Face Maskculinity

Chapter 23: Chapter 17 Love Or Lust?



   Robert felt empty inside, allowing Jinteen to escape his fatal grip. He could have ended Jinteen’s curse once and for all, only if he was not afraid of a snake. It shook Robert to his bones and brought him back to when he barely escaped hell.

   “Where is he now?” Robert asked, now in the mirror world.

   His reflection took a moment to answer as he examined his mirror tablet in hand.

   “I can’t find a location on him. You know what that means,” his reflection said.

   Robert knew exactly what it meant. Jinteen was in hell, hiding. Even if Robert had a way of getting to hell, he would never dare to chase after Jinteen there. Robert would be foolish. He never wanted to experience hell ever again. He was blessed to be a free man.

   It took a moment for Robert to come to the conclusion that there was nothing for him to do at this point but to go home and wait for Jinteen to come back to Earth. Robert was so mentally exhausted and frustrated that all he could think of was his bed. He could have never have imagined that he would be engaged in a manhunt for the most dangerous and sinister man in the world.

   Still in the mirror world, Robert pulled off his golden mask and diamond gloves, then he squeezed them together as it formed into the chain with the emblem of the world with a crown on top. He then took a shower in the mirror portal of Destiny’s bedroom bathroom. He ended the shower when the colored diamonds began to overflow in the bathtub.

   When Robert exited the mirror portal into Destiny’s real bathroom, he stuffed his chain in his pocket. He was not ready to explain it to Destiny and his family yet. All he was ready for was his bed.

   “I found him,” his reflection said as Robert pulled open the bathroom door to exit. “He’s in his house in Glen Cove. It’s heavily guarded by multiple armed guards now. He also has a new weapon, a pitchfork.”

   Robert closed the door and fully turned to the mirror. He did not know the time, but looking out the window, the moon and stars glistened the dark skies. He was ready to go to bed, but even as he spoke to his reflection now, countless numbers of innocent people were dying. Going after Jinteen under these circumstances, Robert would be walking into a war zone, but he was more than prepared to take out Jinteen’s men, no matter the head count. He did not fear Jinteen or his Eye for an Eye army. He would do whatever it took to end his evil reign and save as many lives as he could.

   “Take me to him. This time, he will not escape from me,” Robert said.

   His reflection took a moment to answer. “I can’t. It’s not safe now. I have to see more of that pitchfork and what it can do before I take you to him again. You could be walking into a trap,” his reflection said.

   Robert did not want to hear that. He would not take no for an answer.

   “I’ll take that risk. I’m not scared of a pitchfork. Too many people are suffering because of him. I have to end it now!” Robert said.

   “It’s not an ordinary pitchfork. The tip of the pitchfork is not pointed—they’re snake heads. We already know you’re scared of snakes. So I won’t allow you to walk into Jinteen’s trap! The time will come when his guard is down. Until then, relax!” his reflection said.

   Robert was terrified of snakes, but he was ready to overcome his fear to end Jinteen’s satanic curse.

   “How can I relax when millions of people are dying every day because of him? You asked me what I would do if the day came where I needed to help protect people. I’m ready! I can’t relax knowing I have the ability to stop him!” Robert said.

   “If I allow you to go there on his terms, you will probably become one of them. Then man would have no hope saving humanity. You need to trust me when I tell you you’re walking into a trap. The time will come when his guards are down—until then, relax.”

   Robert was too anxious to relax, but finally, he accepted the fact that his reflection was not going to take him to Jinteen. Perhaps it was the smart decision, but it did not sit very well inside Robert.

   In frustration, Robert stormed out of the bathroom, but like a fire extinguisher that tamed wild flames, seeing Destiny rest in their bed tamed his raging heart. Robert tried to walk lightly, but by the time he reached the bed, she was fully awake.

   “Hey, baby. You OK?” Destiny asked as she sat upright.

   “I failed. He got away from me, and now he’s even more difficult to get to,” Robert said.

   Robert was about to tell Destiny that his reflection did not want to take him to Jinteen’s location, but he caught himself right before he gave away his mirror secret.

   “I know. You’ll get him—don’t worry about it. At least you’re here and safe with me,” Destiny said as she climbed behind Robert to embrace him and give him gentle kisses.

   “This must be what heaven is like,” Robert said.

   “No,” Destiny climbed from the bed, stood in front of Robert, and climbed on top of him as he was seated on the bed. “This is what heaven is like,” Destiny locked her lips with Robert, as she passionately took him from sorrow to joy.

   Kissing Destiny was comforting, but Robert’s mind was still very much corrupted by fantasies of Sue. This was unusual. There had to be a way to eliminate her completely from his mind. Hopefully, Destiny could help.

   “I missed you. I’m glad you’re here,” Destiny said.

   “I missed you too. This is the best part of my day,” Robert said as he flattened on his back, moving to the center of the bed, as Destiny remained on top, kissing him and giving him a glimpse of heaven.

   Although Robert was not able to erase the images of her kissing Jinteen from his mind completely, Robert still was able to engage fully in the passionate moment they shared together. He was just as wrong to have lust on his mind for a woman he barely met.

   After making love to Destiny, sleep was a breeze.

   Every time Robert opened his eyes, he was more tired than when he previously fell asleep. A couple of times, Mom woke him out of his sleep to make sure he was OK, like she would back home if he slept for an extensive number of hours, but he was eager to fall back to sleep. His eyes were heavy, and every muscle in his body was relaxed. He had a feeling Destiny had something to do with this.

   Robert could not get out of the bed. Even as the sun left and night arrived again, when Destiny briefly woke him up to sleep in his arms, he was still so tired. He knew he needed to get up to stop Jinteen, but his body would not respond.

   “How you feel, baby?” Destiny asked.

   “I’m so tired,” Robert mumbled.

   “Good, rest.” Destiny kissed him on the cheek. Within moments, Robert was in another world.

   By the dawn, Robert was no longer tired. He was fresh and rejuvenated as he now had the strength to get out of bed. Destiny was right. Rest was what he needed. His mind was clear.

   Robert went downstairs to see his family after a full-day rest. Mom prepared breakfast in what was left of Destiny’s kitchen from the battle with Jinteen and his beast. When she finished, everyone ate, including Dad. Robert was the first to finish his food as he turned on the television. The news was controlled by the Eye for an Eye government. There was only one channel. It showed images of world leaders surrendering their nations to Eye for an Eye. It was disheartening to see so many countries surrendered their nations. It made him angrier that he could have ended it all. He walked away from the depressing television so he would not get any more distressed. Hopefully, at some point during the day, his reflection would allow him to go after Jinteen, and the end result would be Robert with his hands clenched around Jinteen’s neck, squeezing the life out of him.

   Just as Robert thought he was free from lust, images of Sue naked clouded his head again, even with an amazing time with Destiny a night ago. This was not normal at all, to ideate over a woman he barely even touched, especially when he had a girlfriend that he loved with all his heart. This was the negative to having super abilities. There were a lot of strange occurrences. Right now, he would do anything to get Sue out of his head. She was a very sexy woman, but she was satanic along with Jinteen. If she was not a part of Eye for an Eye, and Robert was not dating Destiny, maybe he would mingle with her. It was amiss to fantasize about Sue, but he could not help where his mind took him.

   “Untie me! I want to see Mom!” Carter demanded.

   Later, Robert and Destiny went down to the basement to attend to Carter and the other possessed victims.

   “Not today, Carter. When you get better,” Robert said as he untied Carter’s hand.

   It hurt Robert that he had to shut Carter away from the rest of the family. He could not wait until Carter recovered from the possessing spirit so he could let Mom and Carter see each other again. He did seem to be recovering, as well as a few of the other possessed victims from his neighborhood. Still, they could not be trusted, probably not until Jinteen was dead.

   Destiny worked on the opposite side as she sat upright one of the victims, feeding him bread and water. Robert gave Carter the special privilege of having his hands free because he was his brother, and Carter was the only one he did not mind beating up if he had to.

   After finishing with Carter, Robert helped Destiny feed some of the others. Suddenly, he felt a hard object hit him in the back of his head as the cup shattered to the ground. A couple of weeks ago, before his super abilities, it would have most certainly given him a concussion. He wanted so badly to beat the demon out of Carter, but he would only inflict a great deal of damage on his brother. Robert would just take it out on Jinteen the next time they met. When they finished giving out all the bread and water, Robert tied Carter’s arms again.

   “See you later, Carter,” Robert said.

   “Fuck you!” Carter said.

   Carter never used foul language in front of Robert. It was kind of humorous to hear Carter use vulgar language. It was also an indication that it was not yet safe for him to be around Mom and the others yet.

   Not long after attending to Carter and the possessed victims, Robert sat on the couch with his family, but he had to cross his legs to prevent anyone from seeing his erection that attempted to bulge from his jeans. Sue grew more dominant in his thoughts. Never had a woman made him so aroused off the simple thought of her. Robert was embarrassed and was pretty sure that Destiny knew. Hopefully, she knew that he had no control over his lust for Sue, and at this point, he would have considered brain surgery just to get her out of his head.

   “I need your cock!” Sue’s voice startlingly said. Robert searched around to see where it was coming from. Mom was still in the kitchen with Destiny; Dad and Ron sat on the couch beside him, watching the madness on the television. They did not appear to be alerted by Sue’s voice, but it sounded so clear. “I need you inside me.”

   Robert stood up from the couch, shaking Sue’s voice out of his head. Suddenly he heard a loud thumping bang at the door. Everyone seemed to be alerted now. The thumping continued as it sounded as if someone were attempting to break down the door. Mom and Destiny eventually ran into the living room.

   “What is that?” Mom asked, frightened.

   “Destiny, take them upst—”

   “Put your cock inside of me, and I will leave you and your family alone,” Sue’s voice said in Robert’s head, cutting off his words.

   In the midst of his family being in danger, Robert could not control himself from thinking of Sue in a sexual manner.

   “Robert, what’s happening?” Mom asked.

   “I’ll take care of it. Go upstairs with Destiny,” Robert ordered.

   “What about you? Who’s knocking down the door like that?”

   “Mom, I can handle it!” Robert yelled.

   “Don’t yell at your mother, Robert!” Destiny yelled defensively back.

   The thumping at the door continued as it sounded like they were causing major damage on the door. It was so difficult not to panic, with Mom being so inquisitive and Sue corrupting his mind at the same time, but now more than ever, he had to be a man and not panic to ensure to his family that everything would be fine. He took two long deep breaths while the door was being kicked down.

   “Everyone, go upstairs with Destiny, I promise you I will be OK,” Robert calmly said.

   “I don’t want you to get hurt!” Mom cried.

   Mom could not help it, even with Destiny revealing his unique abilities to her.

   “I don’t want you or anyone of you to get hurt either. That’s why I must go out there to defend you all. I can’t promise you I won’t get hurt, but I can promise you as long as I’m breathing, I will never bow down to Satan, and none of you will, either! Just pray for me,” Robert said.

   There was another thudding sound from the door as he heard it finally fall to ground, followed by multiple rushing footsteps. Tears flowed from Mom’s eyes in fear of Robert’s safety. He wanted to give her a hug and tell her that he loved her, but there was no time. Hopefully, he could protect his family from whatever threat faced them at the door.

   “Go!” Robert demanded.

   Destiny ran Robert’s family up the steps safely right before the armed soldiers invaded the living room. They began shooting him first but gave up as they saw they were wasting ammo. Viciously, he took out all the guards as they challenged him. As usual, taking each of them out was no more difficult than stepping on a bug. The real challenge was to push the battle outside to keep his family protected. There were so many of them.

   Robert punched and kicked as hard as he could, breaking limbs. In time, he managed to push the battle onto the porch, then into the middle of the street, where soldiers attacked him from all angles. Although he was greatly outnumbered, the armed men were no match for him. One by one, the numbers of guards standing were depleted.

   “I’m playing with myself watching you in action. I need you to heal me, Robert. I’m horny!” Sue begged in Robert’s head.

   He looked around to see if she was here. Momentarily, he left himself open for attack, but the men only injured themselves, breaking their limbs. Some used their guns for striking, but those broke as well.

   It did not take long for Robert’s fantasy to become a reality as he spotted a nude woman advance toward the fight. It was Sue, and she completely captured all his attention. Oddly, everything around them began to dissolve away, from the men who were attacking him, to Destiny’s house, and all the houses on the block. The skies darkened to red mist, the same color as Sue’s eyes as she continued to advance toward him.

   “You want me to suck your cock first?” Sue asked, now in front of Robert, going to her knees.

   “No!” Robert said, fighting his temptation.

   “Come on, I bet Destiny never does this for you!”

   “What Destiny and I do is none of your business.”

   “Once you screw me, Destiny will no longer be relevant.”

   “That’s why it’s not happening.”

   Sue was by far the most aggressive woman he had ever encountered in his life. She had a determined look on her face as she pushed Robert backward onto an all-red bed that he did not even know was there. She then climbed on top of him and slowly kissed him along his right ear and neck. He tried his hardest not to enjoy it, but each touch of her lips sent pleasurable shockwaves throughout his body.

   “You know you want me. Give me your cock, and I’ll leave your family alone. Look!” Sue said as she opened a small window image of Mom, Dad, Ron, and Destiny being escorted out of the house by the three men that fought in defense for Jinteen at the White House. “They can see us. Let’s do it in front of them!”

   Robert shoved Sue off him immediately and ran for his family, but he was stopped by an invisible force field. He pounded on the air as hard as he could but could not escape this dimension with Sue. He was trapped.

   “If you want to leave you, give me the one thing I desired since I laid my eyes on you,” Sue said.

   Sue walked up to Robert, pulling him back over to the bed. He could not fight his lustful attraction to Sue. His actions were now officially being controlled by his erection, and his erection was completely controlled by her. It was a turn-on how aggressive she was, but this was not right.

   “I can’t do this. I can’t cheat on Destiny,” Robert said.

   “She cheated on you. Imagine what would have happened if you weren’t there,” Sue said, throwing Robert onto the bed to gain top position. “I was there. I saw everything that happened.”

   “Get off me,” Robert weakly commanded.

   Sue ignored Robert, kissing him on the lips while grabbing his erection. This sort of act was supposed to be only reserved for him and Destiny, but he could not ignore the pleasurable tingling sensation Sue sent throughout his entire body with her lips, and the way her hands gripped his sex organ. This could not go any further. He shoved her from atop him, and she landed on the ground near the bed.

   “Nothing turns me on more than being manhandled. Will you talk dirty to me while we’re fucking?” Sue asked with an erotic grin.

   “This ends now! Let me out of here!” Robert yelled.

   “Or what? I know you wouldn’t lay a finger on me. You have way too much respect for women. The easiest way out of this is for you to just to fuck my brains out. You know you want to.”

   Sue was right. Robert did want to have sex with her, but it was wrong. The only two options to save his family were to break her neck to escape this world or to have sex with her. Or

   Robert checked his pockets for his chain, which he could use to escape into the mirror world, but he did not have it on him. He must have left it in the bedroom. To his disappointment, escaping into the mirror world was now out of the question.

   If Robert did have sex with Sue, he would feel terrible, but he would have felt a lot worse if he ever put his hands on a woman using brutal force, even though it was Sue, who was part of Jinteen’s diabolical, satanic cult Eye for an Eye. Through the small opening in Sue’s dimension, Robert could see his family being escorted into a van. He had to do something promptly to save them.

   No longer reasoning, Robert unzipped his pants and lowered his boxers, revealing his erection. Sue then crawled over to him like a cat wearing a devious grin.

   “It’s incredible! I can’t promise you I won’t scream your name when you’re inside of me,” Sue pleasurably said, with her hands and eyes marveling at his erection like an antique item.

   Robert could not believe he was giving in, betraying Destiny’s trust, but the only other choice he had to save his family was to kill Sue, in which he was not sure what his fate would be. He could not live with the fact that he brutally murdered a woman.

   “Once this is over, you will let me have my family back,” Robert demanded.

   “Yes, but you must sex me like you sex her,” Sue said.

   Without another word, Sue placed her mouth on Robert’s erection. He could not control himself from enjoying what she was doing to him orally. Over his shoulder, in the corner of his eye, he saw the van with his family pull off.

   “Why is it leaving?” Robert asked.

   “Don’t worry about them. It’s just me and you now, baby.” Sue closed the opening and moved up to Robert’s lips to kiss him.

   He was weakened as he surrendered himself to her completely. She pulled him back onto the bed, and then she pulled off all his clothing. Ultimately, there was very little hesitation as he penetrated her.

   Initially, it sent an electric shock throughout Robert’s body, but the pain eventually was overshadowed by immense pleasure. It was unlike any feeling he ever experienced in his life. As much as he enjoyed it, he knew it was wrong and he had to stop it!

   “That’s enough,” Robert said as he pulled out. “Let me go to my family, please!” Robert begged.

   “Put your cock back inside of me! I want more!” Sue demanded.

   “I can’t. This is wrong. Let me go, please!”

   “The only way I will let you go is if you satisfy me.”

   Robert could not believe he was doing this, cheating on his angel girlfriend with a demon, all because he was too soft to put his hands on a woman. He was certain after this that Destiny would surely leave him. Although the primary reason he committed this act was to save his family, he knew he would enjoy this perhaps as much as Sue did, and he could not control it.

   “After this, I don’t care if you’re a woman, I will snap your neck if you don’t set me free,” Robert demanded.

   “You won’t have to. Just please do me as you do her!” Sue begged.

   Robert hoped that Destiny would not leave him.

   Sue climbed on top of him and started to grind her body back and forth as he was inside her. He wanted to make her climax as fast as possible without it happening to himself, but for now, he was in control. Just as much as Sue enjoyed it, Robert relished it himself, if not more. Her screams were much more vibrant than any woman he had ever been with. As he sensed Sue reaching her peak, he pounded her more intensely. She was so amazing that it made him sick. He could not live with himself if this was the reason why Destiny left him.

   “Oh my gosh Robert, right there!” Sue screamed as she collapsed onto Robert’s chest.

   He continued to pound her through her peak.

   Sue breathed heavily on Robert’s chest after reaching her climax. Although it might have been an amazing release, he could not allow himself to let go. It was bad enough that he penetrated her. He pushed her off him, onto the bed. Before he opened his mouth to speak, her dimension vanished away, and the environment appeared normal again. His immediate concern was his family, but they were long gone. The injured soldiers he defeated were scattered along the street. Sue remained on the ground in the middle of the street with a lustful smile that expressed joy and satisfaction.

   “Sue, call them back!” Robert demanded.

   Sue remained relaxed in the middle of the street, still disconnected with reality.

   “I have never been fucked like that! We have to do it again,” Sue said.

   Sue was no use. She probably just lied to get Robert to sleep with her. So he put on his clothing then walked away, leaving her in the middle of the street.

   As Robert entered back into Destiny’s home, he suddenly became rapidly fatigued. Sleeping with Sue was clearly a big mistake. He had not felt this powerless since getting sick by Destiny. Was this the end? Was he losing his power because he had sex with another woman?

   With the little life Robert had left, he crawled upstairs into the bedroom and found his glowing chain under his side of the bed. To great relief, he was able to use his chain to open up a mirror portal as he slowly crawled inside the mirror world.

   “Get up!” his reflection said, slapping Robert awake.

   Robert was slow to rise to his feet in the mirror world. He was surprised not to feel weak anymore as he stood at his full stance.

   “What happened to me?” Robert finally asked.

   “You were stupid! You didn’t wear the chain I made for you! You had sex with a demon! It does not mix well with you because of your abilities, but you’re fine now,” his reflection said.

   Robert remembered the images of his family being kidnapped while he was in bed with Sue and how he could do nothing to save them. They were now gone, including Destiny. She probably hated Robert now. He was now no different from Jinteen.

   “He has my family now. What is he going to do with them?” Robert asked, greatly worried.

   “Torture them into worshiping Satan. He won’t kill them until you’re lured into his trap,” his reflection said.

   “I have to go to him. Even if you won’t help me, this must end now!”

   “It will, and I have the perfect plan to take him out.”


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