Face Maskculinity

Chapter 8: Chapter 2 Toxic Masculinity



   Being possessed by multiple demons left Eric completely incapable of moving. It was a burning sensation throughout his entire body. It was like being a paraplegic lit on fire, lying on his bed with the cool air conditioner chilling his skin. Even at full blast, the air conditioner only mildly cooled his skin. The burning from the possessing spirits was potent. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the pain would be more bearable. Then he could enjoy the wonders of power that Satan had bestowed upon him.

   “How long will you be like this?” Sue asked.

   Eric could barely lay sight on Sue Young out of the corner of his eye. It was painful even to use his vision. After three days of incredible pain, he could not understand how he was still alive. Although he hated Sue with everything he had for ruining his life, she was the only one there to attend to him while his movements were restricted.

   “I don’t know,” Eric said.

   “I have never seen anything like this.” Through the intense burning, Eric could feel the tingling from Sue’s hand touching him along his back. “It feels like I’m touching a stove!” Sue said.

   As the days moved on, it seemed that the key to managing the pain was to embrace it. Accept and not let it limit him, but it was challenging because Eric felt as if he were trapped inside a fiery furnace. This kind of anguish made him want to end his own life. He could not believe he allowed the malevolent spirit that possessed him to murder his mother. It was something he could never do on his own. He could no longer feel pity for murdering her simply because sympathy begot pain, and pain would not be his weakness. Pain would not limit him to using the powers that Satan offered him.

   It took a few weeks for Eric finally to stand up on his own, when he walked to the bathroom to take an ice-cold bath. Within a few days of the ice-cold baths, the flames inside were more acceptable. Looking in the mirror for the first time since murdering his mother, he saw a new sinister man that should be feared by everyone walking this world. He had red demonic eyes and imploding veins throughout his body. Looking closely at his skin, he could see the waves travel along from the multiple spirits inside him. Satan had taken control of Eric’s body by demonic possession, saving his life when everyone else abandoned him. One day soon, everyone would feel his anguish. He would make those responsible suffer for everything they stripped away from him.

   Eric grew up the bishop’s son to the prestigious televangelist Bishop Herman Webb, founder of Following Christ Tabernacle. It was one of the largest Pentecostal megachurches in the United States of America, located in Farmingdale, Long Island. The church was structured like an arena. Every Sunday the church was filled to capacity, holding over twenty thousand members, televised live. His father knew how to put on a show, as he was one of the more popular figureheads of Christianity in the nation.

   In his youth, Eric had to kiss up to his father like everyone else did, especially his mother Jennifer Webb. His father ran their home like a totalitarian dictatorship. Eric had no control over any decision in his life, forced to go to church at least five times a week. He was not allowed to have any friends outside the church, nor was he allowed to partake in activities of the world. Even though they were rich and they travelled around the world on several vacations every year with the church-owned private jets, his father locked him away from the real pleasures of the world throughout his childhood. He was a prisoner of his father’s ministry. His childhood was completely boring and uneventful.

   The fortunate part about it all was that Eric was one of the top academic students of his class. In his junior year of high school, he had a list of universities offering academic scholarships. Of course, his father was not just satisfied with controlling his entire childhood; he wanted to control his college decision as well.

   “Have you made up your mind to what university you will attend?” Dad asked Eric in his church office.

   It was the fall of 1983. Eric did not quite make his decisions to which university he wanted to attend. In the back of his mind, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity to escape his father’s tyranny. He wanted to be as far away from the church and his father as possible. He wanted freedom; he did not want to be controlled anymore. Mom was married to Dad, so she had no choice but to deal with him; but Eric did not have to anymore.

   “Stanford is my top choice right now,” Eric said.

   He could instantly see the disappointment on his father’s face. It took Dad a moment to respond.

   “Have you considered Columbia or another university closer to home? I would love for you to continue this ministry that I have built, when my days are over,” Dad said.

   Eric did not want to admit to his father that he detested church passionately. It was hours of boredom and fighting sleep. Although he did not get along with his father, he still had a great amount of respect for him, and he did not feel quite comfortable admitting his true feelings about church. His college decision would be the biggest decision of his life so far. It would determine his long- and short-term future. Both were important, but short-term more than anything so he could finally begin to enjoy his life. He would not allow anyone, especially his dad, to influence his decision.

   “I want to go to Stanford. I want to learn more about law. I eventually might want to get into politics,” Eric said.

   Looking at his father’s facial expression, Eric could tell he did not agree with the decision at all. Jitterbugs bit Eric throughout his body. He did not know what to expect next from his father. It did not matter what his father felt; this time, Eric would not allow him to make the decision. He felt large for the first time, having the final say for once in his life. This would be the first opportunity he had to become a man of his own, and he would take full advantage of it.

   “Have you thought of becoming my successor? There is nothing better in life than learning the word of God and teaching it to people who need the inspiration,” Dad said.

   Here we go, Eric thought. He did not want to have this discussion with his father. There was no way he could sugarcoat how he hated church.

   “It’s not for me. I mean I respect you and the amount of people you influence and move with your ministry, but I want to take more of a hands-on approach in the government to make the world a better place.”

   Dad chuckled.

   “All politicians say the same thing, but most turn out to be corrupt. It’s all about money and power at the end of the day. It is very easy to get sucked into that kind of mind frame when given power. What better place to change the world than in the church of God?”

   Dad should have been the last person to talk about corruption and a thirst for money, Eric thought. His father was a very skilled preacher and effective communicator to millions of Christians across the globe, but behind the façade, Eric knew that his father was a greedy con artist who used the word of God to make himself rich.

   “It’s not for me!” Eric said, a bit more assertive. “I respect what you do and who you are, but I’m not that kind of man.”

   “You are not a man of God?”

   Eric could not take how persistent his father was becoming on this subject. At this point, he wanted to get up and leave, but that would have been disrespectful. Instead, he remained calm and seated on the chair, biting his tongue until the right words came out.

   “Not to the extent of being a pastor. Would you allow me to make one decision for myself, in my life?” Eric asked.

   “I am allowing you to make your own decision. I just want you to make sure it’s the right one,” Dad said.

   Anything to get him away from his father and the church was the right decision. Perhaps the wrong decision to his father, but he wanted to build his own legacy; he did not want to live his life in his father’s shadow.

   In the fall of 1985, against Eric’s father’s wishes, he attended Stanford University to major in political science. His father clearly lost a great amount of respect for him since he did not want to be part of the ministry back home. It hurt that his relationship with his father grew distant, but it ignited a fire inside Eric to become a better man, hopefully achieving more success than his father could ever dream of. Freeing himself from his father’s prison, Eric got to see the man his father really was from a new perspective. When Dad did not get his way, he was an unpleasant person.

   The four years that it took Eric to get his bachelor’s degree were some of the best years of his life. The majority of his time and focus was expended on schoolwork and studying, but his weekends and free time were used for wild partying. For the first time in his life, he could enjoy the world beyond the barb-wired fences of Following Christ Tabernacle.

   One of the greatest gifts the world had to offer was sex with beautiful women. It took Eric some time to learn how to talk to a woman and stir them into his bed, but in no time, he became a professional.

   When he lost his virginity to a random girl at an off-campus party in his first semester, he did not feel as if he lost anything; he felt as if he gained manhood. His father did not allow him to have girlfriends in high school. Mom might have been OK with it, but she supported every decision his father made, most of the time without question.

   When Eric graduated from Stanford University in 1989, his father did not attend the graduation ceremony. He should not have been surprised, especially since he could count the number of times on one hand that he and his father had a one-on-one conversation since making his decision for Stanford. It confirmed that his father would be completely unsupportive in this career path. All his success would have to be without his dad’s support. He did not need his father anyway; he would just use the name strategically here and there until he got to where he wanted, and one day, he could prove to his father that he could impact the world more effectively without the word of God and, more importantly, without his dad’s support.

   Eric moved back to New York and attended Columbia Law School in the fall of 1989. Only this time, home was not at his parents’ house in Massapequa, New York. Throwing the name Bishop Herman Webb at people in high places earned Eric a great deal of respect. He was able to land a job as a political analyst for CNN, and he rented his own one-bedroom studio apartment in Queens, New York. For the first time in his life, he lived on his own, no roommate and no parents. His empire was not quite as lucrative as his father’s, but this was a good start.

   In the years of pursuit of his Juris Doctor degree, Eric built a name for himself mainly due to his enlightened and credible liberal opinions on issues that affected the United States government, both domestically and foreign. His parents were conservatives, but his college career made him analyze politics from a liberal lens because the Constitution and traditional values of America simply were not relevant for today’s America, and radical change was needed. People like his dad abused capitalism, showed its flaws, and proved that conservatives were fundamentally evil. Eric was dedicated to expose it and present a plausible liberal alternative via his media presence.

   Still in his days enrolled in Columbia, Eric never found interest in being in a relationship with a woman beyond sex. He tried relationships out a few times, but unfortunately, he was only drawn to dramatic women with whom most of his relationships were short, and ended on a bad note. He never met a woman interesting enough to commit to. Multiple women were better than one anyway and, ironically, less complex than being in a relationship. Condoms protected him against STDs and falling in love.

   Upon receiving his Juris Doctor degree in 1993 and taking the bar examination, Eric joined Colby and Sullivan law firm, located in Brooklyn, New York. At this point, during the beginning of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Eric worked at a law firm, and he worked as a political and legal analysis part-time. On one end, he was building his legal prestige. On the other end, he was making his face more familiar and respected in politics.

   Eric still kept a close relationship with his mother. There was no one in the world that was as loving and caring. The only thing he did not like about his mother was how submissive she was to his father. Other than that, he would be honored to marry a woman one day who had her profound characteristics.

   “When are you coming back to church, Eric? You owe me a Sunday,” Mom said.

   Eric relaxed on his mother’s living-room couch. It had been years since he had last been to church. Honestly, he did not care to see his father preach. He did not care to see his father at all. He wanted to make this visit with his mother as quick as possible to avoid the encounter.

   “Soon. I have been busy. I’m an attorney and I work on TV,” Eric said.

   “OK, and I’m proud of you, but you need to come to church and give God thanks for giving you those positions. It would make me so happy to see you one Sunday,” Mom said.

   Eric really did not want to go to church. He did not have time for the hours of frolicking. As he opened his mouth to come up with an excuse not to go, the doorbell rang.

   “You know I forgot I was having company,” Mom said, walking away.

   “It’s not Dad, right?” Eric asked anxiously.

   “No. Your father won’t be home for another hour at least. He’s in a meeting.”

   Good, Eric thought.

   His mom then left the room to answer the door. It probably was best to leave within the next few minutes to avoid seeing his father and avoid answering her about church; but moments later, his mom walked in the living room followed by an incredibly attractive woman. Eric was struck by her green eyes and her voluptuous physique.

   “Eric, this is Destiny. She’s our new soloist for the choir. Destiny, this is my son, Eric,” his mom said.

   Eric stood up from the couch, his eyes still registering what stood in front of him. He walked over to Destiny to greet her, shaking her soft hand. She looked young and innocent in the face. Her beauty was flawless, with dark skin, green eyes, long silky hair, and cute puffy dimples that swelled as she smiled. This was the first a woman completely stole his heart upon sight. A bit strange because he never found himself so attracted to black women, but staring into her eyes was like peeking into heaven.

   “Pleasure to meet you,” Eric said.

   “Nice to meet you,” Destiny said in return.

   Her hands were gentle and soft. A soothing shock traveled throughout Eric’s body.

   “She sings like an angel! She’s going to give me a preview of the song she’s going to sing before your father’s sermon tomorrow,” Mom said.

   “Oh yeah, what song will you be singing?” Eric asked Destiny. He cared less about the song and much more about her.

   “‘He Was There All the Time,’” Destiny said.

   “Can I get a preview too?”

   “If you come to church tomorrow, you can,” Mom said.

   Mom would not let go of going to church tomorrow. Now it probably would not have been a bad idea if Destiny would be there. Eric ended up staying longer than he expected, and received the honor of hearing Destiny sing. Her voice was very impressive, and she possessed the beauty to be a superstar. Where did his mother find her? He had to get to know her more.

   The next day, Eric did indeed go to church with his mother and watched Destiny captivate the entire congregation with her solo. When she finished she received a grand standing ovation. She was amazing, young, and beautiful. Every minute that he laid eyes on her, he grew more fascinated.

   Then his father walked to the pulpit, ready to preach the sermon. Still he and his father have not had a one-on-one conversation since coming back to New York. This was the first time seeing him in months actually. It was sickening how he could preach to millions of people nationwide and not support his son because they had a different quest. So he tuned out his father’s sermon completely and focused all his attention on Destiny. She was seated by an elder lady, the same complexion, who appeared to be around the same age as his mother. She must have been her mother. For a brief moment, Eric and Destiny’s eyes met. He smiled at her and she smiled at him in return. Never had he been so mesmerized by the simple sight of a woman. Even though she was a little younger than him, he had to have her.

   From there everything moved smoothly with Destiny. Eric was eleven years older than her. At that time, he was twenty-eight and she was seventeen, but she was mature well beyond her years. She was an extremely classy, caring, and loving person just as his mother was. Despite the eleven-year age difference, he could not keep himself away from her, and she pretty much felt the same. He actually felt quite comfortable being in a relationship with her. She was not like the women he was accustomed to being with. He never met a woman worth extending the feelings beyond the condom, but Destiny had a unique, laidback, fun but mature personality that he had never seen in a woman at such a young age. She was not the kind of woman that he wanted to use just for his sexual needs. Commitment and relationships did not fit well into his lifestyle, but Destiny clearly showed that she was worth much more than just sex. Maybe it was because she had not given herself to him that way yet.

   Destiny was a traditional Christian woman who did not want to lose her virginity before marriage. Even on her eighteenth birthday, after he showered her with gifts and a romantic dinner, the night still did not live up to Eric’s expectation. They would make out, and he could sometimes touch body parts on certain occasions, but when he got to her vagina, that was when all the fun ended. Usually, he would become uninterested with the woman, but with Destiny, it was a major turn-on.

   “Your mother told me you and your father don’t get along,” Destiny said.

   They were out together for lunch at a local diner. This was a subject Eric would have preferred not to speak of. He hated thinking about his father; now he had to talk about him.

   “We don’t talk at all,” Eric said.

   “Why not?” Destiny asked.

   There were so many reasons, but Eric did not want to waste his breath talking about his father. “Because he’s jealous of me.”

   Destiny chuckled.

   “Why do you think he is jealous of you?” she eventually asked.

   “I’m a younger, more intelligent, and better-looking version of him. My father is very controlling, and he’s upset at me because I’m the only one who refuses to be his toilet seat. He does not want to see me do good or better than him,” Eric said.

   “Is it a competition between you two?” Destiny chuckled. “You don’t think your father wants to see you do well?”

   “My father wants to control me just like he did my entire childhood. In his eyes, I will always be a child.”

   “Does he still try to control you now?”

   “He can’t. We don’t speak at all. We haven’t had a conversation in years, yet this man could speak to millions of people every Sunday.”

   Eric hated the fact that he was getting emotional over his father that he did not really care for. If only he could read Destiny’s mind. Just like everyone else, she respected his father very much. It had to be somewhat perplexing how Eric and his father did not get along. His father treated him differently from everyone else; that was why.

   “Why don’t you try to fix it? I bet he would want to talk to you now,” Destiny said.

   At times, Eric did think about contacting his father. Perhaps his whole handling of the situation might have been immature. He talked to his mother a few times about coming to terms with his father, but ultimately, he never saw the point. Destiny was a lot more persuasive than Mom on this subject. He was an adult now, no matter if his father accepted it or not. He was doing very well for himself. Although his father might not have cared to talk, maybe it was worth trying to communicate to see if they could repair their relationship.

   The next day, they met in the Following Christ Tabernacle church office in Farmingdale, Long Island. Eric was nervous, but hopefully, this would end well, and he and his father could establish a relationship that was long lost from his teenage years. This was the first time he actually paid full attention to his father in years. Although his father looked the same, he felt like a complete stranger. This was the man who took him to London, England, when he was just fourteen. Although it was for a church revival, it was the first time they spent time together without Mom or any of the other church members around. Eric could not deny the exciting time he had, but now his father had abandoned him, just because he did not want to be a part of the ministry. Hopefully, this could be fixed today. He would give it his best effort.

   “So what brings you here today, my son?” Dad asked casually.

   Eric took a brief moment to think out his thoughts before he spoke them. Perhaps it was just best to go with his heart to see where his father stood.

   “I want to put whatever differences we have to rest. Whatever I may have done in the past for you to dislike me, I want to apologize for it,” Eric said.

   His father picked up a clear glass of what appeared to be water nearby and took a sip.

   “I don’t dislike you. You’re a lot different from the man I brought up, but it’s OK. You’re doing well and I’m proud of you,” Dad said.

   Eric was not sure if that was an insult or a compliment.

   “How am I different from the man you brought up?” Eric asked.

   “Well, we brought you up in the church. The kind of man you display now is not a man of God. I had eyes on you at Stanford. Women, partying, drugs the only positive through it all was that you obviously did put your schoolwork first. As a result, you have reached success, and the sky is the limit for you.”

   Anger grew inside of Eric. He tried to focus on the purpose of him coming to see his father, which was to reestablish a lost relationship, but his anger reached a boiling point that he could not conceal. He could not remember the last time anything got him so upset.

   “You are a piece of shit! You hired someone to watch me while I was at Stanford?” Eric eventually asked.

   “Watch the way you speak to me, especially in the house of God!” Dad demanded.

   Eric promised himself no matter what it was, he would not get upset at his father, but he made Eric sick to his stomach. Now he was curious to find out who he had spy on him, but how would that help? He now regretted meeting with his father. Just like that, this was a foolish idea.

   “I honestly think you would be better suited as a dictator than a bishop! I really can’t believe you had someone watch me!” Eric rose out of his chair and grabbed his jacket. “I can’t believe I forgot the man you really are. I take back my apology.”

   From that day onward for Eric, his father became dead to him in thought. His father no longer existed in his world. He did not want to hear about or see the man. His father was a waste of breath, and honestly better off dead.

   Almost a decade later, in the year 2002, with his popularity and legal experience rising, Eric saw an opening to run for the House of Representatives seat in the fourth district of NY. From his reputation on television to the political friendship he established with many leaders in New York state, and many people knowing him as the son of Bishop Herman Webb, it was not difficult to raise money through events and donations, and run his first political campaign.

   With the money he raised, Eric campaigned as a Democrat and unseated the incumbent Democrat. This was a strong Democrat-leaning district, so he easily won the congressional seat. Now he was a member of the House of Representatives in the United States Congress. Now Eric was gaining ground on his dad with prestige and stature.

   A year after being elected into the House of Representatives, Eric married the only woman he truly ever loved, Destiny. They were together nine years before marriage, never living together. They had many up and downs, even breakups, but overall she brought peace into his life and was a main source of his inspiration. There was no doubt about it that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She was a traditional woman that did not believe in sex before marriage, so over the nine years together, it was rough but they were forced to bond in other ways. It was unfortunate that he had to wait, but she was well worth it. It was not like he did not get his sexual satisfaction discreetly from other women anyway. It was his benefit that he was married to a beautiful, but naïve church girl who thought a man could go without sex for nine years.

   Destiny was the perfect woman to have as a wife mainly because Eric could get away with cheating and lying to her effortlessly because she was simple-minded. Traveling back and forth from New York to Washington, DC, to other states, or sometimes out of the country was the perfect way to get away with cheating. Even if she questioned him, which she never did, he knew he could manipulate and deceive her.

   To Eric’s surprise, Dad did show up to their wedding, and even at the wedding, they did not acknowledge each other once. It could be a thorn in his public image to have a poor relationship with his dad, who was also very popular, but Eric was a master at manipulating people, and he knew he could do so through the media.

   After two years as a congressman, Eric was re-elected in a much more lopsided victory against his Republican opponent. He was a rising star within the Democratic Party, and internally, he began to think about a run for a senate seat in New York, or a run for the presidency of the United States for the 2008 election.

   This was when Eric met Sue Young, a newly elected congresswoman representing California’s fifth congressional district. She was a rising superstar for a variety of reasons. She spoke well and with conviction, she was twenty-eight years old, she strongly supported socialism (which was almost a taboo to say publicly), she was an outspoken feminist, and it was hard to get enough of her because she was highly attractive.

   They built a connection from the first time they spoke because Eric respected her passion and how outspoken she was, and in return, she respected his willingness to support her, especially to the media, to Republicans, and even some Democrats deeming her as crazy. The more they encountered each other, the more he felt the sexual tension. Then a few weeks after first meeting, it finally happened at his hotel in Washington, DC. All he had to do was pay off a few of his staff to set up the secret arrangements, as did she on her end. It was the best sexual experience of his life. They both had a lot to lose professionally and personally as she was in a relationship as well. They spoke about how they would keep this secret, so he was confident they would be able to keep this affair private.

   Without a doubt, Destiny was the woman Eric wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but Sue was exactly the kind of sexual woman he desired to sleep with every night. He felt somewhat guilty about sleeping with another woman, but Destiny did not like to explore sexually as Sue did. Destiny was vague in bed.

   By Eric’s third year in office, he was one of the most popular Democrats in the United States. Politically, he looked like a strong candidate to run for governor of New York, mayor, a senate seat, or president of United States.

   Despite how good Eric’s marriage was, he still felt the urge to have sexual relations with Sue secretly whenever he could get away with it. His conscience tormented him, and it was becoming more difficult to conceal his private affairs with the rise of his popularity, but he still was intimate with Sue like it was his religion. Sex with Sue was the most exciting moments of his life. It was an addiction. She was like a drug that could potentially ruin him, but he could not remove her from his life. If Destiny was like Sue in bed, he would not have to cheat.

   It was the summer of Eric’s third year in office when he received a disturbing call from his mother.

   “Your father wanted to keep this private for as long as possible, but he has been sick for months. He has pancreatic cancer.” Mom cried over the phone. Eric did not know what to say, think, or feel. “He wants to see you.”

   Mom went on to tell Eric of his father’s critical condition, how he was not responding well to the treatment, and that there was nothing left for the doctors to do. It was a bit saddening to hear the unfortunate condition of his father, but he still did not care to see his dad at all. Unfortunately, he had to in order to maintain his positive reputation, and squeaky-clean image as a congressman. The last thing he needed was the media exploring his challenging relationship with his dad. They would explore his interracial marriage with Destiny at times, but she barely spoke to the media, and Eric was good at dodging the subject.

   The next day, Eric and Destiny travelled to Massapequa, Long Island, to see his father. Eric dreaded the trip the entire ride, but he would be as professional as possible.

   Upon entering the bedroom, Eric noticed Dad’s significant weight loss, and all his hair was gone. The doctor was at his bedside, talking to him.

   “Bishop Herman!” Destiny said as she ran to his bedside and kissed him on the cheek. “How are you?”

   “Could be better. How are you, darling?” Dad asked her.

   “I’m great. I hate to see you like this, Bishop.”

   “I have been honored to live a long life serving the Lord. If God is ready to take me to his kingdom, I will embrace it with open arms.”

   Eric already wanted to go. Even though his father looked as if he did not have very long to live, he still could not stand the sight of his father.

   Moments later, everyone left the room, and it was Eric alone with his dad. This was not what he wanted. He wished he could have avoided this moment. He would have preferred to be bombarded by the media with foolish questions than to be here with his father.

   “I’m glad you’re here, Eric. How are you?” Dad asked.

   “I’m good,” Eric said.

   He did not care to stay much longer. It was awkward being around his father. There was an odd silence between the two. Hopefully, this was his cue to leave.

   “I’m proud of you, son. You came a long way. I wish I could be here longer to see you become the president of the United States.”

   The statement was surprising to hear from his father, but Eric did not respond. He did not know what to say. He was not in the mood to be phony with his father just because he was dying.

   “You think you could ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” Dad eventually asked.

   Eric broke out a slight grin.

   “For what?” Eric asked.

   “I regret not being more of a father to you,” Dad admitted.

   All these years, Eric wanted his father to be more supportive of him, and it took him being on his deathbed to admit that he was not, but now it was too late.

   “It was better that way. I would not be where I was if you did not hate me!” Eric said, taming his rage.

   “I could never hate my son. We had differences, yes. You stood up for what you wanted and proved to me that you were a man, and I’m proud of you,” Dad said.

   Eric did not have it in him to express love to his dad on his deathbed.

   “I have to go,” Eric said.

   Being in this ill state, his father’s face was blank. Eric wished that he could read his father’s mind to see if he felt his pain of not having a supportive father over the years.

   “You know this may be the last time you see me,” Dad said.

   “I hope so,” Eric said coldly.

   It took a moment for his father to find words to say. Tears streamed down his listless face.

   “If this is the last time we see each other, I want you to remember one thing. Power will attempt to corrupt you, but God’s power is incorruptible. Never forget where you came from and remember the name of Jesus and the power he brings. Don’t allow power to corrupt you. You may feel you have no one to answer to, but you will answer to God in the end,” Dad said.

   That was the last time Eric ever spoke to his father. He passed away a few days later because of the complications of cancer. At the funeral, Eric spoke in front a large crowd of people who admired his father as if he were the greatest man in the world. In reality, this world was a much better place with his father gone, but he led all those who attended the funeral to believe the opposite. His father’s death would be positive for his political image, especially with his dad being a beloved televangelist preacher.

   Eric was unopposed for his third term in 2006. He was now recognized as one of the top Democrats in the United States, and many of his peers and supporters urged him to run for the president of United States in the upcoming 2008 election. He even hired an election committee and learned that he had a strong chance of winning the primaries in the Democrat party, and the general election.

   It was around the summer of 2007 as Eric was ready to announce his run for President that he received news from Sue that crumbled all his aspirations.

   “I’m pregnant,” Sue said.

   Eric felt his entire body go numb. He immediately walked to his office door to close it for privacy. This could not be, he anxiously thought.

   “Are you sure?” Eric finally asked.

   “Yes. I took a test. If I go to the doctor, I guarantee they’re going to say the same thing,” Sue said.

   “It could be your boyfriend’s, you know.”

   “I haven’t had sex with my boyfriend in months. I’ve only been with you.”

   Eric did not believe her, but it would not help him right now to be in denial. He could visualize everything crumbling, beginning with his position as a congressman, then his marriage with Destiny.

   “Have you told anyone?” Eric asked

   “No!” Sue said.

   “Good. Get rid of it. Go to the doctor to confirm it, and then we’ll take it from there,”

   Sue took a moment to respond. Her body language made Eric nervous.

   “I’m not getting an abortion,” Sue finally said.

   Eric sighed. This was the problem with women. They were crazy! One of the most outspoken Democrats on abortion in America now did not want to get an abortion. Eric wanted to rip Sue’s head off. He calmed himself down so he would not use any kind of physical violence on her. How could this even be possible? He should have never slept with her without a condom.

   “I’m married, and we are elected officials of the United States government! We talked about this! You would do nothing to jeopardize my marriage or my career!” Eric said.

   “I know, but this is different. You got me pregnant. I do not want to have an abortion,” Sue said.

   “You have to!” Eric yelled. “Are you fucking dumb?”

   Sue turned to the office door, attempting to leave. Eric ran and grabbed her by her shoulders and shoved her against the wall.

   “Why do you want to ruin everything for me?” Eric asked, shaking her.

   “Let me go!” Sue demanded.

   “I’m not letting you go until you promise me you’ll get rid of it!”

   Sue took a moment to respond as tears ran from her eyes.

   “There’s something I never told you,” Sue said.

   “What?” Eric asked, confused. Eric did not know what to expect.

   “I am a Satanist. I have been one since I was born, and this is my first opportunity to sacrifice my child to Satan. That is why I must have this baby,” Sue said.

   Instead of Eric’s world crumbling, it was now exploding. Eric was shocked at what Sue revealed to him. Not only did Sue reveal that she was a Satanist, but she wanted to have his baby just to sacrifice it when it was born.

   “You know this will end the both of us politically?” Eric asked.

   He waited for Sue to answer.

   “Newborn blood is among the most powerful sacrifices. The sacrifice will make us more powerful than a politician could ever dream of,” Sue said.

   All of a sudden, Eric feared Sue. All this time, he had been having an affair with a woman who worships Satan. She was a lunatic!

   “This is absurd. Why can’t you just have an abortion? I’m not OK with you using my child in a satanic ritual,” Eric said.

   “It’s my body and my choice,” Sue said.

   Eric did not know what to do.

   There was no damage control. Unexpectedly a few days later, the news leaked to the media of his affair with Sue. She insisted that it was not her, but who else could it be? His perfect reputation was now ruined. When Destiny found out, she obviously did not take it very well. She supported him when he had to face the media, but in private, he could tell that she was disgusted by him. Ultimately, because of the storm created by the media, Eric was eventually forced to resign from his congressional seat within days, demolishing all hopes of one day being the president of the United States of America.


Chapter 3