Face Maskculinity

Chapter 25: Chapter 19 Maskculine



   Wearing this new multicolored diamond pullover hoodie charged Robert like a power grid, eliminating his fear, as well as making an epic fashion statement. Confronting his fear of snakes drew him closer to claiming and fully embracing manhood. After today, Robert would only ever fear God.

   While Robert grabbed and pulled the two outside snakes, the snake in the middle attempted to blaze his face, blasting flames out of its mouth, but flames were absorbed into his mask. With little to no resistance, Robert completely pulled Jinteen into the mirror world by his pitchfork, along with his now-flameless tie.

   “Welcome to my world!” Robert said, snatching the pitchfork out of Jinteen’s hand, then snapping it in half with his knee.

   With fear in his eyes, Jinteen attempted to run back into the portal opening, but Robert’s reflection delivered a flush right hook to his skull, which knocked Jinteen on his back, bouncing his head on the floor.

   “And mine too!” his reflection said, closing the portal so Jinteen could not escape.

   His reflection then dragged Jinteen by the extinguished tie over to Robert.

   “This is where it ends for you!” Robert said as he lifted Jinteen over his head and threw him into the wall.

   As Jinteen hit the floor, he immediately reached for his back, in agony.

   Suddenly, Robert was spun around by his right glove as it grabbed a head of the three-headed snake he broke off from the pitchfork that was seconds away from biting him on the leg. Robert’s mask and diamond hoodie absorbed the energy from the flames the snakes blasted, but eventually the glove darted the three-headed snake at Jinteen’s neck. The snakes all bit the neck and chest as he cried out in more pain.

   “Yes! Make him suffer just as he did to millions of innocent people across the world!” his reflection demanded.

   As Jinteen braced the pain in his back and from the snake bites, he attempted to rise to his feet.

   “What makes you think they are innocent? Nobody is innocent! People naturally want to do evil! Evil is exciting! We are born sinners, why change? We might as well be the best we can be at sin!” Jinteen said as he pulled the snake bites out of his flesh.

   It was difficult to ingest the psyche of Jinteen. He had a worldview that was contrary to Robert’s. Although it was radical, who was he to judge? His only issue with Jinteen was that he was murdering millions of people, and blatantly attempted to steal Destiny from Robert.

   “Was he talking to me or you?” his reflection asked.

   “Either way, it’s your turn,” Robert said.

   His reflection advanced to Jinteen, but a few feet away, the other half of the pitchfork unnaturally hovered across the room into Jinteen’s opposite hand. As he reconnected the pitchfork, Jinteen’s skin began to take on reptilian features as he stood taller and stronger, appearing to be completely rejuvenated.

   “I think we made a mistake. Prepare for a fight,” his reflection said to Robert.

   There was still the fear of snakes, but Robert was too charged up for fear to be relevant.

   “I cannot be stopped!” Jinteen proclaimed as he raised the pitchfork above his head, facing Robert and his reflection, parallel to the ground. Then it soared out Jinteen’s hand at lightening speed to attack his reflection.

   As the snake pitchfork pinned his reflection to the wall and wrapped him up, Jinteen advanced to Robert. Jinteen’s arms stretched out into a snake that attempted to bite Robert, but his right glove converted into a golden sword with multicolored diamonds, which sliced away his arms, as the other glove blasted Jinteen with an all-white beam, which halted his progress.

   Robert sliced and blasted his way to Jinteen until in front of him, where Robert stabbed Jinteen in the gut and used the other glove to blast a beam in his face.

   As Jinteen collapsed to the ground, Robert looked over to his reflection, who broke free of the snake-headed pitchfork, pinning the heads to the ground, and his knee to the slithery body. Eventually, his reflection created a clear glass container that was large enough to trap the pitchfork in.

   Angered, his reflection walked over to Jinteen, grabbed him by the tie, and pounded him with his fist repeatedly in the face until it was bloody. It was at least a hundred brutal punches.

   “It’s your turn,” his reflection said, walking over to Robert.

   Part of Robert wanted to put Jinteen out of his misery once and for all, ending his demonic curse, but Robert had to make Jinteen suffer, and send a message to the devil that Earth belonged to God.

   “What did you get out of being evil? Will the devil give you a trophy?” Robert asked, as he bent toward Jinteen.

   “Evil has its place in the world, just as good does. Without wrong, there would be no right! If there was no me, there would be no you!” Jinteen finally said.

   “You are not that important. Without God, there would be no me or you. Jesus is the light! Ask God for forgiveness for all your sins!”

   “I will never! God should thank me that I gave him purpose!”

   “There is no reason to talk to him. The only language he understands is pain,” his reflection said.

   His reflection was right. So Robert grabbed Jinteen by the neck with a glove in normal form, and lifted him off the ground and above the shoulders with one hand. Robert then used his sword glove to slice off both of Jinteen’s legs above the knees.

   “Not too much! I want some more before we off him,” his reflection pleaded.

   As Jinteen screamed out in pain, now legless, Robert released his grip and dropped Jinteen to the ground.

   “You kidnapped my family too! You honestly think I was going to let you get away with this?” Robert asked.

   “I already have!” Jinteen yelled as snake goo filled his mouth. “I changed the world forever! People now know they do not need God in their lives! Satan offers man freedom! Man prefers freedom than to fear God!”

   It was as if the pain inspired Jinteen. The more Jinteen clung to life, the more he praised the devil and his achievements.

   “Men like you do not deserve freedom because you try to take everyone else’s. Believe in whatever you want, I don’t care, but do not force people to believe in your madness!” Robert said.

   “Madness you want to talk madness? The only reason why I believe in Satan is because I met him personally in hell. Have you ever been to heaven? Have you ever met God? How do you know he’s real?” Jinteen asked.

   “I don’t need to meet God to know that he is real. The only evidence I need of God’s existence is my heartbeat! God created the world, and he created me and you. The devil tricked you into believing life is all about you, but life is all about us and all of God’s creation.”

   Jinteen laughed at Robert’s words.

   “God has never done shit for me! The only thing I regret is not fucking Destiny again!” Jinteen yelled with the little life he had left.

   “Let me get some before you finish him please,” his reflection begged, now with a sliver bat in his hand.

   As his reflection approached Jinteen, his reflection held the bat overhead, then he swung down multiple times, attempting to break every bone in Jinteen’s body. When his reflection finished the attack, Jinteen resembled tenderized meat.

   “Now not even the devil will be able to recognize him. Your turn, you could end it,” his reflection said.

   Robert grabbed what was left of Jinteen and picked him up directly all the way up face to face. Robert admired the way Jinteen embraced pain, but the time for pain was over. As much as he would have loved to see how much more Jinteen would endure, it was time to put an end to the evil dictator who used Satan to steal humanity, and the man who tried to take away his girlfriend.

   “Any last words? Do you want to ask God for forgiveness?” Robert asked.

   Jinteen spit out snake blood and saliva from his mouth onto Robert’s mask. Even though it did not touch his face, it brought flashbacks of when it happened to him in the locker room of Goliath Fitness. What a long way he came from defending himself to defending people who wanted the freedom to worship whatever they chose. In a week, he went from being an ordinary man to essentially a superhero, defending the world from an immoral dictator who loved to watch innocent people suffer.

   “Fuck God! What I have done is only the beginning! Satan will be the ruler of mankind!” Jinteen weakly projected.

   Robert was tired of his mouth. Without saying another word, he dragged Jinteen over to the wall, then Robert pinned the head against it and began sending a series of crushing knees to the head. Robert wanted Jinteen to feel every bit of the pain before he died. Eventually, his face flattened against the wall from the multiple brutal knees. Robert did not want to stop, although Jinteen clearly looked dead and his knee felt as if it were banging against the wall now.

   “I think he’s dead now,” his reflection eventually said.

   Still, it was difficult for Robert to stop himself from damaging Jinteen. He had to pay for all the people’s lives he took, and made suffer.

   Eventually, when Robert was satisfied, he stopped then used his sword hand to slice off Jinteen’s flattened head. Robert held and stared at the flattened decapitated head in his glove. It took a moment after the adrenaline faded away for Robert to realize that he defeated Jinteen. Victory was his, and it was the sweetest, most satisfying feeling there was. A somewhat strange feeling as well because it was the first time he had ever killed a person, and it was bittersweet.

   As Robert held Jinteen’s head in his glove, a series of orange demonic spirits escaped from his headless torso opening on the ground. The spirits scattered throughout the ceiling. Robert’s sword glove converted back to its normal form as his reflection motioned the glove to blast his beam above at the demonic spirits. It caused a strange steaming reaction, which caused a series of fiery red crystals to fall to the ground. Robert continued to fire the beam until the demons were no longer in spirit form, then on the ground, he stopped as his reflection swept them together with a golden broom. When his reflection swept the demon crystals together, they all formed as one giant crystal, then he eventually trapped the fiery crystal in a box similar to the box he trapped the snake pitchfork in.

   Jinteen’s death started as a glorious moment, but as the reality began to settle, Robert found little excitement in slaying another man, although Jinteen was responsible for the execution and demonic possession of millions of lives. Hopefully, Robert would never have to take another man’s life again.

   “You know you’re my favorite superhero, right?” his reflection asked. Still, it was difficult for Robert to break a smile. “You should smile. You did it!”

   It was not a one-man show. Robert could not have succeeded without his reflection, Destiny, and most importantly, God

   “There is no joy in killing. And we did it. I couldn’t do it without you,” Robert said.

   “Just imagine how many more people he would have killed, including your family, if you did not kill him. You did a good thing,” his reflection said.

   “Thanks for your guidance.”

   Eventually, with his mask, hoodie, and gloves, Robert carried Jinteen’s dead body, his flattened head, and the snake pitchfork out of the mirror world into the real world. He kept the demon crystal in the mirror world for his reflection to experiment with, he left the body in the room he exited into, and then he explored the haunted house. There were loud screams throughout. He hoped that it was not his family.

   Running through the halls, Robert suddenly slowed down as he advanced on a victim’s scream. Walking around the corner, he watched as the Eye for an Eye soldier lay on the ground, screaming in agony. Robert wanted to help, but the source of the guard’s pain appeared to be internal. This had to be a result of the death of Jinteen. It was frightening to think of what Carter was experiencing right now.

   Moments later, Robert found the other members of Eye for an Eye in an open dining room, all seated around a table. They all faced the opposite direction, engaged in conversation. To catch their attention, he tossed Jinteen’s head over to the table, and they all suddenly turned to him in shock. Robert tried to keep his focus away from Sue, but it was impossible. It was only a couple of hours ago he did the unthinkable with her. It was wrong, but he could not deny the excitement. Whatever her powers were, he could not afford for her to force him to sleep with her ever again.

   “So you are going to kill us now?” Ken eventually asked.

   “As long as you leave the people alone and don’t force them into worshiping the devil, we have no problem. No more Eye for an Eye,” Robert said.

   “Agreed,” Ken said, nodding his head.

   The others nodded their heads in agreement.

   For a split second, Robert glimpsed Sue. She smiled at him and then blew a kiss. He hated the fact that he was now insanely attracted to another woman almost as much as he was to his girlfriend Destiny. He shook off the chills that touched his bones and turned away, leaving the container with the snake pitchfork on the floor, then he searched for his family.

   Only walking a few steps, he heard an unnatural sound advancing his way. It sounded as if something was creeping through the hallways, knocking over objects. It did not sound as if it was human. What was happening? It sent fear throughout his heart. He ran back into the dining room, but the Eye for an Eye members were already gone. What was going on? Where had they run, and what was the sound approaching through the hallway? Was this a trap?

   Eventually, Robert turned toward the disturbing sounds approaching, and his worst nightmare became a reality. A massive lizard slowly crawled its way, appearing ready to devour him. His life flashed before his eyes as he instinctively took off sprinting through the hallways. The lizard had speed as it chased after Robert, but he was extremely fast himself. He ran as fast as he could, fast enough to keep the reptile at a distance, but it still tailed him tightly going up the steps. If he stopped running, the lizard would bite him. He did not want to test if his flesh was impenetrable to that.

   Nothing Robert ever experienced was more frightening than his experience in hell, but getting chased by an oversized lizard was surely close. He had to remind himself that he had encountered more frightening occurrences, like the beast when he first met Jinteen. Quite honestly, with all that he encountered recently, he was a beast himself, and the quicker he realized that, the sooner he could defeat this creature.

   Robert dug deep then thrust himself with a supernatural burst of speed, maneuvering his way back downstairs to the kitchen, momentarily outrunning the lizard. Then his gloves stopped him in his tracks, and his hoodie charged, emitting rays of light, and reducing his fear. It was then he remembered he only feared God.

   “Why are you running? You don’t run,” his reflection said in the mask.

   The lizard idled down the steps and slowly crawled into the kitchen. Robert and the creature then sized the other up.

   “I want to eat you,” the lizard said.

   Robert was in awe that he could understand the creature’s words.

   “It can speak to me?” Robert asked his reflection.

   “Yes, and you can speak to it,” his reflection said.

   “You can’t eat me, but I can help you get some food,” Robert said to the oversized lizard.

   “You are food. I want to eat you!” The lizard said.

   “Look, you are a beautiful creature. I’m sure you ate a lot of humans before, but you can’t eat me. If you try to eat me, I will have to kill you, and I don’t want to kill you,” Robert said to the lizard.

   “You won’t have to kill it. We can learn from it,” his reflection said inside the mask.

   His reflection then raised Robert’s right hand with the glove and used it to form a tall see-through wall. The only reason he knew it was a wall was because the lizard advancing toward him looked almost as if it were swimming underwater. Through the invisible wall, Robert could see the lizard enter from the opposite side. As the lizard fully entered, his reflection closed the mirror portal, then Robert lowered his hand.

   “We’re going to make friends with the wildlife,” his reflection said.

   Continuing the search, Robert followed the tracking of his reflection to find his mother. When he found the room door and opened it, there were multiple snakes on the floor once again. Jinteen was obsessed with snakes. Robert had not quite overcome his fear of snakes, but he knew they could not harm him. Hopefully, they did not harm his mother.

   When Robert fully entered the room, there was his mother tied in a chair in the middle of the room. He was grateful that she was alive, but it pained him to see the horror in her eyes. Never had he seen his mother in so much fear. He could only imagine what Jinteen put her through. Oddly, all the snakes on the floor were frozen still.

   “Are you OK, Mom?” Robert asked.

   Before Robert touched his mother, he had to remove as much as her fear as possible. So he put his hands inside his mask so his reflection could take off his gloves, then he pulled his golden mask off his head, and formed it to loop around his neck. After he connected the chain, his multicolored hoodie began to absorb into the chain as well, eventually forming into the emblem.

   Mom was too frightened to speak. Robert could see that she did not understand what was happening. He was just relieved to see her unharmed.

   “It’s me, Mom. It’s all over,” Robert said, to comfort his mother.

   “I’m scared of snakes! Get me out of here!” Mom begged.

   Robert then untied his mother from the chair, picked her up in his arms, and carried her over to the exit door. Mom was now safe. He felt it was his biggest responsibility to protect his mother now more than ever. He would never allow anyone to put her through torture this way ever again.

   “He’s gone, Mom. I stopped him. You have nothing to be afraid of. I told you I would protect you,” Robert said, embracing his mother. He could feel her body vibrating. “I love you, Mom.”

   “Is this you, Robert?” Mom asked.

   “What do you mean? Of course it’s me.”

   “Moments ago, you came in here with a strange thing around your neck, and a pitchfork, asking me to worship Satan!”

   Robert was in the mirror world a couple of minutes ago. How could that be? The strange thing she was referring to had to be Jinteen’s tie along with his snake pitchfork. Maybe he had the ability to transform into Robert. That, with an addition of the snakes on the ground, was a large recipe for torment.

   “That wasn’t me, Mom. You’re safe now. You will never be forced to worship Satan again,” Robert assured his mother.

   “How was it not you? It was your flesh! You looked possessed! Has Satan taken you too?” Mom asked, unsure.

   Robert needed to dilute his mother’s fear and assure her that she was safe. “Mom, repeat after me.” Robert took a moment to think out his words. Hopefully, he accurately remembered them. Even if he did not, his mom could assist him along the way. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside still waters.” Mom began to join in with Robert. “He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me …” Robert and his mother continued to recite the psalm as they walked through the halls.

   Dad and Ron were in a similar predicament in the rooms they were trapped in. Dad was in a room where flames blazed out from pipes, but the flames were unnaturally still with an odd bluish color. Ron was in a room with scorpions on the floor in frozen, still images, just like in the room his mother was trapped in. The signs were there; this had to be Destiny protecting his family just as she promised.

   Eventually, Robert found Destiny in a room, standing in her angelic form. God, was she beautiful! For a moment, he could think of nothing but her beauty. Then he thought about her courage and her grace. She was the ultimate woman.

   “Thank you for protecting my family,” Robert said.

   “Thank you for stopping Jinteen,” Destiny said as the two embraced.

   It was an honor to be connected arm in arm and heart to heart with a precious heavenly being. Ever since he was old enough to be attracted to women, it was difficult to find a woman to love him. The biggest reason was because he was immature and not ready for that lifestyle. He did not fully embrace manhood. He lacked the leadership abilities and assertiveness that high-quality women he was attracted to would desire in their men. He lacked self-esteem most of all. He was too nice a man to be in a sound relationship. As a result, over the years, Robert grew a bitter taste toward women because of his own failures and faults. He became depressed and questioned if he would ever truly find love. There was no question that he finally fell in love with an angel, and most important of all, he did not have to change who he was to be with her. He needed to mature a bit, but overall, he could keep his personality. This was truly an honor from God. Hopefully, it would not be taken away from him when he confessed his terrible act with Sue.

   Days passed as life began to somewhat resume being normal. Carter was demon free. It was now safe for him to be around everyone again. It picked up the family’s spirit to see Carter well. The only problem was that he had a distant memory. It would take time and a combined effort from everyone to help recover Carter’s memory.

   Destiny performed exorcisms on all the victims in the house to free the demonic spirits. Over the days when she felt it was safe, Robert took them back to Barnes Avenue with their families. He wondered since Jinteen’s death, how many people that used Light Bulb still remained possessed and how many were free? It was scary to think of, but at least Jinteen no longer existed. It would take a while for the United States and leading countries around the world to recover, but Robert would do all that he could do to help.

   Driving Dad to his house, Robert was glad to see cars back on the road again and people trying to live their normal lives, but there were much fewer citizens on the road than there were before Jinteen. Some people perhaps still lived in fear. Robert could only imagine the dent that Eye for an Eye left in hearts of people around the world because there was certainly a dent in his.

   “I’m proud of you, son,” Dad said.

   That was the first time Robert ever heard those words from his father. It was perhaps the first time he ever gave his father a reason to be proud. He had to fight his eyes from becoming watery. He never was an honor student or a star athlete in high school. He did not possess vocal talents and dance moves to ignite a crowd. Being a masked superhero must have been good enough to finally earn his father’s respect.

   “Thanks, Dad,” Robert eventually said.

   “When are you going to come to church with me?” Dad asked.

   Robert was a bit hesitant to answer, mainly because he did not want to go really, but what he learned over the past few weeks was that if he was going to live and enjoy life to the fullest, he could not do so without God. Perhaps it was not a bad idea to attend church. Robert wondered how his father would feel if he told him about his experience of escaping from hell. For now, he was not ready to share that with anyone except Destiny.

   “Soon,” Robert answered.

   Some people had to be frightened to go back to their churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques after the recent war against religion. Knowing the kind of man Dad was, he would keep church in his own living room if he had to as they did in Robert’s teenage years. He would never forget those days. It was embarrassing for him to attend church in the living room, but now as an adult, he was glad his parents forced him to participate. Without church, only God knew what bad decisions he would make in life. There was nothing keeping his father away from his love of God. Robert respected that more than anything about his father. It inspired Robert to build a closer relationship with God for himself now more than ever.

   “How did you become so powerful?” Dad asked.

   “I can’t tell you. I want to, but I can’t. Only the family knows about my powers. Please don’t tell anyone else,” Robert said.

   Dad nodded his head. “I won’t. You should call me more often. I don’t want to be so distant with my sons anymore. Life is short, you know,” Dad said.

   “I know, I will.” Robert said.

   “I hope so. And always remember when all else fails, God will never fail us.”

   This time, Robert was going to give a diligent effort to keep a close relationship with his father. He almost lost him at the coliseum and when he was kidnapped by the Eye for an Eye army. Never again would he take for granted that he had his father in his life to speak to whenever he wanted. Besides his reflection, his father was the person he looked up to the most; he guided him into becoming a better man. Just because they had a shaky past and his parents were divorced now did not mean he had to be distant from his father. From this day forward, he would dedicate his life more to his relationship with his dad, Ron, and Carter too.

   Later that afternoon, Robert travelled by the mirror world to the White House. Entering the hallways of the West Wing, he was spotted by four Secret Service agents guarding outside the Oval Office.

   “Stay right there!” one of the Secret Service guards demanded as he pointed his gun at Robert.

   “Shoot!” Robert said fearlessly as he continued his walking progress toward the Secret Service agent.

   Looking the agent in the eyes, Robert sensed he did not want to shoot, but he had to.

   One, two, three, and Robert caught all three bullets with his left glove, absorbing all the energy.

   “Any more?” Robert asked.

   None of them answered. Instead, they had trouble lifting their chin from the floor.

   As Robert advanced toward the Secret Service agents, he turned his back to them and placed his hands behind him. “Handcuff me. After you handcuff me, take me to the president.”

   “Who are you?” an agent asked.

   “I’m the man who killed Eric Webb. All I want is to speak to the new leader of this country.”

   The Secret Service agent nodded and then anxiously handcuffed Robert. While he was handcuffed, they walked him down the hall to the Situation Room. Upon entering, Robert noticed a lot of different moving parts. He did not really understand what was going on, but there had to be at least fifty workers.

   Suddenly, Robert became everyone’s point of interest. He wondered, was it the fact that he was handcuffed, his golden mask, his multicolored diamond pullover hoodie, or his golden gloves covered in multicolored diamonds that stole their attention?

   Eventually, they took him to a conference room where there appeared to be twenty to thirty individuals, most of them seated around the table. At the head of the table was a white woman he recognized, with brunette hair and glasses. She appeared to be in her fifties or sixties.

   “Madam President, this man says he’s responsible for the death of Eric Webb and he would like to speak to you,” the agent said.

   The new president of the United States was a woman. The only problem Robert had with the president of the United States being a woman was that he did not expect it.

   “She was the speaker of the House. The vice president was killed in the Eye for an Eye revolution. So now she’s the president,” his reflection said in the mask.

   “What do I say to her?” Robert asked his reflection.

   “You could start by saying hi.”

   “That’s interesting attire. Who are you?” the president eventually asked Robert.

   Robert felt that part of the tradition of being a superhero was having a super cool name, symbolic of who you were and what you represented.

   “I can’t give you my government alias, but under this mask, I am an American citizen. You can call me Maskculine,” Robert said as he gave the president a second to let the name resonate. Like it or not, that was his alter ego. He felt like it represented him perfectly. “The First Lady murdered the president because she was demonically possessed. She is not morally responsible for his death. Through Light Bulb, Eric Webb, a.k.a. Jinteen, has managed to possess millions of people, including the First Lady and one of my family members. With Jinteen dead, some people who have been possessed are now free, but many are still unfortunately affected by his curse. Hopefully, you see that your job as leaders of this nation is to help those that are still possessed. I’m not trying to be Captain America, but I will make sure men like Eric Webb will never corrupt America and the world with evil ever again.”

   Some of the leaders surrounding the president chuckled. The president eventually stood up from the chair she was seated in with a serious look and then walked over to Robert. She was a lot shorter than she looked on television.

   “Thank you for informing us with this valuable information, Maskculine,” the president said, unsure. “Thank you for saving our country, your heroics are greatly appreciated. Uncuff him!” she affirmatively commanded. Immediately, Maskculine felt the handcuffs being removed from his wrists. “Whoever you are behind the mask, you are a brave man, and I understand you wanting to protect your privacy and your family’s.”

   “Yes, I want to live a normal life, but again, I am committed to protecting this country and mankind against any supernatural threats it ever faces again. If you need me,” Maskculine said.

   The president stared at Maskculine for a moment before she spoke again. Although this was the first time meeting her, she had an aura to her that he admired already. This was the new president of the United States, a woman. Without knowing her policies, her political affiliations, or any of her political accomplishments, he had a high level of respect for her. She seemed fit to improve and heal the nation. He had a feeling that they would get along very well.

   “I love your mask. It’s original. How can I get in touch with you?” the president asked.

   Maskculine thought about it for a moment. There was no way he could give her his information. Then they would surely find out who he was under the mask and then invade his privacy, completely ruining his life.

   “Give her this and tell her to look in and call your name when she needs you,” his reflection said in the mask, holding a golden tablet toward him.

   Maskculine then reached in his mask with his right hand and pulled out the golden tablet. A few in the room let out a gasp.

   “When you need me, look in this, call my name, and I promise I will be there as long as you make a promise to me,” Maskculine said as he extended the golden tablet to the president.

   “What is it?” the president said as she grabbed the tablet.

   “Promise me that America still is and will always be a nation that trusts in God.”

   “Absolutely!” the president said, shaking Maskculine’s glove firmly.

   Although he was handcuffed most of the time, meeting the new president of the United States in the White House was truly one of the more exciting experiences of his life. He would store this humbling moment in his heart forever.

   After leaving the White House through the mirror world, Robert decided to travel to Destiny’s house. He could not get over what occurred with Sue a few days ago. He finally had the time to confess to her and tell her everything that happened with Sue and explain why it happened. He did not want to, but he could not live with a guilty conscience, not admitting his regrettable act, although she surely witnessed it along with his family. It had to be an embarrassing way to catch your boyfriend cheating. He did not want her to leave him, but he knew that it was a great possibility.

   “I messed up,” Robert said as he faced Destiny on the couch in the living room.

   His heart anxiously pounded just from saying the first words. The more he spoke, the more he felt he would lose Destiny, but she was owed an explanation and the chance to determine how she wanted to move forward.

   “I know. We don’t have to talk about it,” Destiny said.

   Robert was surprised that Destiny did not want to talk about him cheating. Most, if not all, women would. Initially, it relieved some of the tension stored inside, but he expected her to be more disappointed. He felt he was obligated to explain his reasoning for committing the distrustful act.

   “You’re not upset with me?” Robert eventually asked.

   It was the first time he had ever cheated on any of his girlfriends, but there was no excuse. Destiny had every reason to be upset at him, especially deep down inside knowing that he enjoyed it.

   “No. You were trapped in a dilemma. All the decisions you had available would have been a bad choice. You made the best bad choice. You did it to save us,” Destiny said.

   Robert could not believe Destiny was so understanding. He was hesitant to ask the follow-up question. “Did you see it?”

   “I don’t want to talk about it. It happened, and it’s over. I know the power she possesses. Just don’t let it happen again—that’s all,” Destiny said.

   Robert was glad that Destiny was not upset with what happened between him and Sue. This was easier than he expected it to be. He did not have to explain himself at all, but still he felt very much guilty. Even with her kissing Jinteen, it was far less in magnitude than what he did with Sue. He had sex with her and enjoyed it. The worst part of it all was that even though he loved Destiny, his mind was still plagued with fantasies of Sue. When would they end?

   A few days passed when Robert lied to Destiny, telling her that he was going to see his mom when he had every intention to go see Sue. Surely, Destiny would eventually find out it was a lie, but his intention was not to have sex with Sue. He needed to know more about her, Jinteen, and their connection with Destiny to understand fully the past few months of his life.

   Sue now lived in a moderate-sized apartment in Paris, France. Her bedroom was decorated with a dark red tone throughout: red walls, red curtains, and red floors. The room was somewhat similar to the dimension she trapped him in and forced him to sleep with her. She was relaxed on the bed completely nude, massaging her clitoris.

   “I knew you would come back for more. I have not stopped thinking about your dick,” Sue said.

   “That’s not why I am here,” Maskculine said.

   He could not help being fascinated by Sue massaging her clitoris.

   “Look how wet I am. Pull out your cock, and fuck me with your mask on,” she said.

   “I have a girlfriend that I love. I won’t allow you to ruin that,” Maskculine said.

   “She can have your heart; all I want is your cock!”

   The way Sue spoke was sexy. Maskculine would have loved to join her in bed, but this was a test. He wanted to prove to her, and more importantly to himself, that he could resist the temptation, even if she trapped him in her sexual dimension. It was foolish but necessary to fight his lust.

   “That will never happen again,” Maskculine said.

   “It could happen right now if I wanted it to,” Sue said.

   Sue directed her hands at Maskculine’s groin area. Suddenly, inch by inch, his erection grew from her control. He tried to distract his thoughts with disgusting images like a dump of garbage or a toilet bowl full of waste to lose his erection, but it would not work. Sue had complete control of his erection, and this was the boldest it had ever been.

   “She ever told you she had a threesome with me and Jinteen?” Sue asked.

   The shocking statement immediately turned the taste inside Maskculine’s mouth sour. Although he did not want to believe that it was true, he knew that there was a grave possibility that it was. Most likely, she was forced to by the control of Jinteen’s spell and Sue’s sexual abilities combined. Maskculine could not be upset at Destiny even if it were true. It was her past, and before his time with her. Whatever decisions she made in the past, God forgave them. Who was Maskculine not to?

   “Destiny would never commit such an act under her own control. I know about the spell,” Maskculine said.

   “Don’t believe her lies! Just because she’s an angel doesn’t mean she doesn’t lie. The Bible tells lies! He left her for me,” Sue said.

   There was an unusual red gleam in her eyes. Maskculine did not want to entertain any negative perception of Destiny or the Bible, but this was too captivating to leave without questioning. Sue could give her perspective and help him understand how he became this man with extraordinary super abilities.

   “Why did he try to steal her from me, then?” Maskculine eventually asked.

   “He did not want to steal her from you. He just wanted to fuck!” Sue said.

   Hearing all these details was disheartening, but he could only imagine what Destiny’s true feeling were about the fact that Maskculine cheated with the woman lying on a bed in front of him. He was far from a perfect man himself, but when people truly love each other, they control their own flaws and mistakes, control their emotions, and find a way to work things out. Destiny was the ideal human being to grow with, and there was nothing Sue could say to change that.

   “I don’t care what happened with you all in the past. I love her, and she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Maskculine said.

   “Love is for the weak! Sex is truly what brings individuals together!” Sue rose from the bed then walked over to Maskculine. “Jinteen was bored of her and came to me, just as you will.”

   There was a pleasing sensation under his skin with Sue being so close. He never felt anything like it. It was too easy to give into the desire he had for her. He could not control the lust of his heart. He would have loved to sex her here and now.

   “I will never leave Destiny for you!” Maskculine said.

   “You don’t have to leave her, just come back when your cock needs me. I could, but I won’t force you to have sex with me this time. You’ll come back on your own like she had to go back to him,” Sue said, grabbing his erection.

   It took way too long for Maskculine to deflect her hand away.

   Never had he lusted for another woman so passionately while in a relationship. Sue would make it incredibly difficult not to cheat. The way he fantasized about her was not normal. This would perhaps be his most difficult test in life, but exhilarating sex with Sue was not worth losing Destiny over. Maskculine only had himself to blame if he ruined her trust.

   “If you don’t come back to please me, Robert, terrible things will happen. I can be much worse than Jinteen,” Sue finally said.

   “And what I did to Jinteen will be nothing compared to what I do to you,” Maskculine countered.

   Sue chuckled. “Keep me waiting, baby, and see what happens. Remember, although you did slay the prick, he did leave the world in a very critical state. America is weak and a divided nation now. This is the perfect opportunity to ignite war overseas. The fate of the world lies on your cock,” Sue said.

   Maskculine had to take Sue’s threat seriously. She was right about America being a divided nation now due to Jinteen’s curse, but the nation was not weak, especially with him living there as a citizen. He would do whatever it took to defend his nation, even if he had to impel himself to kill Sue. He would not allow a woman to control him with her sexuality.

   “I’m finished here,” Maskculine said, turning for the door in frustration.

   “I was there the day she died. She died eating me out while receiving it doggy from Jinteen,” Sue said.

   When Maskculine turned back to Sue momentarily, her eyes glowed again. Maskculine did not want to be fed with the graphic details of Destiny’s death. It enraged him. It was repulsive to think of his girlfriend in that way. He would have preferred to be spared the details.

   “No matter what you say, you will never stop me from loving Destiny,” Maskculine finally said.

   Sue smiled. “What if I told you they had a child together and she allowed Jinteen to sacrifice it to Satan? That’s how he received his powers,” Sue said.

   Maskculine felt Destiny would have informed him if this were true, but Sue made it so believable. “As I said, nothing you say can stop me from loving her,” Maskculine said.


Chapter 20