Face Maskculinity

Chapter 26: Chapter 20 Succubus



   The real battle was not between religions, the real fight was between genders. Finally, the prick was dead. Sue Young would never allow a man to control her again. Now with Jinteen dead, it was her goal to prove that woman are the dominant gender, simply because of the control they had over men sexually.

   Days after Jinteen’s death, Sue met with Ken, Anthony, and Russell in their secret high-tech facility, which was out in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility was state-of-the-art as robots greeted Sue at the entrance. Everything appeared to be operated by robots, and there were very few humans.

   In celebration of Jinteen’s death, Sue greeted them with sex. Sue controlled the sex world and gave the illusion they were exploring lust inside a computer. Sue gave Ken a blow job while Russell gave Anthony a blow job. They rotated, switched back and forth, then all took turns on Sue. In the midst of multiple orgasms in this sexual experience, she wished that Robert were here too.

   As the sex came to a close, Sue let each of them ejaculate in her mouth, which empowered the demons inside her.

   After sex, Ken took Sue to his office for a private talk.

   “So what are your plans here?” Sue asked Ken as they were seated around his office desk.

   “We will build a massive army of AI soldiers. We will use artificial intelligence on a more sophisticated scale than with Light Bulb to steal back humanity for Satan. It will take time. So for now, we’re keeping a low profile. What are your plans?” Ken asked.

   “I want to travel the world. All my life, I’ve been controlled. Controlled by men really. Now that Jinteen is dead, I am no longer controlled,” Sue said.

   “I hear you. I hope you don’t feel like I and the others tried to control you. We definitely viewed you as our equal.”

   “You guys were great. I’m not into the whole tech thing, and I never was into the whole world domination thing. If I was, I would stay with you guys, but I want to see the world beyond America. I never got that experience.”

   “You will always have a place here with us if you decide. It would be an honor to continue working with you. We could use you, but I want you to explore your freedom. As a parting gift, I will give you a million dollars cash and send you on a jet to any city in the world.”

   Sue did not really need the cash or the private jet because she could use her powers to manipulate herself to any city in the world, but Ken’s gift would make it easier, and it was a great gesture.

   “Thank you, Ken. When the time is right, I will come back,” Sue said. As she thanked Ken, it ignited a burn from the demons within. She wanted to hug Ken, but it would only ignite the demons more.

   “No rush. I do want to speak to you about something Jinteen and I spoke of before his death. I feel you need to know he planned on murdering you,” Ken admitted to Sue.

   Initially, Sue did not know how to feel. She was not surprised because of the kind of man Jinteen was. It was bizarre that he actually had this conversation with Ken. If this was true, in a way, Robert saved her life. Just as he was a hero to the world, he was a hero to her pussy. Now she could not wait to see him to thank him in an informal way.

   “Why did he want to kill me?” Sue eventually asked.

   “Because he could not control you anymore. It drove him crazy how you were infatuated with Robert,” Ken said.

   “So it didn’t drive me crazy that he was still in love with Destiny, right?”

   “Look you two had a very strange relationship. I’m just glad that it’s over and I don’t have to deal with it anymore.”

   Sue could only imagine how irritating it was for Ken to be in the middle of their battles. It kind of made her feel bad, especially since most of the time she actually enjoyed arguing and fighting with Jinteen. Aggressive men turned her on. She loved it when he would beat her senselessly, but ultimately, it hurt her that he would not let her be the queen of the Eye for an Eye empire. She deserved to be the queen. She helped build Eye for an Eye. It was not all about him; she deserved to be the face of Eye for an Eye just as much as him.

   With encountering Robert Smith, Sue began to question Jinteen as a man and leader. The way he would beat her as if she were his slave was amazing, but how he concealed himself from battle with Robert was just as complete of a turnoff. Jinteen was not a man. He was a coward, and a coward could not be a leader.

   “Will you be going to hell anytime soon?” Sue asked, switching the subject.

   “Yes, I’m not sure when though. I’m curious to learn how Robert was able to kill Jinteen. How about you?” Ken asked.

   “I’m just glad he’s dead. Part of me does want to see Jinteen now as a slave of Satan instead of our leader, but I’m not too excited to visit hell.”

   As a slave in hell, Jinteen would have to spend the rest of his eternity knowing that he was a failure on earth. He was outsmarted and defeated by a man whom he claimed was ordinary. Robert was far beyond ordinary, especially in sex!

   “It’s not easy being a leader. Not everyone will agree with you, but you still have to lead. Speaking about leaders, what do you think about the new president of the United States? You must know her?” Ken asked.

   “Her? The new president of the United States is a woman?” Sue asked.

   “Yes, it’s the speaker of the House. Joanna Bennet.”

   The little joy that came with hearing the president of the United States was a woman was instantly killed when she heard the name Joanna Bennet. Sue hated the speaker of the House, Joanna Bennet, with a passion. The few years Sue was in Congress, Madam Speaker Joanna Bennet was down her back the entire time as the speaker was jealous of Sue’s ability to fundraise, her growing popularity and ability to draw crowds, and that all the youth energy in the Democratic Party was being drawn to her.

   “Yeah, I know her. I hate that bitch so much! I can’t believe she’s the president of the United States now,” Sue said.

   “Why do you hate her? She seems like a nice lady,” Ken said.

   “She’s a rotten fucking bitch! I hate her with every cell in my body! You know, it’s not such a bad thing that she’s president. It gives me purpose. I will make life a living hell for that bitch!”

   “Well, I believe you have so much potential to cause great conflict in this world, once you focus your abilities the right way. However you sabotage this president will be helpful to us. I hope you keep us updated with your plans.”

   Days after the talk with Ken, Sue took his jet and money to Paris, France. It was her first time visiting the city, and it was love at first sight. The Eiffel Tower reminded her of Robert’s stiff cock. With her abilities, Sue knew she could take over the government of France and cause major conflict in this region of the world, but she did not want to be a ruler of land; she wanted to be a ruler of man. All her life since she was a child, she was controlled by man. That day of control should have ended when she left her father’s house as a teenager, but it continued throughout her adult and professional career, leading to fellow New York congressional representative Eric Webb. Now that he was dead, Sue would turn the page and focus her sexuality to control powerful men, beginning with Robert Smith.

   Unlike Jinteen, Sue was born into Satanism. She was privileged to even exist because her parents’ actual firstborn child was sacrificed to Satan. Growing up in San Francisco, California, she spent her childhood and teenage years worshiping the devil with her parents. Even if she wanted to escape, she could not. Where could she go? She did not have any friends. It was easy to make friends, but just as difficult to keep them. All her friendships had unfortunate endings. Over time, she learned that there was no need to have friends, especially females. All they do is find ways to hold you back and prevent you from attaining what you desire.

   In junior high school, Sue was avoided and disliked by most of the girls in her class. As fast as her body began to develop was as quick as she began to attract guys, but Sue did not give guys any attention. She feared boys as they all reminded her of her dad. Sue fueled the rage she had from her home environment to challenge herself to be the smartest of her class.

   Sue hated being home. The more time she spent home, the more time she devoted to worshiping Satan, and Dad abused her in every way he could, from psychical beatings, to taking her innocence away at a very young age. Her house was hell on earth. No one on the outside world really cared what she went through in her own home, by her own parents. No one cared to help. Everyone wanted to judge, so over the years, she learned to embrace Satanism. As she grew older, she matured and began to take control over the satanic rituals. Taking control made her realize how powerful she truly was and helped her to be less afraid of boys and learn to master the art of seduction.

   Completing high school, Sue graduated third in her class, losing to two boys. If guys were not so attracted to her, she could have been the valedictorian, but no matter how poorly she would dress at times or how mean she would treat boys, multiple guys would still try to flirt with Sue daily. It was a distraction juggling so many boys, but it was profitable like a Fortune 500 company.

   Sue did not have time for romance, but because she was smart and attractive, boys were very easy to seduce, get gifts and money from, and control. They were all simple as she was too much in control of any boy she entertained to settle down with one. She managed to complete high school never having sex with any of the boys she toyed with during the years, but she had received tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and money simply because she was good at selling boys the dream of true love.

   After graduating high school, Sue went on to attend Yale University to major in energy and society. Finally, she was out of her parents’ home, and she had no intention on looking back ever again. Sue hated her parents, and she wanted nothing to do with them.

   Now as an adult college student, Sue continued to ace all her assignments while manipulating and toying with men, primarily using them as an ATM. This time, she got more because she did have sex with them. She never stayed in a relationship long enough to get attached to any man. The objective was always to take as much as she could while giving as little as possible.

   It was in Yale that her politics and worldview began to develop. In high school, she tried to ignore politics, but it was impossible to avoid in Yale. Sue was drawn to the ideals of feminism, climate change, and socialism.

   Sue hated that men were so powerful and strong on the outside, but weak and soft on the inside. She wished it were the opposite and women were the more physically dominant gender like hyenas. Because of the strength they possessed on the outside, they were the head of society, and they had all the advantages. The only way to gain advantage over powerful men was through sex.

   With climate change, Sue felt that scientific evidence strongly supported that the earth was heating at a rate that needed to be reversed immediately or it would have a catastrophic impact to the world sooner rather than later. Sue hated all climate change deniers in support of greedy capitalist views.

   With socialism, Sue felt capitalism benefited man a lot more than woman. Because of capitalism, American women had to settle to be man’s wife just to have and take care of his rotten kids and live under his roof. Sue felt the government needed to regulate industries more to assure that men and women were getting paid equally so women could be independent from man.

   Sue gained attention on campus and national attention with her debates with conservatives on her liberal views. Because of how well Sue articulated the mindset of millions of young liberals in America, she landed slots on major network television shows, and she built her own social media platform, which earned her a great living. She was doing so well financially that she did not have to go back to school for her master’s degree, and by the time she graduated from Yale, she had earned four times the amounted needed to pay her loans.

   Sue was financially independent, and only needed man for sex.

   Post Yale, Sue worked in the media, spoke at college campuses, and met with many liberal politicians who supported her views, often asking for an endorsement.

   When Sue turned twenty-six years old, she used her popularity to fundraise for her own political campaign in the Democratic Party, relatively easier than expected because she was twenty-eight years old at the time of election day and a newbie. Sue won her race for the fifth district of California in dominant fashion, becoming the youngest woman in America to be elected to Congress.

   Just as much as Sue was beloved by young liberals, from the men who thought she was attractive and the women who were inspired to see one of their own make such a large splash on the political scene, it was the same level of hatred that she received from conservatives and so-called moderate Democrats in and outside Washington, DC.

   Sue loved fighting against Republicans. They were weak, and the victim card always defeated them. Fellow Democrats were more difficult to debate because it was more about the substance of the policy. The only thing she really hated about Congress was that she had to pretend she believed in God.

   At the peak of Sue’s popularity, she met a fellow congressional representative from New York, Eric Webb. At first, it was an attraction of the minds. Then she was attracted to how he stood up for her when Republicans in Congress or conservatives in the media attacked her for her policy stances. Eric would also help her understand the mindset of Madam Speaker of the House, Joanna Bennet, and how to get what she needed out of the speaker without being too combative, which always played right into the speaker’s hand. Ultimately, it became a sexual relationship the more they saw each other and spent time alone.

   Unfortunately, the affair was when their relationship changed for the worse. Eric was an aggressive man sexually, just like her father. The fortunate part of it was that Sue did not fully appreciate how her dad would dominate her sexually until she began to have sex with boys in college. No one was on her dad’s level of giving her pleasure, until Eric. The negative part was that Eric reminded her of her dad, which she hated. She had to remind herself constantly that they were different people.

   The affair lasted a few years before she got pregnant, which was her first time being pregnant. As a pro-choicer, she never thought of having an abortion, which Eric suggested. Instead, she wanted her baby to taste the air as it exited her womb, then sacrifice the life to Satan.

   Fortunately for Sue, after the whole affair and them both resigning from Congress at the request of Madam Speaker Joanna Bennet, Eric found Satan on his own. Eric received the blessed gift of black magic with a sacrifice of his own mother. If it were not for him, Sue would not have supernatural abilities of her own.

   As Eye for an Eye was formed and Eric converted into Jinteen, Sue began to realize more that he was no different from her father. Perhaps far more abusive, but she could not deny her love for Jinteen. There was no better feeling than him penetrating her, until of course she experienced Robert Smith. Sue would do whatever it took to sleep with him again and again, whenever she wanted.

   Sue encountered the flame of Satan a week after Jinteen’s death, and she was summoned to visit hell. This would be the first time going to hell by herself. It was a new experience diving into the Euro canal alone, but she feared nothing. Plus, as time passed, there was nothing that she wanted more than to see her former leader now a prisoner of Satan. She wondered if Ken, Anthony, and Russell were summoned to visit Satan as well.

   In hell, it was not difficult for Sue to avoid placing her eyes upon Satan. She was not caught up in the excitement like Jinteen; she was not that intrigued by Satan. She would much prefer to live a long life on Earth rather than spend the rest of her eternity a slave in hell like Jinteen was now.

   “Jinteen says you have betrayed him,” Satan said from behind Sue in the chamber.

   Jinteen was shackled in front of her, with the shackles connected to the two demon guards on each side of him.

   “How have I betrayed him, Lord Satan?” Sue asked, staring Jinteen in the eyes.

   Looking at Jinteen in his demonic spirit form was slightly different from him alive on earth in his human form. He still had his face, but his flesh was completely burned, glowing red with flames bursting throughout his body. He still had limbs, but no fingers and toes. He was once her leader, now a slave. Sue loved this image.

   “Speak!” Satan demanded Jinteen.

   As Jinteen opened his mouth to speak, she could not help but question why she allowed him to be her leader and why she ever tried to trust a man. No man would ever dictate any of her decisions.

   “She loves him, Lord Satan! She wanted him to defeat me so she could have him to herself!” Jinteen said.

   “And you wanted to kill me, you son of a bitch!” Sue yelled.

   Jinteen did not seem to care that Sue knew his intent. Instead, he looked at Satan behind her, searching for sympathy. Jinteen was a coward in life, and he was a coward in the afterlife as well.

   “Sue, what side are you on? Are you on God’s side?” Satan eventually asked.

   A loud explosion sounded throughout the chamber, vibrating the ground.

   “I am with you, Lord Satan.” Sue said when the explosions ended.

   “Are you in love with the slayer of Jinteen?” Satan angrily asked.

   Sue hesitated briefly before answering. She was not afraid to admit her true emotion about Robert Smith. He was sexy with or without his mask on, and she would do whatever it took to make sure she had sex with him again.

   “I do not love him, I love only his cock,” Sue admitted. “I did everything Jinteen asked me to do, and he failed us! I do not understand why he’s upset at me! It shows you how much of a leader he is to blame me! A real leader, no matter if his men are wrong or not, will take the blame himself!” Sue said as she stared into Jinteen’s eyes, hoping that her words burned more than the roasting air.

   He probably wanted to beat her like he would when he was alive, but he would never be able to do so again. He was beneath her now.

   “If you do not love him, prove it! Bring him to me!” Satan demanded.

   Sue did not want to get involved in any missions from Satan. Eye for an Eye was over. Everyone had gone their separate ways. She really wanted to enjoy her life by spending it controlling men, beginning with Robert Smith, all for personal satisfaction.

   “How can I bring him to you?” Sue eventually asked.

   “I will enhance your sexual gifts. Since it works so well on him, I will give you the ability to transport a soul here from your sexual dimension, and it will work as transportation for you as well,” Satan said.

   “Could you make me more attractive and enhance my body?” Sue asked.

   The one body feature Sue always thought she lacked was a round ass. Hers was too flat. There was nothing that attracted her more about a woman than a glorious curvy behind. Satan must have agreed, because without another word she felt his hands radiating near her butt cheeks. It was an incredibly painful sensation, but she embraced it. One thing she learned from Jinteen was how to embrace pain. For her, the method was thinking about something else, and now it was Robert’s cock. As Satan pulled away his hands, she was curious to turn around and see how her butt improved, but she did not want to place her eyes accidentally on Satan.

   “Any man or woman who places their eyes upon your bare beautiful treasure will instantly be under your control. You are now the sexiest woman alive—use it! People will bow to you and give you whatever you desire! Bring Robert Smith to me, and I’ll let you have what Jinteen once had!” Satan said.

   Sue was unsure if she wanted what Jinteen had. She was not into world domination like he was. All she wanted was to have Robert whenever she wanted. Then when she was through with him, move on to the next big cock. No matter how amazing a man was, they always eventually proved to be a waste of time. It was hard to imagine that would ever happen with Robert, but once upon a time, she did feel the same about Jinteen.

   “Lord Satan, I do not desire to rule the world, I prefer to rule men instead,” Sue said.

   Looking at Jinteen’s angered face, Sue could only imagine what he was thinking.

   “Why would you prefer to rule men as opposed to having the world?” Satan asked.

   “Most of my life, I have been controlled by men. It’s time for me to return the favor. Leadership over the world means nothing to me! Why rule the world when I could rule the man who rules the world?” Sue asked.

   For a moment, the dry air was left wordless. All Sue could hear was the eruption of the random flames that burst throughout the chamber.

   “Which man would you say rules the world?” Satan eventually asked.

   Sue stared Jinteen directly in the eye before she spoke. It was a no-brainer. It was that much more exhilarating to say it to the man that she once loved.

   “Robert Smith,” Sue said.

   There was nothing sweeter than watching the jealousy burning in Jinteen’s eyes, and he had to spend the rest of eternity knowing that she would have Robert for her sexual pleasures. It was an image that she would save in her heart for the rest of her life.

   “Bring his soul to me, and you can have him to yourself. And be careful of mirrors. That’s how he killed Jinteen,” Satan said.

   “Mirrors? How did he use a mirror?” Sue asked.

   “It’s for you to explore.”

   Confusion stormed Sue’s mind. She could not wait to see Robert again to explore his abilities. This was her top priority.

   Back on Earth, Sue travelled back to Long Island directly from the depths of hell for a long-awaited encounter with Robert. She did not care that she was in hazardous territory in the United States, or that she was completely nude. It had been a week since last seeing him. She could not wait to show him her new beautiful body, and her new remarkable gifts.

   It was great now that Sue did not have to have sex with an individual she wanted to control anymore. All she had to do was simply show off her bare ass and that individual would do whatever she ordered.

   From Montauk Point, Long Island, Sue was able to get transportation from the first driver she spotted. He was a young man who stopped the second he saw her walking nude along the side of the street. He drove her all the way to Freeport free of charge. It was approximately a two-hour ride. She did not even have to give him a blow job; he just had the luxury of watching her play with herself in the rearview mirror off the thought of Robert. When the driver reached Destiny’s house a few hours later, he let her out and pulled off, never to be seen again.

   Sue did not want to deliver Robert’s soul to Satan yet; she wanted to enjoy him as much as she could under his own control until the time came in which she had to possess him. Hopefully, that day would never come because she did want to take a break from Satan, even though he offered her elite supernatural ability now. She was now the sexiest woman alive, and she would use it to get whatever from whomever.

   Sue walked up to the door and knocked a few times. No one answered. After a minute, another knock, but still no one answered. She grew impatient, so she turned the knob, easily opening the door. She was not intimidated one bit, but she entered cautiously, not knowing what to expect. Entering the living room, she spotted the one person standing in the way of inevitability with her and Robert. It was Destiny in her hideous angelic form. Unlike Jinteen, she was not afraid to battle with angels.

   “Why are you here?” Destiny asked with a harmonic echo.

   “I’m here for Robert! Where is he?” Sue asked.

   “Stay away from him! He is my man!”

   “He might be your man, but his dick is mine! We already know you don’t know what to do with dick! Where is he?”

   Destiny shook her head, disgusted by Sue. “You have no respect for yourself. That’s why you can’t find a man of your own,” Destiny said.

   Sue wanted to punch Destiny in her face. She was tired of hearing that she had no respect for herself. “Why find a man of my own when I could have yours? You seem to have good taste in men, and they seem to prefer fucking me than they do you!” Sue said.

   “Is everything about sex with you? What happens when it’s over, who are you then?” Destiny asked.

   “Enough chatter. Where is he so I can fuck his brains out?”

   “Stay away from him! He is my man! Don’t make me have to warn you again!”

   “Or what, you think I’m scared of you, bitch?”

   “Get out of our home and don’t come back!” Destiny demanded.

   Without another word, Sue walked up directly to Destiny’s face and stared her in the eyes to show that she was not intimidated at all. “My pussy is his home!” Sue said.

   Suddenly, as Destiny put her hands up and faced her palm to Sue, a powerful gust of wind lifted her off her feet and thrust her out through the door. Sue landed all the way outside on the concrete in the middle of the street. She let the cobwebs fade away before she rose to her feet. It did not make sense to battle with Destiny. It was pointless. Ultimately, she knew she could have Robert without fighting with Destiny. In the end, Sue would steal Robert from Destiny just as she did with Jinteen. Then Destiny would be forced out of the picture for good. It would be up to Sue to decide whether she wanted to use Robert to take over the world for Satan, or if she would use him just for herself.


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