Face Maskculinity

Chapter 6: Prologue




   Religious people were a stain on American society, and it was Eric Webb’s dream to use their blood to stain the American flag, the Constitution, their holy books, and ultimately paint the White House in their blood. Eric Webb detested all people of faith, but his hate was the most passionate toward Christians.

   It was a summer night of the year 2007 in his home in Glen Cove, Long Island; he faced the window of his bedroom. As he viewed the alarming thunderstorm on the opposite side, he pondered on the arduous decision ahead of him. This would be a monumental moment in his life. His world was encircled in turmoil since he was impelled into resigning from his seat as a United States representative for New York’s fourth congressional district. With everyone disowning him, Satan offered Eric guidance.

   With a human sacrifice of a loved one, Eric would be offered the almighty ability of the utilization of black magic. The more connected he was to the loved one, the more potent his supernatural abilities would be. Although he was unsure of the precise abilities he would acquire, the notion of black magic was hard to turn away from. The decision was already made to sacrifice a loved one, and the person he would have gained the most ability from was his beloved mother.

   It was effortless for Eric to deceive his mother into coming to his home and then tie her up to his bed, but it was torment hearing her muffled screams and cries through her taped mouth. He loved his mother dearly, and up until today, he would do anything for her; but he could not turn away from the uncanny power that Satan offered him.

   Eric was in the midst of a war of emotions. On one end was the passionate love he had for his mother. She was the most important person in his life. Although she was angered at him like everyone else because of the affair that ultimately brought upon his resignation, she was there for moral support. She was a wonderful supportive mother throughout his childhood and adulthood, unlike his deceased father.

   The love that Eric had for his mother was the key component for the sacrifice. Without it, this sacrifice would be unnecessary. It would be challenging to separate his heart from this devious act he would commit, but the future was too lustrous to turn away from.

   At the peak of the roaring thunder rumbling outside, Eric coursed over to the bed on which his mother was tied. He fiercely yanked the tape from her mouth.

   “Eric!” Mom cried. “What are you doing to me?”

   Just by the simple look at her, Eric wanted to change his mind. This was his mother, the most important person in the world to him. Even more important to him than his ex-wife, but he ruined his life with an affair. No one was there, except for Satan. He offered him the ability to be supernaturally more powerful than the average man, and unfortunately, the cost was the expensive price of his mother.

   “This is not personal, Mom. This is the most difficult decision I ever had to make,” Eric said, with watery eyes. Then he closed his eyes and held his head high to the ceiling in prayer. “Satan, give me the strength to go through with this sacrifice. I give my soul to you!” he yelled.

   On the spur of the moment, Eric began to feel an electrifying combustion under his skin. He felt he was being zapped by an invisible force. He could see the spirit move under his skin and feel it though his flesh. It was the demonic spirit possessing him, an extremely excruciating sensation, but empowering. He maintained control over himself, but the possessing spirit drove him to pick up the knife from the table nearby. In time, he allowed the spirit to operate his body, with his arm inching over to the knife.

   “Eric, do you not know who I am? I’m your mother!” she said.

   “That is the reason you lie here. Satan offers me a great gift for your life,” Eric said.

   Mom stared at Eric in disbelief. “Satan? Eric, you grew up in the church! Your father was a pastor!”

   “My father is dead! I hated him more than you could ever imagine! He died because he could not handle the fact that I did not want to follow his path in the church! I lived life my way and achieved more success than he could ever dream of! I hope God gives you two a front-row seat in heaven, of me changing the world!” It grew more challenging for Eric to maintain control over the raging demon inside.

   Mom appeared to be confused as she stared at Eric in fear. Never in his wildest nightmares could he imagine murdering his own mother, but the sacrifice offered too much reward not to commit. Tears trickled down her terrorized face as he moved over to the bed, with an overhead grip of the sharp knife. He held the knife up high over his mother’s intestine. The possessing spirit pushed for him to thrust the knife through his mother’s torso, but he resisted the force. For some reason, he would not allow the demon to take his mother away from him. Maybe it was because of the everlasting love and the home that he stored in his heart for her.

   “You’re going to do this to your own—”

   Eric let go of his control as the demon sent the knife through her before she could finish her words. He repeated the vicious stabbing motions until her screams ended.

   Eventually, Eric regained control of his body, with his mother’s blood covering his arm and face. He wanted to cry, standing over his deceased mother. His hands caused this atrocity. This was his new reality, and there was no turning back the hands of time. Seeing his mother’s blood ooze throughout the bed covers was disturbing, but as quickly as he felt sorrow for his mischievous act, the more the fire inside ignited. The demon did not mix well with sympathy, it seemed. He needed to kill his emotion or the pain would increase.

   Unexpectedly, Eric was forced off his feet by multiple invisible forces. The pain was too overbearing to keep count of how many demons possessed him. He felt as if he would die as he dropped to his knees, unable to withstand the pain, and then fell flat on his stomach. He could no longer feel any of his limbs. All he felt was a raging fire inside. It was the most painful experience he had ever encountered in his life.


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