I kill her, it would eliminate the threat of her creating her own cult and getting her own foolish ideas or joining other secret satanic clans and trying to overtake mine.”

   Ken shook his head, clearly lost for words. After she slept with Robert, it would be the ultimate satisfaction to see her dead and then watch Death feast on her. Nothing else would deliver him satisfaction, an eye for an eye.

   “Sue is harmless. Do what you have to do. I don’t agree with it, but if you think she’s a distraction, I’ll support whatever you do,” Ken said.

   Sue was not harmless. She was a spiteful woman who found joy in controlling men with her sex appeal and using them as her slaves, but it would not work on Jinteen. He hoped that she enjoyed herself with Robert this last time because after, he would no longer have any use for her.

   “Do I need tell you that what we discussed stays here?” Jinteen asked.

   “No,” Ken said, shaking his head. “This does not leave the room.”

   It was a tough decision to make because Sue was with Jinteen before Eye for an Eye was created. If it were not for her, he would have never met Satan, but after she was to sleep with Robert, Jinteen would not look at her the same. The sex would be missed, but all good things must come to an end. He would use her to bring Robert Smith to his knees, and then he would bring Sue to her grave and ultimately have Destiny all for himself.

   The next morning, Jinteen said farewell to Ken, Anthony, Russell, and Sue as they were ready to leave for Robert and his family. To add insult to injury, Sue left the house completely nude with a smile of joy on her face. It was the same smile she wore every time they had sex with each other. Jinteen did not show that it was tearing him apart inside because in the end, everything would go his way. In the end, he would be filled with joy seeing her dead.

   Walking back into the house, Jinteen was completely infuriated. He got rid of his security guards at the bedroom door. When he entered the room, he walked around, looking for something to break, something to help him release his rage. First, he smashed his flat-screen television into the ground, and then he grabbed the vase on the dresser and threw it into the wall. He then gripped the base of the mattress and lifted it up from the bed over to the ground. Then he walked over to his massive mirror unit, ready to throw a punch into the glass but stopped and gazed at his reflection.

   Jinteen asked himself why he allowed Sue to penetrate his heart after so many successful years of keeping it away from her. He could have any girl in the world. He was royalty. Why did Sue plague his mind this way? With his mind control, he could erase a thought of another, but he could not do it for himself. It would have been convenient to be able to erase the thought of Sue. Maybe this was a good thing to see her off in nudity, ready to please his enemy. It made him jealous, and it made him want her more, but revenge would be sweet when she came back. Before he killed her, he would do whatever he had to do to make her feel his pain because revenge was the sweetest pleasure man could exhibit.

   Nearby, Jinteen grabbed the serpent pitchfork. All of a sudden, Jinteen could not help but be amazed at his own magnificent reflection, the dictator of all the top countries in the world. Once back in the White House, he would have unlimited nuclear weapons, but even without the White House, he had an army of millions of possessed souls. He was a living deity who had the ability to transfer his or another’s soul to hell. Because of him, people were now openly allowed to worship Satan throughout the world. He wondered how his mother and father were enjoying the view from heaven. This most certainly could not be what they envisioned when they forced him to go to church every single Sunday of his childhood, but he became more than a man going against his parents’ will. According to the Bible, he was an adversary, but looking in the mirror, he saw the savior of humanity. No weapon or man could ever stop him. Jinteen wished Robert were here now, to steal his soul.


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