Face Maskculinity

Chapter 28: Epilogue




   Nate Clark’s mother always told him “Dope boys don’t have fairy-tale endings,” but he never expected things to end like this. He had to leave New York or his drug connection, Danny “Star” Williams, was going to kill Nate if he did not have the cash that he owed.

   The Eye for an Eye revolution bought Nate some time, as he was able to hide from the government and Danny. Nate thought Danny might be dead, but a few days ago, Nate received a phone call about the money he owed. Being a drug dealer, Nate knew there was a possibility that he would get murdered or end up in prison, but all the money he made was worth the risk, until today. His last moments were near, and it was all because of Robert Smith!

   Back in his apartment in Hempstead, New York, Nate packed a bag and carried a gun with him as he planned to leave the state. It would be difficult to leave, but he had a BMW with a full tank of gas, he had guns, he had two kilos of cocaine and pounds of exotic marijuana. It was enough to start a new living in any state he moved to. The only thing was that now for the first time ever, he was all alone. Almost everything he experienced as a drug dealer he had someone with him, even from the beginning of his high school days. Now he was unaccompanied, but friends do not last forever. New York was too dangerous for Nate to stay. He needed to leave to find a new start.

   Just as Nate was ready to leave his apartment, he heard the knock of death at his door that he tried to avoid. He turned and headed for the window for an alternate escape.

   “Open the door and I can save you,” the female voice said.

   Nate looked around to see where the voice was coming from, but he found no one around. He proceeded to open the window after hearing the mysterious female voice—in his head.

   “Open the door, and I will slide your cock down my throat,” the female voice said again.

   Nate could not believe what he was hearing. Who was this woman in his head, and why was she asking him to open the door? He could not kill his curiosity to see if there was actually a woman at his door. He walked over to the door, anxiously grabbing and turning the doorknob. It was either the girl in his head or his death.

   To Nate’s complete shock, there stood a pale blonde dime piece with a body to die for, wearing a tightly fitted red mini dress, red high heels on her feet, and bright red lipstick to match. Her red pupils were no ordinary high.

   “Can I come in?” the sexy woman asked.

   Nate could not reject the provocative woman at the door, even though he was minutes away from an encounter with death. “Who are you?” Nate asked.

   “Sue Young, the world’s sexiest woman and greatest stalker. I followed you from Robert’s house to here,” Sue said.

   Who was this bitch, Nate questioned.

   “Why did you follow me? What do you want from me?” Nate eventually asked.

   Sue walked past Nate into the apartment. Her body was delightful. What caught his attention the most as she walked by was her big round beautifully carved booty. It was ideally plump and juicy. It almost appeared unreal like cosmetic surgery, but it was one of the more rattling sights he ever laid eyes on. He wanted to put his hands on it so bad.

   “I want to suck your cock, but first I want you to tell me what interest you have in Robert,” Sue said.

   Nate could not believe how direct this woman was.

   “He stole money from me. Almost fifty G’s, and in minutes, you and I are dead if we don’t leave,” Nate said.

   Sue did not seem to be intimidated one bit. “Fuck me and I will help you,” Sue eventually said.

   Sue was out of her mind, but Nate wanted to have her so badly even though death was minutes away.

   “How can you help me?” Nate asked.

   “Fuck me and I can make you a more powerful man than Robert,” Sue said.

   She then turned her back to Nate and slowly pulled up the skirt from the bottom, exposing her beautiful, round, and juicy asset. Placing his eyes on her behind completely stole his attention. Nothing was more important to him than her right now.

   Nate approached her, grabbing her phenomenal ass, loving the soft and firm texture in his hands.

   “You like it?” Sue asked.

   Nate loved it. Suddenly this was not a bad way to go into death at all.

   “Are you someone like him?” Nate eventually asked.

   “I am the one who gave him his power. I can give you power beyond his if you fuck my brains out,” Sue said.

   Nate could not believe what Sue was saying. He’d been through a lot of women in his time, and never had he met a woman this direct. He had nothing to lose but his life, and perhaps the moment of his life to gain.

   As Nate grabbed Sue’s hair pulling her to her knees on the ground, expected visitors walked in the doorway of Nate’s apartment. It was Danny and his men, with hand guns. Just as he was ready to enjoy the time of his life, it all had to come to an abrupt end. Or did it? Could this bitch really give him powers like Robert?

   “What is this?” Danny asked.

   “I guess we’re doing a gang bang today! Come in, and I’ll suck all of your cocks,” Sue said, turning her booty to the men, showing them her bare ass.

   “Whoa!” Danny said as he entered the apartment with his men.

   Nate did not want to share Sue with Danny and the others. It was bad enough he did not have any rubber on him.

   “Close the door,” Sue said.

   Danny had one of his men close the door to Nate’s apartment.

   “They’re going to kill us,” Nate whispered to her.

   Sue smiled as her eyes glared. Suddenly, the room began to change. Everything became dim. Nate, Danny, and his men all seemed to be in awe of the unnatural occurrences. Then to everyone’s surprise, bundles of cash began to appear on the ground throughout the strange room. Nate could not believe his eyes. Just by looking at the multiple bundles of cash on the ground, he thought they could be enough to pay Danny what he owed him, and keep some for himself. It led him to question in his mind whether this was a dream or reality. The fact that he was able to consider it meant that this was real.

   “Who are you?” Danny asked.

   Sue did not answer; instead, Nate saw an uprising of horror on Danny and the others’ faces. Seconds later, he saw what frightened them. Four strange figures walked by Nate and Sue, heading toward Danny and his men.

   “Kill them!” Sue demanded.

   Nate watched as Danny and his men began to shoot at the strange figures, but it was pointless. They were like Robert; bullets did not harm them. Then Nate watched as Danny and his men were beaten to death.

   “If you want power like Robert, you better fuck my brains out. If you don’t, you’ll end up like them,” Sue said.

   Just moments ago, Nate was prepared to die, but now Sue changed everything. He wanted the opportunity to get revenge on Robert for all that he caused. Witnessing these unusual occurrences, he believed Sue could help him, and he was willing to do whatever to attain power like Robert.

   “What are you, people?” Nate eventually asked.

   Sue dropped to her knees again and began to unzip Nate’s pants. Moments later, she pulled out his erection and examined it. “Very soon, you will meet my master, Lord Satan,” Sue said, stroking his erection. “You are not allowed to place your eyes on him, or you will not be allowed to leave hell,” Sue then placed her mouth on Nate’s erection, orally pleasing him.

   Nate did not have a moment to accept the horror of Sue transporting him to hell. He was completely captured by the awe-inspiring blow job that she performed on him.