Face Maskculinity

Chapter 27: Chapter 21 What Am I Worth?



   Robert’s self-esteem was at an all time high, and the main reason was because of the unlimited opportunities the mirror world and his reflection presented. His confidence soared to levels that he did not know existed since accomplishing the significant feat of slaying Jinteen, the leader of the evil Eye for an Eye cult. Now Robert wanted to spend most of his time helping to heal his family.

   Carter’s memory recovered bit by bit each day. Mom was in good spirits. Robert called his brother Ron and his father every day, even if it was only for five minutes, just to let them know that he loved them.

   President Joanna Bennet addressed the nation a couple of weeks after Jinteen’s death, formally introducing herself to the nation as the new president of the United States. In her first speech, she comforted the American people into resuming to their normal lives. She also signed an executive order to ban and dismantle the Light Bulb network, and she temporarily suspended all social media platforms until they could assure the safety of its users. President Bennet did not mention the former president and his assassination from his wife. She did not mention Eye for an Eye, Maskculine, Robert’s alter-ego, Jinteen, nor did she say the word demon one time. Clearly she wanted to hide the truth from the nation. That would only open up the door for conspiracy theories, Robert thought. The president went on to assure America and the world that it would recover better and stronger than ever.

   Although Robert disagreed with the president hiding the truth from the world, he did love the way President Bennet spoke. She spoke with confidence and strength. Her voice had a calming and soothing tone to it. He could not wait to see her in person again. He was inspired and willing to provide his services to America if she ever needed him, but he would also work with the media to expose the truth to the people.

   Now with Jinteen’s death, Robert had the time to digest everything that occurred over the past month, from gaining his super strength and abilities, to controlling himself in the air, to being able to interact with his reflection in the mirror, plus his mask, his multicolored hoodie and gloves that, once combined, could turn into a chain, being able to interact with animals, and the best gift of them all: having the honor of being with an exquisite angel as his girlfriend. As a result of having Destiny as his girlfriend, he felt as if he had more purpose in this world, not just as a superhero, but also as the man behind the mask. Now more than ever, he had to embrace manhood.

   Having a girlfriend like Destiny was surreal, but just as with Robert’s exes, he did have the fear that Destiny might one day break up with him too and leave him for someone else. He could not allow that to happen again, not this time. He would show more by actions, and less by words, how much he truly loved Destiny and wanted to be with her long-term.

   “I want to ask Destiny to marry me. Is it a bad idea?” Robert asked his reflection in the mirror world.

   “Why do you want to marry her?” his reflection asked.

   “She’s amazing. I still can’t believe she gave me the time of day. Destiny makes me a better person. I love her, and I never want to love another woman. I want to be with her for the rest of my life,” Robert said.

   “You never want to love another woman, including Sue, right?”

   Robert hated to think about Sue, but he still could not control his random fantasies of her. Perhaps proposing to Destiny might help cure him of the way he desired Sue. With marriage, he would be making a greater commitment to Destiny and God that he could not break.

   “I don’t love Sue—I just wasn’t prepared for her. I will never cheat on Destiny ever again,” Robert affirmatively said.

   “Are you sure? Sue is a powerful woman. If you have your chain on, you could escape her dimension into the mirror world easy, but what if you don’t have your chain on? You have to choose between killing her and having sex with her. What will you choose?” his reflection asked.

   Robert would not lie to himself and pretend it would not be difficult to give into lust, and give Sue what she wanted if he encountered her again, but he would not allow lust to win. If Destiny did give her hand in marriage, he would never betray her love.

   “I would do whatever I had to protect my vow to Destiny and God,” Robert said.

   “If that means killing Sue if you have to, I think you should marry Destiny. But if you’re going to be weak and give in to the temptation that Sue presents, maybe marriage isn’t for you,” his reflection said.

   Robert was not comfortable with the idea of killing Sue. Hopefully, he was always prepared by having his chain on, but if he wasn’t, he would have to execute Sue to save his marriage.

   “I love Destiny. I want to be with her for the rest of my life. If I have to kill Sue to save my marriage, I will,” Robert said.

   “That’s what I like to hear! You said it with such conviction! Normally I don’t approve of marriage for men because there are too many women like Sue in your world, and a guy like you would get manipulated all day long, but Destiny is part of the reason me are you are good friends, and she’s a good woman. You’re not gonna find another women like her,” his reflection said.

   “What do you mean I will get manipulated all day long?”

   “If Destiny was a woman like Sue, she could use her looks to benefit herself and weaken you, but Destiny uses her looks to build you up. You’re going to find a lot more women like Sue in your world, and weak men like you will submit to a woman’s beauty, and give her all the power to destroy you. Destiny will never do that to you, but I want you to become desensitized to a woman’s beauty, and even if you marry Destiny, I want you to find happiness as an individual when you’re not around her. Do not revolve your world around her, she’s an accessory to you, and worse case scenario if she no longer wanted to be with you, you would be fine on your own because you have great purpose in your world.”

   “It’s an insult to call me weak when I just helped to save the world.”

   “Well stop being weak then. Girls are amazing, and they’re so beautiful, but you have to get to the point mentally where worse case scenario you don’t need them. That will boost their attraction to you, not being Mr. Nice Guy.”

   It was a lot to absorb and process, but perhaps his reflection was right. Maybe the pedestal Robert put women on all his life, he now needed to stand on top of. Maybe he was too nice all his life, and now needed to be more assertive.

   “So how will you propose?” his reflection asked.

   “I was thinking about taking her on a romantic vacation and proposing on the trip. I need a ring, though.”

   “You already know I’m the master jeweler. When Destiny sees the ring that I make, her heart will melt in your hands. I guarantee it.”

   “So how long will it take you to make it?”

   “The next time you enter the mirror world, it will be ready.”

   Robert did not know how or when he would propose to Destiny. For now, all he knew was that he wanted to take her on a vacation, and explore a new city together that would take them mentally away from the horror of the past month. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to be with Destiny for the rest of his life. The only doubt he had was that she would reject his proposal. Still, it was more than worth the risk of failure with Destiny to see if she wanted to spend her life with him as well.

   Robert exited the mirror portal in his old bedroom at his mother’s house, which was in the attic. He knocked on his brother Ron’s door, and they spoke for a few minutes. Robert was grateful to be able to have this conversation with his brother and was happy that they now spoke to each other more regularly.

   When they finished chatting, Robert went downstairs to his mother’s room. Even though he lived with Destiny now, Robert had visited his mother every day since she went back home.

   “I never saw you wear jewelry before. When did you get a chain?” Mom asked about Robert’s chain as they walked down the steps.

   “It’s a long story that you wouldn’t want to know. You think it’s ugly?” Robert asked as they reached the bottom step.

   “It’s just unusual to see you wear a chain. I haven’t seen you in once since you were a child. Where did you get the money to get that chain?”

   “I’m rich, Mom. You never have to work for money a day in your life ever again.”

   It felt good to be able finally to say those words to his mother. It was like the world was lifted off his shoulders. His mother and father did not have to be there for him growing up, but they were. His parents were the reason he was the man he was today, so whatever he earned in life, his parents always deserved a part of it.

   “How did you get rich? Are you doing anything illegal?” Mom asked, now downstairs seated around the kitchen table with Robert.

   “I can’t tell you how I became rich, but I’m not doing anything God would not approve,” Robert said.

   “Are you sure?”

   “Yes, Mom. How are you feeling otherwise?”

   “I’m okay I’m just scared. Today I was heavily thinking about moving back to Jamaica. I don’t feel America is safe anymore.”

   “What makes you think that Jamaica is any safer? We will be fine, Mom, I promise. I need you not to worry at all. I will do all I can to protect you and this country.”

   “That is not your job, Robert. I cannot handle it if I lose you.”

   “You need to trust me, Mom. How do you think I was able to save you from Jinteen? God gave me the ability to protect us, Mom. I will do so until he no longer desires it of me.”

   There was nothing Robert could say or do to get his mother not to worry. That was who she was, overprotective of him from his birth, and now even more as an adult. It was understandable. What true mother wants to lose their son? But the more she worried, the more stress she built upon herself. The last thing he wanted to see was his mother in the hospital because she could not handle the overburden of stress.

   “You know, I was thinking about going to church, but I could not bring my heart to it. Church is supposed to be the house of God, but I don’t feel safe around people anymore,” Mom said.

   “Mom, you have nothing to fear. Your only fear is God. Wherever you go, even if I’m not there, I could get there in an instant to come protect you, mom. Plus, you could have church here. You remember how you and Dad did it years ago? You could even invite the neighbors,” Robert said.

   Mom smiled.

   “That’s actually a good idea. Would you come?” Mom asked.

   Robert wanted to say no, but how could he? God did bless him tremendously in so many different ways, even before Destiny entered his life. The least he could do was give thanks.

   “Sure,” Robert eventually answered. “There’s something that I really want to talk to you about, and I want your honest opinion.”

   “What is it?” Mom asked.

   Robert anxiously sighed before he spoke, not sure if his mother would be receptive of the idea. “I want to ask Destiny to marry me. You think I’m going to embarrass myself?” Robert asked.

   Mom laughed. All of a sudden, Robert was not too fond of the idea.

   “You know that girl loves you. Are you sure you’re ready for marriage? It’s a major commitment. See, your father and I did not work out,” Mom said.

   “I love her, Mom. I can’t imagine my life without her,” Robert said.

   “It’s like that at first, but as the glamour fades away, the challenges become real. No matter what challenges you encounter together, you agreed to spend the rest of your life with that person. For better or worse. Till death do us part.”

   “Whatever those challenges are, I want to go through them with her. No matter what, I will never leave her.”

   “You know I love Destiny. I’m glad you want to bring her into the family. Do you have a ring?”

   “Not yet. I’ll have it by tomorrow. I have to go, Mom. I’ll show you the ring before I propose to her,” Robert said, exiting his seat.

   Later on in the afternoon, Robert entered Destiny’s bedroom through the mirror world. Robert now had the engagement ring, and he could propose at any moment to Destiny. In the bedroom was empty. So Robert went downstairs as he heard hammering and drilling. At the front door was a crew replacing the door that was damaged for the second time within weeks of each other. Outside the house in the garden was Destiny examining the destroyed plants in frustration.

   “Hey, babe,” Robert said, walking up to her.

   “Hey, honey,” Destiny said as they kissed.

   “What’s wrong?” Robert held Destiny in his arms.

   “This is going to take forever to restore. I won’t have back my plants until spring,” Destiny said.

   “Don’t worry. I’ll help you make the garden look more beautiful than ever, but you know nothing in this world would ever be as beautiful as you,” Robert said.

   “Thank you, baby. I missed you.” Destiny said, hugging Robert tighter. With all the supernatural occurrences that transpired recently in his life, this was still the greatest feeling in the world: being so closely connected to an exquisite woman of his desire. “What did you do today?”

   “I missed you too,” Robert said, holding Destiny firmer as well. “I had to run a few errands.”

   Destiny probably knew exactly what Robert went to do. Still, he was confident he could catch her off guard with a proposal because he did not even know himself how or when he would propose to her. It was a big risk he was taking, especially that she had been in a failed marriage already, plus his sexual encounter with Sue.

   “Is your mom OK?” Destiny asked.

   “Yeah, I think she wants to hold church in the house. You wanna go with me when she does?” Robert asked.

   “I would love to.”

   “So I’m going to my job for a few hours. They called me in. Is there anything you need me to do before I go?”

   “Kiss me.”

   As they locked lips, Robert thought about the information Sue shared with him. He wanted to ask Destiny about some of the details Sue informed him of, but he probably would end up doing more explaining than questioning. He should not have been with Sue in the first place. When the time was right, he would ask more about what occurred with Jinteen and Sue, but for now, it was best to leave Destiny’s past alone.

   Robert used the mirror to travel to work at Cheap Prices for an eight-hour shift. Of course, with his super abilities, he really did not have to work, but he wanted to be viewed as a normal person still. Plus, he was being nice because they had no one to do customer service today. He didn’t wear his chain, but he kept it in his pocket.

   At work, it was a slow and gloomy day. Robert found out the disturbing news that two coworkers were murdered in Jinteen’s execution chambers. There were not too many customers or employees. Most people were still afraid to leave their homes, it appeared, just like his mother. Robert was surprised that newspapers covered a story of the evil American dictator, Jinteen. Robert read the story. Over the few days that Jinteen was in power, the estimated genocide number was over two million in the United States, and over five million throughout the rest of the world. He wondered how many people were still possessed. It was frightening to think about.

   Halfway through Robert’s shift, his favorite coworker, Julia, came to the courtesy counter for a quick conversation with him. She was a beautiful young Hispanic woman his age who was the file maintenance clerk. It was nice to see that she was OK. Before Destiny, he had a major crush on Julia, but nothing ever happened between them because he was too scared to tell her how he felt about her; plus, she had a boyfriend that she appeared to be content with anyway. It was not his intention to take her away from that, so he kept their relationship at a friendship level so he could still have the honor of talking to her every day. It was different now being able to talk to her about his girlfriend. Robert and Julia had a lot in common and a lot to relate to.

   “Could I show you something? And I need your advice,” Robert said.

   “Sure,” Julia said.

   Robert reached in his back pocket for the small clear glass box. He took it out of his pocket, opened it, and faced it to Julia.

   “Oh my goodness, Robert It’s beautiful! You’re going to propose?” Julia asked, moving in closer to examine the golden ring sprinkled with multicolored diamonds, and a huge clear diamond in the center mount.

   “Yeah, I don’t know how, though,” Robert said.

   “How did you afford that?”

   There were not too many people in the world Robert could trust knowing about his super abilities, including his family. He would never reveal his powers to Julia, but if he had to, he trusted she would keep it a secret.

   “Overtime,” Robert said.

   Julia laughed. “Robert, you could work a complete twenty-four hours every day for the rest of the year, and you still wouldn’t be able to afford that ring working at Cheap Prices.”

   Robert laughed. She was right. Even though he wanted to, he could not tell Julia how he got the ring. It would create too many questions.

   “What’s the best way to propose to a woman?” Robert asked.

   “Robert, seeing this ring stole my heart. I can only imagine what it would do to hers,” Julia said.

   “I need to do more. It has to be epic. I want to take her away. Where would you recommend?”

   “I mean, if you could afford that ring, you might as well take her to Venice.”

   “Venice? Why Venice?”

   “Why not? Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, but you can’t afford that trip with a Cheap Prices salary.”

   Robert smiled. He wished he could, but he could not tell her about his secret stash of cash and how he received it, or that every time he took a shower or washed his hands, his dirty water turned into silver and gold. He was not too familiar with Venice, but it sounded like an intriguing vacation destination.

   Later, Robert searched Venice, Italy, on his phone, and saw that the city indeed was acknowledged widely as one of the more romantic cities in the world. He decided it was the perfect destination to propose to his love.

   A week passed of having the ring when Robert booked two tickets to Venice, Italy, for him and Destiny. With the bag of cash he stole from Nate, Robert was able to comfortably afford the two tickets, a hotel for a week, and still have spending money. Soon, he would have to refill the bag with cash by selling his jewelry, but for now, his focus was on Destiny.

   The day before the vacation, he went to his mother’s house to show her the ring.

   “It’s beautiful. She’s going to love it!” Mom said.

   “You think so?” Robert asked.

   “Yes. How are you going to propose to her?”

   “I don’t know yet. Hopefully, I’m brave enough to do it in Italy.”

   “Don’t be a chicken. Be a man! You know that girl loves you. I am no longer your mother if you don’t ask her to marry you on your vacation.”

   “You really mean that?” Robert asked childishly.

   “Yes. I love Destiny. I want you to make her a part of this family.”

   “Okay what if she says no?”

   “If she says no, I’m going to laugh at you.”

   Robert smiled. It was a wonderful feeling inside to see his mother in good spirit now.

   “Is everything good here? Do you need anything before I leave?” Robert asked.

   “I’m fine, Robert. I’m glad to see you’re ready to take the next step in your life. I just want you to understand something about women before you propose to her. It don’t matter how much you think or say you love her, how much you provide financially, or how good the sex is. If you really love her, make sure you always treat her with respect, and show her that you appreciate her. Your dad was a great man and an excellent father, but he would talk me down like I was nothing, especially in front of people. That’s why I left him. I could no longer take being treated like someone’s child,” Mom explained.

   “I promise I will always treat Destiny with respect, Mom.”

   “I hope so. Treasure her if you really love her.”

   Robert was the true definition of a sucker for love, from his first high school crush Cindy Melina, whom he remembered one Valentine’s Day buying a teddy bear for. She did not come to class that day, so he had to wait until the end of the school day to give her the gift. Of course, she came to his locker with her boyfriend and a couple of his friends, which added severe anxiety. It was then he initiated the faith that even if it was not with Cindy, he would find love with a woman like her. Finding love was one of the most difficult challenges of Robert’s life. The primary reason was because love is not something you search for, it is something that finds you as you mature. The more you search for love, the more you put yourself in the position to get hurt. The more pain that you endure, the more bitter you become, and bitterness harms the one being bitter the most.

   Over the years, it was easy for Robert to find women who wanted him just as a friend or strictly for sex but never both. It was an empty feeling both ways. He questioned if he would ever be good enough for a relationship and a complete woman.

   Robert wanted to give up on love every time a woman broke his heart. Maybe it was just a fabricated emotion that he allowed himself to believe in, and he needed to grow up and get married to a woman he accidentally got pregnant.

   For some reason, he held on to the belief of true love and knew deep in his heart that one day, it would find him. Love found him in Destiny, and it was the most uplifting feeling ever. Finally, he had a lover and a friend. She was the most amazing person in the world. Although he was an imperfect man, he knew he was worth her, and he knew he would become a better man. He had to make her part of his everyday life permanently. Maybe he was moving too fast, but at least it was not faster than Romeo and Juliet.

   The next day, Robert and Destiny travelled from JFK International Airport to Venice’s Marco Polo International Airport. The flight was approximately eight hours long. If only he did not have to hide the mirror world from Destiny, they would have made it to Venice in a matter of seconds. It would have saved him from his anxiety of flying and the pricey plane fare.

   Driving through the streets of Venice in a cab, Robert grew more inspired to propose to Destiny. Venice was beautiful, but the city did not compare to the elegance of his girlfriend. She wore a cute white mini dress with white sandals. Her hair was in silky curls. Looking at her, he could see she enjoyed the elegant sights of the city as well. He still did not know how or when he would do it, but the ring was right in his carry-on bag. After reaching the hotel, he would keep it in his pocket so he was prepared to propose instinctively.

   After unloading their luggage in the hotel room, the two went out sightseeing around the elegant city of Venice. It was daytime. The anxiety bugs bit him throughout his body. Robert just wanted to propose and get it over with, but he was too much of a coward to actually do it. He never thought this day would come, the day he would ask a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. What if she did not want to get married again? After all, she did just get out of a marriage that ended with her husband submitting his soul to Satan. It would be heartbreaking if she declined, but he would understand.

   Still, Robert had his mind set on proposing to Destiny. Yes or no, she was more than worth asking. If she said no and they broke up, it would be easier for him compared to the past to find another woman, but still not one like her, an angel.

   The two walked the Venetian Arsenal along the left gate where the Porta Magna sculptures were located. It was an exquisite site with the statues surrounding the gate. Destiny took out her camera and snapped a few pictures. This was perfect; now was the time, although it would have been ideal if no one were around, saving him from the embarrassment if she rejected. Overall, he wanted an honest yes or no and did not want her to save him from embarrassment and not give her true feelings.

   “Destiny, do you love me?” Robert asked.

   “Robert, you know I love you. You shouldn’t have to question that at this point in our relationship,” Destiny said.

   Robert never imagined it being so difficult to ask a woman—who, since he met her, showed him every single day she wanted to be a part of his life—to marry him. It was more than his anxiety. Perhaps it was his guilty conscience with Sue. Whatever it was, he did not want to live another day of his life without Destiny. You can’t be a hero to others until you become a hero to yourself. If it were not for her, he would only be half the man he was now. Despite her past, he trusted he could love her unconditionally. Sue would be his most challenging obstacle, but she was not worth losing Destiny over.

   Without another thought, Robert grabbed her left hand to bend to one knee and face her. He sighed before he spoke. Immediately, her facial expression turned into shock.

   “Destiny Williams, you are my destiny, and I love you. I know I am not a perfect man, but you make my challenges much easier for me.” Robert pulled the box out of his pocket and then opened it to show Destiny the glistening diamond ring. “Would you marry me, Destiny, and give me the privilege of spending the rest of my days with you?”

   By now, there were onlookers all anticipating an answer from Destiny. Robert’s nerves attacked him as he focused on his beautiful girlfriend. Tears trickled down Destiny’s face with the same smile she wore the very first day they kissed. His heart starved for an answer. He could not help but think of how embarrassing it would be if she declined. It seemed like an eternity as he awaited an answer. Why was she taking so long to answer? Was it because of Sue? Did she have her doubts? If she did, he could not be mad at her. Her first marriage literally ended her life.

   Suddenly, Destiny’s face changed to a more serious tone, one of horror. All of a sudden, Robert regretted the proposal.

   “Your mother is in danger,” Destiny said in a low tone. Robert’s body completely went numb. It was the last thing he expected to hear.

   “What are you talking about how?” Robert asked, confused.


   When the name registered, Robert’s heart dropped. This was all his fault. If he never stole the money from Nate, this would have never come back to bite him. Robert rose to his feet, lost as he turned away, ready to take off.

   “Robert,” Destiny said, stopping him. “Before you go, give me the ring. The privilege is mine. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you,” Destiny said.

   Robert’s eyes became watery, not only because his mother was in danger, but also because he finally found a woman who loved him just as much as he loved her. It was an unusual mixture of emotions, but he fully turned back to her, followed by a kiss. The passionate kiss only lasted for few seconds because his mother’s life was in danger, but the kiss inspired him. He could not believe she accepted his proposal.

   “I love you. Go save your mom, now!” Destiny said.

   “I love you too,” Robert said.

   Without any direction or knowledge of where he was going, Robert took off running. He found an open space where he was alone, pulled out his chain from under his shirt, and used it to open a mirror portal.

   “You should look in the mirror more often!” his reflection said when Robert entered the mirror world.

   “What happened?” Robert asked.

   “Nate is inside your house. It’s not just him, there are four them. He wants his money back.”

   “They have guns?”

   “Of course. You have to move quickly.”

   His reflection created a mirror portal for Robert to exit outside his mother’s room door.

   “We have to be smart. You’re bulletproof, but your mother isn’t,” his reflection said.

   “I know,” Robert said.

   Just a few weeks ago, he almost lost her to Jinteen. Just when he thought she was safe, now appeared the threat of Nate. Robert could not afford to lose his mother to some stupidity that he created.

   Maskculine entered his mother’s home via the mirror portal outside her room. Everything seemed to slow down as he exited the bathroom. His mother’s room door was already open. Inside was Nate with a pistol to Mom’s head. She appeared to be awakened out of her sleep, and now terribly frightened.

   “Let her go, Nate. This is between me and you,” Maskculine calmly said.

   “Where’s my motherfucking money? That’s all I’m going to ask. You only get one chance!” Nate said, violently pressing the pistol to his mother’s head.

   Maskculine did not know what to do or say. The wrong answer or movement would cost him his mother’s life. He had to think fast because with the tension in Nate’s hand, it appeared he was more than ready to pull the trigger.

   “It’s upstairs, in my room. Move the gun away from my mother, and I’ll go get it,” Maskculine lied.

   “Go get it!” Nate demanded.

   “You’re scaring her. This is between me and you.”

   “Shut the fuck up and get my money, or I’ll shoot her brains out! We could test how bullets do with her!”

   Maskculine could not stand the sight of fear in his mother’s face. He could not live with himself if he was the cause of his mother’s death. He had to be relaxed for her so she could see that she had nothing to fear.

   “If you shoot my mother, what’s next? You have more of your guys searching my house. You know I could literally rip each of you to tiny pieces with my bare hands! Is that what you want?” Maskculine asked.

   The hand Nate held the hand gun in began to tremble. Maskculine was nervous for his mother.

   “Get my money, and I won’t do it! That’s all I came here for!” Nate said.

   With all his supernatural ability, fear was the only weapon Maskculine had now. The same fear that Nate imposed in high school, Maskculine now had to use on Nate.

   “You don’t remember what happened at your apartment? If you take my mother away from me, I will hurt you a lot worse than you hurt me. I promise!” Maskculine said with emphasis.

   “You took everything from me! You don’t think I’ll take it all from you too?” Nate asked as he lowered his gun to Mom’s leg.

   Then with only a few seconds of thought, he fired a shot into his mother’s thigh.

   It was just the split second Maskculine needed to thrust at Nate aggressively back through the wall outside his mother’s room over the concrete street. Maskculine now held Nate by one leg in the air a few feet above ground, ready to throw Nate into the concrete below. It was dark outside with no one around. It should have been so easy to throw him down, but Maskculine did not have it in his heart to commit the act, even though Nate hurt his mother.

   Maskculine carried Nate back into the hole of his mother’s room. There she lay on the bed, losing blood in agony, while holding her thigh.

   “Get out of my house! I swear if I ever see you again it will be your last breath!” Maskculine threatened.

   Nate ran out of the room, terrified, and then tears began to fill Maskculine’s eyes inside the mask. His mother was losing blood fast. By the time the ambulance got here, it would be too late.

   “Hang in there, Mom. I’m going to get help,” Maskculine said to his mother, pressing her wound with his gloves.

   Momentarily, Maskculine stood up to get the phone to call the ambulance. He was startled to see Destiny standing in his mother’s doorway in her angelic form. With his mother bleeding uncontrollably, he could not ignore how gorgeous she was. Her beauty caught him off guard every time. He wondered how she had arrived here so fast from Venice, but he was never more excited to see her.

   “She’s healing. Your mom will be fine,” Destiny said.

   Maskculine then looked over at his mother and the wound, and not only had the bleeding stopped, but miraculously the hollow-tip bullet floated out of his mother’s flesh. Eventually, the womb completely healed as his mother appeared to be pain free.

   “That was close,” his reflection said in the mask.

   “Mom, are you OK?” Maskculine asked his mother.

   “Yes, I’m fine. Is that Destiny?”

   Maskculine barely had a moment to think about the healing abilities of his gloves as he looked at Destiny exposed as an angel in front of his mother. He wanted to tell his mother that they were getting married, but he had to reduce his mother’s fear. Hopefully, seeing Destiny as an angel would help.