Face Maskculinity

Chapter 24: Chapter 18 Live Evil



   Love was evil in Jinteen’s eyes. Most of his life, he allowed love to control and enslave him. Love yourself, love your neighbor as you love yourself, and love God and his creation, but God and his creation were rotten! Torment was true joy. Torturing and eliminating all those who would not willingly allow Satan to restore the kingdom of earth was the ultimate euphoria. Torment was true love.

   It was difficult to admit it, but Sue certainly shifted the momentum from Robert, now back to Eye for an Eye. Jinteen now had Robert’s family in his possession: the mother, the father, his younger brother, and Destiny. They were all locked up in separate rooms tied up to a chair.

   It angered Jinteen to think of the sexual acts that Sue performed on Robert, and the thoughts would not leave his mind. It was because of her sexual abilities that victory would be his, so he should have been grateful, but instead he hated Sue even more. Jinteen was now in control of Robert’s fate. He had to come save his family, and it had to be quick. Robert did not know what Jinteen was going to do with his family. They could already be dead, for all he knew.

   Jinteen’s house was heavily guarded, double the security of the White House. Two guards were at his sides at all times, even when he slept at night. Although bullets did not cause any damage to Robert, he would go through an intense battle before he reached Jinteen. The more Robert fought the soldiers and the bullets, the closer he would be walking into fear. When he finally did make it to Jinteen, the serpent pitchfork and Tie of Eternal Damnation would be used to deliver Robert’s soul to Satan. This time, there would be no escape from hell. Robert would be the newest, most valuable asset to the Eye for an Eye empire, making complete world domination inevitable. Jinteen was anxious for the next encounter with Robert more than ever now. Even more, Jinteen could not wait for Sue to see Robert bow before him.

   In the meantime, Jinteen would relish the pleasure of torturing Robert’s family and his ex-wife. The rooms his family were locked in were designed as torture chambers from his recollection of the chambers in hell. The first room he entered was Destiny’s, where she stood out of the chair in her angelic form. Although her presence made Jinteen’s demons uneasy, the sight was majestic. It was because of him and the decisions he made in life that she was now an angel. Like Robert, none of Jinteen’s abilities would work on her, so he would have to torture her with words, for now.

   “You’re as exquisite as they come. You know if it wasn’t for me, you would not be so beautiful,” Jinteen said.

   “If it was not for God, you would not be breathing, but you give your life to the devil instead? You should be ashamed of yourself! Your evil will not go unpunished!” Destiny said.

   “Who’s going to punish me? I am unstoppable! I am a god! Your new boyfriend is a pussy, so it can’t be him!”

   Jinteen could see and feel Destiny’s anger behind her crystallized skin.

   “I can’t believe you’re the man that I once vowed my life to!” Destiny said as tears ran down her crystallized face.

   “Marriage is a joke.” Jinteen chuckled. “You should be honored that I gave you the privilege of once being married to me! I’m the king of the world now! Do you see what I have done? Satan is the new leader of mankind! Do you think my parents are proud of me?”

   “Enjoy your moment while it lasts, Eric. Robert will come for you.” Destiny said, ignoring his question.

   “You still love him after he fucked Sue? When I did it, you wanted a divorce! How can you take him back?”

   “I know he was trapped in a dilemma. I know the abilities you and your Eye for an Eye friends have. With you, Sue did not force you into sleeping with her. You had a choice, and you chose to betray me.”

   “You are a dumb fucking bitch! Stop playing the victim! If anyone was betrayed, it was me!” Jinteen said as he pounded his pitchfork into the ground, waking up the slithering snakes that blasted flames from their tongues toward Destiny. “Soon he will bow to me! When he does, I want you to be my queen of this new satanic world. I have never stopped loving you!”

   The demons burned through Jinteen’s flesh as he shared his heart with Destiny, on top of the nausea from being in the presence of a heavenly being. Never had he met a woman like her, as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. He could not say that it was a mistake for him to cheat on her because he would not be the almighty demonically possessed leader of the new world order and satanic cult, Eye for an Eye, and Destiny would not be an angel. They were both creatures of the metaphysical world, the perfect couple: an angel with a demon.

   “I have nothing more to say to you, Eric. I don’t know who you are, but you are not the man who I once loved,” Destiny said.

   “I am better! I am a living god! You and I would be a match made on earth. Imagine an angel and a demon ruling the world together! I still love you! Leave Robert so we can be together again!”

   The demons inside raged as Jinteen expressed his love for Destiny, but she ignored Jinteen, leaving him with no answer. He did feel mildly insulted. It frustrated him even more because he could not read or control her mind in her angelic form.

   Jinteen wanted to touch her beautiful crystallized skin, but he was afraid of what the consequences might be. All of a sudden, he was beginning to feel more uneasy in her presence. It was best to leave and torture the rest of Robert’s family now. The time would come when Destiny would watch as Robert, her new love, would bow to honor Jinteen. Then she could choose who she really loved.

   “It was a pleasure talking with you, my dear. I hope you enjoy the sounds of the cries as I torment his family,” Jinteen said.

   “You know I could end this all for you myself, but I believe in Robert so much that I will allow him to show you how powerful my love is. But if you harm his family, this will no longer be a fight between men. I will end the battle! Leave his family out of this!” Destiny demanded.

   “Robert will bow to me, and his family will submit their souls to Satan! If they don’t, he will kill them! Then you could choose to join me and be my queen, or I will have him kill you once and for all. I love you.”

   The demons’ rage reached its breaking point, as Jinteen was ready to combust, but he maintained his composure.

   “You don’t know what love is. All you think about is yourself. Robert knows what love is—that’s why he’s more powerful than you!” Destiny said.

   Jinteen could not respond or it would ignite aggression from his demons, so he grinned at Destiny one last time before he exited the room.

   Moments later, Jinteen made it to the room with the mother. Outside the room, Jinteen transformed into Robert. He wore no shirt, just pants and shoes, with the Tie of Eternal Damnation blazing flames around his neck, and the serpent pitchfork in his left hand.

   As Jinteen entered the room, the mother was tied to a chair with tape over her mouth. Initially upon laying eyes on her, she reminded him of his own mother. Reading her thoughts, he saw that she was a firm believer and servant of God. Threatening her with death would not be enough to convince her to worship Satan. Transforming into her son was a good start, but he had to really be captivating as her son to convince her that Christianity was pathetic and Satan was the brighter path. The best way of being compelling was to engage in conversation with her as he would with his own mother if she were still alive. Jinteen moved to her and pulled the tape off her mouth aggressively. She briefly grimaced in pain.

   “Robert, are you OK?” the mother eventually asked.

   Reading her mind, he knew she had no idea that this was not her son.

   “Why do you worship God, Mom?” Jinteen asked.

   Jinteen saw confusion on her face; he didn’t have to read her mind.

   “God gives us life. He is the reason why we breathe. You know this,” Mom reassured him.

   “God gives us life, but Satan enhances it! How do you think I was able to save us? I sold my soul to the devil, Mom. Now I’m more powerful than ever! Satan has given me supernatural ability beyond what God offers to man,” Jinteen said.

   Mom shook her head, disappointed and disturbed by the words coming from Jinteen’s mouth.

   “You are not my son,” Mom finally said.

   Reading her thoughts, Jinteen saw that she was figuratively speaking. She still had no idea she was actually speaking with Jinteen, the dictator of the world. This was how her son would look to her once Jinteen possessed his soul. She might as well get familiar with the sight from now. That was if she decided to live worshiping Satan.

   “You disown my flesh and blood?” Jinteen eventually asked.

   “Not the flesh and blood, but the demons possessing you! I can’t believe demons possessed my sons. Where is Ron?” Mom asked.

   “Ron is possessed too,” Jinteen lied. “Join us.”

   “I rebuke the demon possessing you, Robert!”

   “What’s wrong with demons?”

   “They’re evil!”

   “Oh yeah? Define evil!” Jinteen said, inching closer to her terrorized face.

   “You know what’s evil! You grew up in the church! I gave you to Christ when you were born!”

   This was exactly what Jinteen’s own mother would say if he had this conversation with her. People like her did not deserve to live. He hated Christians passionately, more than any other religion! Hopefully, by now, most of them were wiped off the face of earth.

   “Evil is defined and viewed differently by each individual that has a mind of their own. There is not one general definition. Each man has different values. God is evil to me! The Bible is evil to me! It doesn’t matter where you grew up; it’s about where you succeed! I’m a better man than I have ever been, with Satan in my life! Humanity is better with Satan as their prominent ruler! Why don’t you accept him too?” Jinteen asked.

   Jinteen saw the same horror in Robert’s mother’s eyes as he had seen in his own mother the night he sacrificed her. Still, it was not enough. There was nothing he could say to her that would convince her to accept Satan as her master.

   “Satan has no place in my life. He shouldn’t have any in yours either,” Mom said as her eyes became teary.

   Jinteen could no longer stand the sight of Robert’s mother. She was not a worthy soul to live in his new satanic world.

   “I can’t believe you prefer to die, Mom. Don’t you see the world leaning to Satan? Look what happened to your children. Join us in serving Satan instead of God,” Jinteen said.

   “I will never! You are not my son! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” Mom said.

   Instantly, the demons inside of Jinteen began to be enraged. It took him so much control not to twist the mother’s neck, but if he harmed her, Destiny would come after him, and he wanted to avoid that until he captured Robert’s soul. Never had anyone used the name of Jesus against him so violently, until now. The name of Jesus unsettled the demons inside Jinteen! Why was the name so powerful?

   Eventually when Jinteen regained control of his demons’ rage, he pointed the serpent pitchfork to the ground. The flames from the snake heads fogged the ground throughout the room. When he pulled up the head of the pitchfork, the fog began to disappear, and snakes of all varieties and lengths appeared throughout the floor.

   Although tied up, the mother tried to tuck her arms and feet to avoid the snakes. They were all venomous, but with his mind control, he could prevent them from harming her.

   Jinteen then turned around and picked up a small black box from the table nearby. Inside the box was a red button that would keep her in fear. Hopefully, she would see there was no way out of this and surrender to Satan.

   “This is your decision, Mom, I won’t force you. You have ten minutes to decide if you want to join me in Satanism. If not, the snakes will be set free on you. I hope you make the right decision,” Jinteen said, placing the box on the mother’s lap.

   Before leaving the room, Jinteen set on the digital timer placed on the wall beside the door. Tapping inside Robert’s mother’s mind, Jinteen could see the timer countdown in his head. Her eyes were anxiously glued to the timer. Snakes were the perfect creatures to use to scare her. Would the fear be strong enough to convert her to Satan? Only time would tell.

   Jinteen had eyes in the back of his head for when Robert decided to make an appearance. There were guards in every hallway and corner in Jinteen’s house. There was no way Robert would be able to get to Jinteen without a bullet going off. When he heard the bullets, he would be prepared to defeat Robert using the serpent pitchfork and the Tie of Eternal Damnation.

   Jinteen transformed back into himself before entering the room with Robert’s father. Reading the father’s mind, Jinteen saw that he was a pastor himself. Not nearly as successful as his own father, but he was a strong follower of Jesus, perhaps more true to the word of God. Robert’s father did not do it for the money. For the dad, it would take much more than words to convince him to worship Satan, just as his ex-wife.

   “What’s your favorite verse of the Bible?” Jinteen asked.

   Robert’s father was nervous, but he only took a couple of seconds to think of an answer. “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me!” he affirmatively said.

   Jinteen laughed.

   “You actually believe that shit? When I was younger, I would fall asleep when my father preached that nonsense,” Jinteen said.

   “What do you want from me?” he asked.

   “God has failed man. Do you not wish to live in the world where man has more freedom and power?”

   “God will never fail man. If anything, man has failed God, and even that is untrue. Robert will put an end to your corruption. I promise you that!”

   “You say it as if you actually believe it!”

   “I do. My son is powerful! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’m confident he could take out this whole establishment!”

   Irate, Jinteen back fisted Robert’s father across the face. His mouth became bloody. It was becoming more difficult for Jinteen to control the raging demons inside of him. Hopefully, Destiny would not come after him.

   “You see this tie you know what it could do?” The flame blazed inches away from the father’s face. “I could send your soul to hell right now! There you would have no choice in who you worship! Your son stands no chance against me! He is a pathetic worthless man, just as you are. He will bow to me!”

   “If you untied me from this chair, I would take you out myself!”

   Jinteen laughed as the demons inside of him raged intensely. He wanted to pound Robert’s father’s face into the ground, but if he did, Destiny would surely come after him. Jinteen turned away and walked over to the wall where there was a red button. When he pushed the button, flames began to burst out from pipes throughout the room, and then he walked over to the table with the small black box with the red button inside.

   “Within ten minutes, this room will gradually turn into hell.” Jinteen tossed the box to the father. “Press the button before then if you wish to surrender your life to Satan. Hopefully, you make the right decision, like your ex-wife, whom you hate, or your sons, who are worthless like the dirt beneath my shoes!”

   Tears ran down the father’s face. “My decision is already made. I serve only one God. I will never surrender to another!”

   Jinteen shook his head, disappointed in the father’s decision. “I wish I could stay and watch you burn, but I have more of your family to torture,” Jinteen said.

   As he exited the room, he set the timer on the wall near the exit door.

   Still, there was no sign of Robert. Was he scared? Did he give up? Would he make it easy for Jinteen when they encountered him, by surrendering to Satan? If he led by example, he and his family possibly could live a long life on earth.

   Last was Robert’s middle brother, Ron. Examining the brother’s mind, Jinteen could see that he and Robert did not have a close relationship as brothers. They did respect each other and care for one another, but it was not enough to speak to each other on a daily basis. Jinteen wondered what life would be like if he had a brother—probably no different from Cain and Abel, with him being Cain.

   “Do you love your brother?” Jinteen eventually asked.

   “Yes,” Ron said, afraid and confused by the question.

   “Why don’t you speak to each other?”

   “We do speak to each other.”

   “Not every day. There are days you two just walk by each other and don’t say a word.”

   Ron wondered how Jinteen knew all this information. “We may not speak every day, but we respect each other,” Ron hesitantly said.

   “Respect how can you have respect for such a worthless man like your brother?” Jinteen asked.

   “My brother is not worthless.”

   “Then why do you sit here tied up in a chair? Why doesn’t he come to save you?”

   Ron took a moment to think out an answer.

   “He will,” Ron finally said.

   Jinteen smiled. All four of them—Destiny, the mother, the father, and Ron—thought that Robert would rescue them. How? They were all fools. Every step Robert took toward Jinteen was a step closer to hell.

   “What if he doesn’t? Would you accept Satan as your master then?” Jinteen asked.

   Ron was too frightened to answer. Reading his mind, Jinteen saw that unlike the parents, he could torture Ron enough to surrender to Satan. Ron was not as mentally tough as his parents.

   Jinteen then pointed the serpent pitchfork to the ground just as he did to the mother, and through the fog, multiple scorpions appeared throughout the floor. Jinteen then tossed Ron a small box with the button inside. He was terrified, trembling through the chair. Jinteen was confident that Ron would surrender and press the button out of fear.

   “You have ten minutes to make your decision. The only way you will be able to live in this world is if you accept Satan as your master. If not, the scorpions will be set free on you. I hope you make the right choice,” Jinteen said, exiting the room after setting the timer on the wall.

   It was unusual walking with security 24/7, but being the most powerful man in the world, he needed it. He was a target of Robert. His mother, father, and brother thought they were minutes away from their death, but they would only endure minutes of torture until Robert’s soul was captured. They would all witness Robert bow to Jinteen, then if they still did not submit to Satan, he would have Robert kill each of his family members. Technically, Jinteen’s hands would be clean from murder, and he would avoid any conflict with Destiny.

   Jinteen entered his room with one security guard. To his surprise, Sue lay on the bed with clothing on. This was surely a first. This was the first time he saw her since she helped capture Robert’s family. He was fully turned off by the sight of her. The demons inside him began to be enraged. Reading her mind, he knew exactly what she was thinking, and he was not prepared to hear it from her mouth. He was not as angry as he was yesterday, as he tried to talk himself out of killing Sue. Hopefully, she would not make him change his mind.

   “I just want to let you know in case you haven’t read my mind yet, Robert Smith is the most amazing man that I ever had sex with!” Sue said.

   “Get out of my room!” Jinteen demanded.

   Sue smiled. Jinteen wanted to escape her mind, but it was difficult. It was a natural habit for him to enter her mind. She purposely wanted to get him upset. This was the icing on the cake to throw Robert in his face. The demons inside Jinteen urged him to kill Sue, but he fought it.

   “What’s the matter, you can’t handle the fact that I found a man with a better cock than yours?” Sue asked.

   “Sue, I’m warning you, get the fuck out of my room, now!” Jinteen yelled.

   “When you possess him, I want you to make him my personal sex slave!”

   “Give me your weapon,” Jinteen ordered his guard.

   He took the handgun and grabbed it reversed, pulled Sue off the bed, then he used the gun to send a hook through her cheek. As she fell to the floor, he hoped her jaw was broken out of place. With how bad he wanted to kill Sue, now was not the right time to provoke him. He wanted to wait until after Robert’s soul was captured to show her who the better man was, then depending on how he felt would determine if he would kill her or not.

   “Robert would never place his hands on me, you prick!” Sue yelled.

   “Get her out of here!” Jinteen ordered the guard.

   The guard walked by Sue, helping her up and escorting her to the door, but eventually, she shook his hands off her shoulders, angrily.

   “You can’t beat him like that, you son of a bitch!” Sue yelled.

   “You’re right; I can’t beat him in a fistfight. I don’t have to be able to beat him in a fight to make him bow to me! He will bow, believe me!” Jinteen said.

   “In your dreams —he is more of a man than you are. His powers are superior to yours, and you’re a coward! He’s going to kill you!”

   Hearing Sue declare Robert as the victor shot rage into Jinteen’s heart. He wanted to take it out on Sue, but it would be more useful against Robert. Jinteen remained calm, showing her that her words were not effective.

   “That’s why I’m the sovereign ruler of the top countries in the world. It’s because of me that Satan has taken over the world, not you, bitch! Robert could never do what I have done!” Jinteen proclaimed.

   “His dick puts yours to shame!” Sue said.

   “Get her out of my room, now!” Jinteen demanded to the guard.

   Jinteen wanted to strangle her. If she did not make her exit in the next couple of seconds, he was unsure if he would be able to restrain himself from choking the life out of her lungs. There was so much anger from the demons bottled up inside from dealing with Destiny and Robert’s family.

   “Don’t touch me!” Sue yelled at the guard as he grabbed her shoulders again.

   “Sue, I suggest you leave before something terrible happens!” Jinteen demanded.

   “Like what?”

   Sue loved to dare Jinteen. Most of the time, it turned him on, but now was not the case. The demons inside made him want to pound her head into the ground until she had no life left. Instead, he held his composure, saving his rage for Robert when he would really need it.

   “I’ll deal with you after I’m through with Robert. I hope you stay to see it,” Jinteen said.

   “I will!” Sue yelled.

   The security guard eventually escorted Sue out the door. Now, finally for the first time in two days, Jinteen was alone. He sat on the bed, taking deep breaths to relax, and then he looked at himself over in the mirror glass frame. It was amazing how one could evolve from an ordinary man into a god. Against all odds, he became the world’s most powerful man. His father had to envy him in the heavens. His mother most likely did not approve, but sometimes in life, you have to disappoint the people you love the most to reach your own personal goals.

   After Jinteen defeated Robert, his primary goal would be to cleanse the world fully of all people who did not worship Satan, and complete the globalization of Eye for an Eye throughout the entire world that weren’t impacted by Light Bulb, like Russia and China. Nations that were isolated and ruled by dictators, like North Korea and Iran, would probably fight back, which would ignite war, but no country was a match for the astronomical Eye for an Eye empire. Even without those nations, Jinteen was the ruler of the largest empire in the history of the world.

   All of a sudden, while looking in the mirror, Jinteen noticed something strange. He stood up and walked to the mirror to see fully what was occurring. It was another man walking up behind his reflection. The closer the image walked up behind him, the more he realized the man was wearing a golden mask, with a multicolored diamond hooded sweater and multicolored diamond gloves. It was Robert Smith. Jinteen anxiously spun around, ready to attack with the serpent pitchfork, but no one was there behind him. What was happening? As Jinteen turned back to the mirror, the diamond gloves were extended out of the glass, grabbing the two outside heads of the serpent pitchfork, pulling it inside the mirror glass. Jinteen fought, but the grip was too powerful as it absorbed him inside the glass.


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